Written as a drabble challenge for kentishqueen on Livejournal using the prompts Edward/Bella and Volvo

Bella had to give Edward points for imagination.

When he had asked her what she wanted to do the night before her transformation, nothing concrete had come to mind. She had already said goodbyes to her world - Charlie, Renee, and the rest of the humans still involved in her life thought that she had left for Dartmouth already. Jacob and rest of the La Push pack had come to the grudging conclusion that as it was her choice to be changed, it didn't go against the treaty, however they had been asked that the Cullens' leave Forks beforehand. They were headed to the Yukon in the morning; there was nothing left for them here.

With one night left in Forks and one night left as a human, Edward took her back to the place where it had all started for them.

They were in the Forks High School parking lot lying side by side on the roof of the Volvo staring up at the uncommonly clear night. The stars were slowly appearing, sprinkling across the vast black-blue sky.

"It's beautiful out." Bella whispered and she felt Edward's fingers entwine with her own and squeeze gently.

"After your change, everything will look different to you. I wanted you to be able to remember something as insignificant as the night sky in your human memories. It's strange that you've been able to wrap up your human life where the rest of us didn't. To say your goodbyes, have your last human experiences…" he smiled and shook his head minutely to himself, "I never thought that I would come to think of your situation as almost enviable. You get the chance the rest of us didn't."

Before their wedding, Edward hadn't been able to speak so bluntly about her upcoming transformation, but afterwards it was as if the floodgate had opened. He accepted it. Her upcoming immortality was no longer a taboo subject and he had become open about what to expect, plans to consider and options to explore.

But tonight wasn't for that. Tonight was for them to just be Edward and Bella; newlyweds stargazing.

"On my first day in Forks, did you ever think we'd end up like this?" It was amazing to Bella how much her life had changed in such a short time. All that she had thought she had known and felt had got thrown out the window the moment that she had set eyes on that fateful table in the cafeteria. She wouldn't want it any other way.

Edward grimaced at the memory, "No. I was more interested in killing you to be honest. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever be lucky enough to have what we do."

This time it was her turn to squeeze his grip, "I'm glad you didn't kill me that day. I like the way things worked out." Despite their ups and downs, it was the truth, because all of their moments had led up to this one.

"Me too," he whispered. Several more minutes passed in a peaceful silence until Edward glanced down at his watch and pulled himself into a sitting position, "Bella, we have to get going soon."

Bella rolled herself upward and slid herself closer to her husband and he instantly wrapped his strong arms around her, fingers brushing up and down her side making her tremble. "Let's just stay a little bit longer." Her eyes glanced upwards, taking in the full night's sky above her. She wondered what the stars would look like after her change. She rested her head back against Edward's shoulder and smiled as his lips kissed the top of her head, feeling him breathing in her hair, embracing her tightly.

"Bella, anything you ever ask for, I'll give you."