Lilith Dembera a loyal clerk of the Galactic Empire was working in her office. She felt that this will be a nice day with no trouble…

But she was fatally wrong.

Cleon the First entered her office with a rather strange look on his face. This was unusual. The emperor visits a low – ranking clerk? This is impossible. She stood up because no one can be sitting in the presence of the Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

'Why are you here your Imperial Majesty?' Lilith asked.

'I am more than the Emperor' said Cleon in a strange deep voice.

This is not the emperor's voice. Surely this is not the emperor – Dembera thought.

'Who are you?'asked Lilith.

At this moment three men entered. The three men wore the same uniforms and they had a peculiar mark on their foreheads and they were carrying a long staff.

'Kill her.' ordered Cleon.

Lilith saw lights coming out of the three men's staffs. Then everything went black.

'Oh and my name is Baal.' said Cleon.

The end.