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The moonlight filled the room with white light, outlining two bodies standing near one wall. The larger of the two pushed the smaller one up against it, lifting her chin to capture her mouth in a searing, hot kiss. The moonlight played softly on his Kenseikan as he lifted her up, hoisting her right above his hardness. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his body tight. He pushed her harder into the wall, lifting the corners of his lips when he heard her moan loudly. She lifted her hands, pulling off the Kenseikan and letting it drop noisily to the floor. Whether it broke or not didn't matter to them, neither one of them would have cared. She let her fingers tangle in his hair, feeling their silkiness as she grabbed a bunch of hair and pulled downwards, feeling satisfied when he groaned. He deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue past her lips into her mouth, slowly moving it over the roof of her mouth and her teeth. She responded with another deep moan, entangling his tongue with her own, pushing past it to reach his lips and explore his own mouth in return.

He slid his hands upwards from her thighs to slowly open the sash infront and untie her robe. He then moved his hands upward, slowly pulling the robe off her shoulders, feeling as much skin in the process. He suddenly cupped one breast, pleased to here her gasp. He slowly edged his lips down towards her neck, kissing her jawline, giving tiny love bites till he reached her collarbone, all the while stroking her nipple with his thumb, circling around it and squeezing it.

She bit her lip at the pleasure she felt, her moans not quite successfully being silenced by doing so. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders, her hips starting to move impatiently.

"God Rukia, stop moving like that," he growled. He placed his hands on her hips to stop her movements. She bent down to lick his ear, over his earlobe, into the hole leading to his ear canal, creating tingling sensations down his spine. Then she whispered huskily, "I can't help it, nii-sama. It feels so good." She started to move against his hips again.

"Don't call meā€¦Rukia, stop, or I won't be able to go slow," he gasped.

She gave hot, fiery kisses down his neck, snaking her way to his collarbone, setting his skin on fire. He was quickly losing all sense he had. "Then don't," she simply said, sliding her hands down his back, pushing the robe off at the same time. "Byakuya," she whispered his name, her lips moving on his collarbone.

Byakuya headed towards Rukia's bed while she continued her ministrations on his neck. When they reached her bed, she slowly slid down, making sure her whole body brushed besides his before she sat on the bed. Byakuya groaned and looked at her. Her eyes were twinkling with mischief, knowing full-well what she had done to him. "Evil woman," he choked out before pushing her backwards and swiftly falling on top of her, crushing his mouth with hers. He didn't hold back, letting his desire control him. He tore open her robe, she doing the same to his and they connected again, skin against skin, continuing to wildly kiss each other.

He was the first one to break contact, moving downwards, sliding his hands over her skin, feeling every contour and curve, stopping at her breasts, rubbing their hardened peaks with his fingers. His mouth making a trail of hot, open mouth kisses as he followed the path his hands had made. Rukia gasped out loud when his mouth had reached one nipple, her hands instinctively reaching for his hair.

He was torturing her with his mouth and his tongue, biting and licking her breast. Flicking her nipple with his tongue, making her go out of her mind with pure bliss. "Stop torturing me Byakuya!" she cried out. He just looked up at her from his position with a devilish glint in his eyes and covered her nipple with his mouth, closing down hard around the nub, licking at it with his tongue. Rukia gasped again, groaning indelicately this time. The bastard was probably doing it for torturing him before, but it hadn't been as bad as this. She arched her back, craving for more of it, digging her nails into his scalp, all the while moaning helplessly. He gave what she wanted and then some, moving to her other breast and repeating the same sweet torture. She itched to do the same to him, make him feel helpless to her, be her slave, but she couldn't. This was his game and he was winning.

Byakuya freed one hand and moved even down, over her stomach, over her abdomen, till he reached that soft flesh between her thighs. Rukia gasped even harder. He smiled against her breast and slowly inserted a finger inside. "Byakuya!" he heard her choke out, but he silenced all protests with another bite on her nipple. She cried out helplessly, her moans driving him wild. He pushed his finger in deeper, marveling at how ready she was. Then he retreated. Then he plunged in again, inserting another finger. His fingers moving in a rhythm that she copied by moving her hips. His desire fueled to newer heights. He didn't know how longer he could hold on playing this game, trying to torture her, it seemed to be affecting him more. "Please stop, Bya-AH!" Rukia's felt her sanity snapping, "I can't stand waiting anymore!"

He couldn't agree more. A few seconds more and he would have lost it. He moved to postion himself so he could enter her when Rukia did something surprising, she pushed him sideways to land beside her and jumped on top of him with suprising agility. He was going to protest when she silenced him by kissing him at the same moment when she came onto him with so much force it stole his breath away. She smiled against his lips, "Payback." Then pure ecstasy unlike nothing else washed over them, hitting at them with an unbelievable force. He tightly wrapped his arms around Rukia and called out her name at the same moment she cried out his.

Then Rukia woke up.

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