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CH. 1

Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh

I kept hearing this noise against my ear and a very cool breeze against my eyes. I shifted to my left side thinking this would stop the painfully persistent irritating sounds.

Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh Whoooooshhhhhh

Nope. There it was again, annoying as ever.

"Edward would you just stop already!" I shouted throwing a pillow at the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on.

Edward, my sweet boyfriend of now going on one year, is not what you would call typical. Far from it. He is completely beautiful in everyway. He is highly intelligent, compassionate, loyal, and funny. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous standing at a slim but muscular 6'2 with reddish brown hair, golden topaz colored eyes, slight dimples, and a dashing smile. Girls of all ages would literarily stop and stare at Edward in mid step; hoping to grab his attention but he would just ignore them. The only person he loved more than anything for some extraordinary reason is me. He is a gentleman in everyway and perfect with one slight flaw. He is over 100 years old and will forever remain the ripe age of seventeen. Oh and did I forget to mention he is a vampire?

"For your benefit, I will pretend that the pillow actually hurt," Edward replied smirking at me with that delicious mouth of his.

"That makes me feel a lot better," I said trying to look angry but failing miserably. I hated how he could make me feel like I could melt into butter with that smile of his.

"Don't you know that I'd do anything for you? Just to hold you in my arms and try to make you laugh? But somehow I can't put you in the past," he said with an amused expression.

"I would really appreciate that if you hadn't just stole those lines from Simple Plan," I replied with a shake of my head smiling.

"Hey, they stole that from me. I wrote that song back in medical school while they were out kicking rocks in their diapers," he stated with a serious face. I looked at him searching his expression. I keep forgetting that he HAS been around for over 100 years…

"I'm kidding. You should have seen the look on your face! It was like you were really trying to figure out if I had written those lyrics or not. You are so beautiful," he said taking me in his arms.

"I wish you would stop saying that. I'm not beautiful," I whispered in his embrace.

"I wish you would stop saying that because you are the most beautiful person that I have ever seen. My sweet Bella," he told me in my ear with a sigh.

My name is Isabella Swan, Bella for short. Not Bell, Jelly Belly, or Bells (although Charlie, my father, calls me this constantly). Just plain, old, unattractive Bella. I have never thought of myself as pretty or beautiful as Edward calls me. I stand at a strikingly average and slightly thin 5'4 with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I live with my father Charlie, the Chief of the police department, in Forks, Washington. I used to live with my mother Renee for most of my life in Phoenix but I decided to live with my father so that my mother could travel around with my stepfather Phil. I have been attending Forks high school for going on two years. My best friends are Edward (of course), Angela, and Alice (Edward's sister).

Edward's family has been living in Forks for going on three years. They are all vampires as well. Carlisle Cullen adopted all of Edward's other "siblings" with his wife Esme and is a great surgeon who works at the hospital. There is Emmett (one of the most muscular people I have ever seen besides a wrestler and funny as heck), his wife Rosalie (the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life and still hates my guts for some odd reason), Jasper (Alice's love with the power to feel and manipulate emotions), and my dear friend "Saint" Alice (also beautiful with the incredible and at times annoying power to predict the future).

"Well we better get going or we are going to be late for school," Edward said pulling away from me reluctantly.

"No stay here with me," I said pouting.

"Ah, don't start with that. You know I fall for it everytime..." he replied looking at me sweetly.

"There are plenty of things that we could do to past the time. I could think of a few things that would be so much better than school. How about I teach you a little bit of Biology right now?" I smirked at him batting my eyelashes playfully.

"Bella, you know we can't-" Edward tried to say with conviction.

I placed my lips on his collarbone and lightly kissed my way up his face. I slowly licked the tip of my tongue against the side of his mouth playfully and purposely missing his lips.

"Bella please," Edward said through gritted teeth.

"Please what Edward," I replied knowing exactly what he wanted. I licked the other side of his mouth with my tongue.

"That's it!" He shouted and grabbed me by the hips and crushed his lips down on to mine. He kissed me until I felt as if I were about to die from the lack of oxygen. He let go of my lips with a light popping noise and stood from the bed.

"You better get dressed before we really are late for school. We only have thirty minutes," he said determined not too look at my lips.

"Fine but I am driving today," I said through swollen kissed lips still breathing heavy from the heated kisses.

"Oh no you are not. How many times do I have to tell you? We have to allow at least one hour for your granny driving abilities," he said with a slight lift from the corners of his mouth.

"Ha ha ha. I am only letting you get away with that comment for today because we really are going to be late if I don't hurry," I said glaring up at him gathering my clothes for the shower. As I prepared to walk out my bedroom door he called out to me.

"Wait I forgot to tell you something," he said walking closer to me.

I looked at him questioningly as he pulled me closer to him and pressed his lips near mine but not quite touching. He started breathing his sweet scent in my face and sensually rubbing his hands over my stomach. As he came closer to my breasts my breath became slightly uneven. Just when I thought he was about to touch me he stopped and I looked up at him.

"I will be waiting out by the car," he whispered to me softly and headed towards the window. He looked back one last time giving me a wink and he was gone.

My jaw dropped in amazement. I cannot believe him! He was close to…Grr! How dare he? Shaking my head I walked to the bathroom in silence. I started turning on the water to the shower, all the while thinking of a way to get him back.

"Oh Edward, Edward, Edward. Boy are you going to pay," I spoke softly to myself stepping into the shower.

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