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Chapter 15

"It's kinda surprising that you reconsidered helping me, Ruk," Renji said while glancing momentarily at another piece of paper. He quickly signed it and threw it on top of a large pile of paperwork. "So, what're you up to now? Whatever it is, I'm not gonna do it."

Rukia gave Renji a brief smile, handing him another pile of papers she had gone through. "Don't worry, Renj. I'm not planning anything. I just had some free time on my hands."

Renji cast a glance at her before continuing to sign the set of papers she had given him.

"How sweet of you. But wouldn't it have been much easier if we had done this in my office." He waved a hand towards the scenery surrounding them. "Why'd we have to sit in a freakin' forest?"

Rukia innocently looked around. "I see no harm in enjoying nature so you shouldn't either. Besides, we hardly spend time together outside of our jobs. These need to be read." She handed him another pile of papers.

Renji grumbled. "We're working right now you know."

"Ah, that's an insignificant detail." She waved his comment aside. "It was the only way to drag your butt out here."

Renji didn't comment on that, he dutifully continued reading. Rukia turned to look straight ahead in to the trees, the file in her hands forgotten.

They were sitting outside in her favorite place; the forest right next to the 6th squad headquarters. As usual, the Sakura trees were in constant bloom; their branches never-endingly showering petals onto the ground. Renji swiped at the petals that had fallen on the papers he was reading with an air of disgust. He hated flowers, especially ones that dropped petals on places where they weren't needed.

She had not meant to go to Renji after her episode with Byakuya, not after she had told him she wouldn't do so. But somehow, she felt like she couldn't bear to be alone, she needed to be in the company of a familiar face. And Renji had been close by, so she had dragged him out to her favorite spot. He didn't like the forest as much as she did, though.

Rukia still loved the place. Even with another person sitting right beside her, the magical feeling she got when she sat there didn't diminish. She still managed to calm down there, the bound up nerves in her body relaxing as she sat under the cherry blossom trees.

Cherry blossom trees. They reminded her of Byakuya. Rukia exhaled slowly, her shoulders slumping.

She had not been expecting that. Not expecting him to confess his love to her. It had been so unforeseen that Rukia had failed to say anything at all. Maybe she should have said something then, anything to make Byakuya feel better. Confessing to someone…that couldn't be easy, could it?

But what could she have said? The weight of his emotions, on top of his sudden confession, had rendered her completely shocked.

He loves me. Loves me more than Hisana or anybody. Loves me so much that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

She couldn't wrap her head around it. She had been under the impression that his sudden interest in her had clearly sprouted from missing her dead sister. That night with him had been…beyond anything she could imagine. But she hadn't thought it had meant anything to him.

What should she do? Byakuya, the iciest man known to Seireitei…was in love with her.

So am I in love with him too?

Rukia frowned as she considered the question. She was thrown out of her thoughts when a heavy file hit her face. "OW! Dammit Renji!"

Renji looked at her exasperatedly. "Do you wanna help me or don't you?"

Rukia rubbed her nose where the file had struck. "Well hitting me won't help you."

"Uhuh, fine, let's take a break right now," he said, cupping his chin while he intently looked at her. "Why don't you tell me what's really happening here?"

Rukia looked at him with wide, innocent eyes. "Nothing of course, we're doing paperwork."

"Rukia, I may act like an idiot but I'm not really one." He regarded her before continuing. "Now I know something has been troubling you. Don't know what exactly but it's starting to piss me off. S'how about you start from the beginning?"

"Honestly Renji," she shuffled the papers in her hand, looking amused. "I'm glad and all for the sudden interest in my life but there really isn't a problem."

He silently stared at her, a single eyebrow raised. The forced smile on Rukia's face was beginning to hurt.

"Who are you avoiding?"

Rukia blinked. "N-No one."

"Is it my frigid ass-of-a-captain?"

Rukia narrowed her eyes. "Don't you dare call Byakuya that in front of me, Renji!" she said with venom in her voice. Renji's eyes widened. "He's more honorable then you'll ever be. In fact, don't you dare call Byakuya anything bad, whether in my presence or not!" She huffed and looked away from him.

Renji sat there speechless for a moment. "So it is about Captain Kuchiki, then?"

Rukia snapped her face back at him. "I…" she tried to continue speaking but failed to find words to deny it. Looking down hopelessly, she sighed. She didn't feel like keeping up the act any longer.

"Somehow, I knew that would be the case," he said with a shrug. He laid down on his side on the grass and propped up his head with his arm. "So what, did you guys break up?"

Rukia gasped and looked at him, surprised. "What would give you that idea?"

Renji rolled his eyes classic Renji-style. "Tch, it's not that difficult to piece together, Ruk. You've been avoiding the sixth squad building, you practically perk up when you hear Captain Kuchiki's name, not to mention you're going around calling him Byakuya," he grinned. "I know, I'm a genius, right?"

Rukia furrowed her brows. "I've been calling him Byakuya?"

Renji frowned like her not agreeing on his being a genius had offended him. "Yeah, like just now."

How could she have not noticed that? When had she started calling him Byakuya instead of nii-sama? She couldn't place her finger on the exact time but somehow, it felt so natural to call him by his name. Nii-sama sounded so…unusual now. She tested saying his name again.


It felt so perfect, like it had been made just for her to say it. It gave her tingly sensations to use his name.

"Not to mention the make-out session you guys had in his office," Renji unknowingly added, talking quietly to himself. He froze when he realized who was listening.

Rukia froze as well. "What?"

Renji grimaced, "oops, he told me to not mention it."

"WHAT!?" Rukia shouted, reaching out to grab him by the front of his robe, mortification showing on every inch of her face. She started to shake him, hard.

"What the hell are you talking about!?"

"Dammit Rukia, leggo. It ain't a big deal. Though I should say I was pretty shocked. I mean, I didn't know you were like that. And with Captain Kuchiki!" Renji looked torn between being shocked and being disgusted. "I mean, him of all people. I never would have guessed you preferred guys like him."

Rukia's cheeks were turning redder by the minute. "What the hell are you implying, Renji?"

Renji sighed and spoke to her like he was conversing with a toddler. "About-you-doing-it-with-my-captain."

Rukia let go of his robe like it had burned her, turning around to hide her flaming cheeks. "That's n-not true."

Renji burst out laughing. "Oh really? Then all those sounds I heard were-"

"Please stop, Renji," Rukia begged. He paused to look at her, all the humor wiped off from his face. He sighed, turning to lie on his back.

He looked up to stare at the branches criss-crossing above them like a hatched roof. "Rukia, you do know that you can always tell me anything, no matter what it is. That's what friends are for."

Rukia turned to look at Renji; he was still gazing at the sky. Rukia knew how emotional moments made him feel uncomfortable. She looked up as well, the flower petals falling on her face. She swallowed the huge lump building up in her throat..

"He told me he loves me."

She felt Renji stiffen but resisted the urge to see his expression. When he didn't say anything she continued. "And he wants to marry me."

Rukia looked at Renji; he was sitting up now and looking back at her. "What should I do, Renj?"

Renji hunched his back, propping his chin with one hand. He said nothing for a few moments while he plucked out blades of grass. He suddenly spoke, "do you love him?"

Rukia tensed, mentally asking herself the same question again for the hundredth time. She came back with the same answer.

"I don't know."

Renji stopped to look at her. "You don't know?"

She looked at him, slightly anguished. "I really don't know. I don't know if what I'm feeling is love."

"How would you describe it?"

Rukia thought about it for one moment, looking far ahead into the trees. "It's like…when I think about him… it's the only thing I can think of. When I'm with him…it's like I'm only aware of him…he, he's always in my thoughts, even when I'm sleeping."

"He makes my heart beat fast, very fast…and, and I always blush in front of him for some weird reason and whenever he's near me, he makes my blood-"

"Alright! Alright!" Renji abruptly cut her short, signaling her to stop. "Let's not go into those details." Rukia blushed, glad that he had stopped her from continuing.

"Well, the way I see it," Renji continued loudly after clearing his throat. "You definitely are in love with him. Yep, pretty much sounds like it." He nodded to himself.

Rukia looked incredulous. "But, how could it happen so quickly!?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Heck if I know, never been in love as it is. But that's what you're feeling."

Rukia looked away, frowning again. Renji frowned. "What is it now?"

He heard her mumble something like, "but it's Byakuya."

"Yeah," he rolled his eyes. "Tell me about it. From all the guys in Seireitei who asked for your hand you chose him, what effing luck."

She startled at that. "My hand? What about it?"

Renji's eyes widened. He then smacked his forehead. "Shit! Oops, sorry. Just forget about that, okay?"

"O-okay." She focused on her previous problem, bending her knees to hug them. "But honestly Renji, what do you think?"

"About you and Kuchiki?"


"Hmm," he considered the question. "I guess I was pretty shocked when I found out. I mean, I've never been a fan of him, and I had thought you never liked staying at that place. Whenever I'd see you with them you'd look so stiff."

"Although you became much happier after the whole Aizen thing, and you guys, Captain Kuchiki and you, even started talking more. But I never would have guessed that you both would fall for each other." He had the same surprised expression. "I'd always thought Seireitei would burn or something before anything even close to that happened. Get what I mean?"

"So what, you're saying that a relationship with him is so out of the question? Is it because we're related?"

He shook his head. "I'm not saying that. I'm just saying I never would have expected something like that happening."

"Is it because he's my brother?" She persisted with that statement.

Renji gave a wry smile. "Personally, you two have never acted like siblings, more like strangers living in the same house…er…manor…uh…mansion thingy." He shook his head.

"Anyway, I guess I can proudly say that I've been more of a family to you than he ever was. But more importantly, that shit doesn't matter. He's not really related to you and you can't help who you fall in love with, right?"

Rukia looked at him, her expression dumbfounded. Her eyes were wide as saucers and her mouth was agape. Renji looked worried. "What'd I say?"

Rukia suddenly threw her arms out, jumping towards him and toppling him backwards. She wrapped her arms around his neck tight, laughing loudly in his ear.

"Eh? What the-"

"Thank you so much!" She burst out happily, hugging him tighter. Renji coughed, trying to loosen her stranglehold.

"Uh, yeah. I know I'm a genius," he rasped.

"I love you, Renji!"

"Ahaha, okay," he smiled. "Glad to hear it. Care to let go of my throat?"

Rukia jumped back, shooting up and quickly dusting her shinigami robes. "You going somewhere?"

She smiled brilliantly down at him, "I've got someone I have to meet right now."

She dashed off towards the forest entrance. Renji watched her run until she flash-stepped out of his sight.

He then sighed, turning back to his paperwork to glare at it. "If she loved me she would've finished this for me."

Byakuya turned another page, focusing on the words printed on it. He sighed and then closed the book, losing interest in it immediately. He placed it on his lap and rested his head on the back of the armchair. He looked indifferently around the room he was in.

He hardly ever visited the Kuchiki library, mainly because he had no time to spare, but also because he had already read every book this room had in it. He had been practically forced to read every single one of them since he had learned the alphabets.

The Library was fairly large, with dozens of shelves lining three of the four walls, along with double sided bookshelves placed strategically in the middle. Needless to say, there were over thousands of books, and he had read all of them. It hadn't taken that long since having a large lifespan as a spirit helped as well.

Most of them were recordings of Soul Society's history and one of the Kuchiki family's duty was to record all the events that had or would ever happen. He remembered how he used to hate reading about history. He hated it even now, but it came with his duty of being the Kuchiki Head.

He turned his head left to look outside the window. The sun was setting, splashes of pink and orange coloring the sky. Any other day it would have looked beautiful to him, but today it hurt his eyes and all he wanted was for the sky to look grey and lifeless. Just like how he felt.

He felt his heart squeeze painfully again. He lifted a hand to cover his eyes, hoping it would ease the ache. So this is how it feels like to be rejected.

It was an awful feeling. If Byakuya had known any better he would have tried to avoid falling in love.

But that seemed impossible. He had not even known that he was in love with Rukia until he had blurted it out. Now that he knew what his feelings for her were, it just seemed strange how he had not noticed it sooner. As far as he could tell, he must have been in love with her for a long time, or at least must have been slowly falling in love with her without knowing it.

She was just so incredibly wonderful, Byakuya couldn't even express in words what he felt for her. Not falling in love with her was just out of the question. He doubted anyone would have resisted doing so if they were in his place.

Everything he had told her in the office had been true, she really did mean too much to him. He really did want her all to himself and he really did want to be with her forever. It may have seemed too sudden after realizing his feelings for her, but it just felt so right.

This feeling he had for her, it was so incredibly strong it even shocked him. Never in his entire life had he felt this way for anyone. The word 'soul-mate' came to his mind whenever he thought of he. it was like she was destined to be his. He felt like he could sacrifice anything for her happiness; his noble status, his Captaincy, everything.

He could even sacrifice his own happiness.

Byakuya closed his eyes tight; he needed something to numb the pain. He used to scorn those people who resorted to alcohol, but he could honestly say he understood why drinking seemed like an attractive option at times like this. He was seriously deciding on whether he should follow suit as well.

He instinctively sensed Rukia's reiatsu approaching the manor; she had a distinct type of aura that he could easily sense no matter what. He knew she was probably coming home for dinner, or to collect something and then head back, or to just head off to bed. Anything besides coming to see him, but he still couldn't stop his heartbeat from racing.

Was it always going to be like this? Was he always going to have this large gash in his heart? He really could not fathom how time would be able to heal a wound like his.

Rukia's reiatsu was unmistakably strong, meaning she was either angry or extremely happy. Well if rejecting him made her that happy, he would do it all again, even if it would hurt him. At least he was the one making her happy and not someone else.

She seemed to be walking in Byakuya's direction. He hated that that fact created a tiny flicker of hope in him. He knew she was not coming specifically to see him, not after what had happened. But after rejecting him could she not have stayed away, did she honestly not know what she was doing to him?

Dammit! Was he always going to be so pathetic? Pitifully hoping she would change her mind, even after she had wounded his pride by rejecting him.

He wished he had done things differently, taken things slower. Maybe then Rukia would have reacted in a good way. He tried to forget the sight of her crying when he had confessed to her. His heart contracted painfully again.

I really should have been patient with her, I should not have blurted my feelings for her, given her time to- what is she doing?

Byakuya was completely transfixed with what Rukia seemed to be doing. She had passed by the library door and had abruptly turned, walking backwards to stop at it. Byakuya silently considered the option of screwing his dignity aside and going out there himself to demand she give him another chance. Anything to get rid of the pain.

The door to the library suddenly slid open and Rukia peeked in. She glanced inside the dim room and spotted Byakuya sitting on one of the armchairs. Her heart began to pound faster as she stepped inside and slid the door shut behind her.

He was silently looking at her approaching, his expression curious. He didn't say anything as Rukia stopped in front of him. He waited for her to say something.

She looked at the floor, trying to form the words she wanted to say. She looked back at him.


Byakuya stayed silent, his heart beating uncontrollably fast. She took another step forward till her legs were touching his own. She opened her mouth to say something but then snapped it shut.

Instead she bent down to cup his face and kissed him softly on the lips.

She leaned back to look into his eyes, her own shining brightly. Her cheeks were flaming red. Byakuya just stared back at her, completely frozen. She smiled a wobbly smile.

"I love you too," she said breathlessly. His eyes widened. "And I also want to spend the rest of my life with you. If I'm not too late, that is."

His breath caught in his throat. "Will you marry me, Byakuya?"

She looked at him hesitantly, waiting for an answer. Byakuya slowly unfroze, a smile beginning to form. He snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her forward, moving the book on his lap aside.

"Well, what would you be willing to do for a yes?" he asked in a low voice. Rukia placed a knee on either side of his legs, moving her hands down his neck. He held her tight with one arm as he untied the strap holding her soul slayer.

She looked down at him, her eyes turning darker as she took in his expression.


"Oh?" He pulled her down and began to give small, feathery kisses down her throat. Rukia instinctively craned her neck, giving him more access.

"Tell me you love me once more."

Rukia turned to look at him; he was intensely looking back at her. She smiled slyly and bent to whisper slowly in his ear. "I love you." She felt him shiver and bit his ear lobe before moving to place kisses on his jaw, slowly reaching his lips.

"I love you," she said again. Byakuya's grip around her waist tightened. She stopped before touching his lips and looked into his eyes. "And I'll always love you."

"Good," he said huskily, pulling her lower lip down with is teeth. "Then I say yes."

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