Emerging Hollow, shinigami Naruto

Summary: what if Iruka wasn't there to save him and Kyuubi had to give Naruto shinigami powers to save him

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"You are the Kyuubi no Kitsune!" Mizuki screamed at the boy who stood in front of him. "Or did you think that everyone hates you for some other reason, didn't you ever wonder why they glared at you, wouldn't let you near their children? It is because you are the demon that destroyed our village!"

Naruto slowly sank to the ground, that wasn't true, Mizuki was lying to him, there was no way that he could be the demon fox.

"Now," said Mizuki starting to laugh "I will kill you and take the Forbidden Scroll from you! But you know something Naruto? The village will thank me for killing the demon brat, and instead of being remember as the traitor who stole the Forbidden Scroll, I will be remember as the hero who killed the demon brat!

Naruto looked up, anger showing clearly in his eyes, Mizuki had lied to him, he had thought that Mizuki was his friend but Mizuki had betrayed him just like everyone else.

"Teme" Naruto growled out through clenched teeth "I'm gonna kill you!" he covered the distance between himself and Mizuki at a speed that Mizuki's eyes couldn't follow, but Mizuki had already thrown his shuriken.


Naruto saw the giant shuriken headed towards him, he saw the moon glint off the steel blades, and he knew there was no way he could dodge it. He saw his reflection in the shuriken for a split second, saw his eyes flash red, and then nothing. He felt the shuriken cutting into his chest, felt it sever his aorta and continue up his chest to completely bisect his jugular vein. The was a snick as the rope holding the scroll to his back was cut, and a slight thud as it fell to the ground, but Naruto didn't hear any of that that, because he was dead before he hit the ground.

Naruto awoke floating on his back in the middle of some sort of sewer. He slowly pushed himself upright. He slowly took stock of his surroundings, he seemed to be at the end of a corridor, but most of all there was a huge cage in front of him with a piece of paper with the word seal on it. All he could see inside the cage was darkness, he stared harder and saw a rustle of movement and he jumped backwards when a set of blood red eyes snapped open in front of him.

The figure chuckled and spoke in a deep, booming voice "Oh man, you should've seen the look on your face, priceless" the figure chuckled again and then suddenly became serious.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto

"How can you not know who I am, I mean didn't the guy with the silver hair just tell you?"

Naruto's eyes widened and he took an involuntary step backwards. "The Kyuubi no Kitsune" he breathed.

"Naruto we have a lot to talk about but we don't have time right now, Mizuki's shuriken damaged your internal organ so much that I cant heal them enough to stop you from dying, and even if I could do that there's no way that I would be able to regenerate enough blood to stop you from dying of blood loss."

Naruto looked quickly down at the wounds on his chest, his eyes widened as he saw that there was nothing there, not even a scratch where Mizuki's shuriken had cut him.

"Here you feel no pain, and any injuries you take in the outside world will not show on your body while we're here," here Kyuubi paused "Naruto to stay alive you must become a shinigami."

There was a burst of hellfire from Kyuubi's body and for a second Naruto was able to see Kyuubi's full size. As the flames died away he saw Kyuubi again, but what he saw was not what he had expected. Where Kyuubi had once stood there now stood a boy of about sixteen years old. He was dressed in a black turtle neck with a black jonin jacket overtop of it, he had on black cargo pants and black ninja sandals.

Kyuubi now had spiky black hair with red tips (an: think Ichigo's hair style). But what really shocked Naruto was his arm, not his arm but what was tied to it. Tied onto the bicep of his right arm was a Konoha hiti-ate. Kyuubi grinned at the shocked expression on Naruto's face but stopped him a he opened his mouth to ask questions.

"Like I said we don't have time to answer questions, here take this" he held out his hand and a katana in a black sheath appeared in his hand, the hilt was bound in black ribbon.

"This will allow you to become a shinigami" with that he threw the katana to Naruto. Naruto caught it with one hand and pulled the blade out of its sheath and examined it, the blade itself was black but at the base of the handle there was a ring with a fox tail hanging from it.

"You must take that sword and plunge it into your chest, then I will be able to transfer some of my powers to you, that sword will become yours, but if you can master your reiatsu you will be able to change its shape and weight."

Naruto swiftly plunged the sword into him chest, there was a flash of blue light, and then he was gone.

"Lets see what you can do boy" Kyuubi slowly walked into the darkness of his cage until his form had completely disappeared.

Back in the real world

Mizuki suddenly felt a pulse of energy behind him, as he turned there was an explosion of black light. "No, it's not possible!" yelled Mizuki, his eyes wide.

Behind him stood Naruto in a black kimono, with a katana slung over his shoulder, the wind whipped around in a circle, before blowing the dust swirling around him outwards.

"Oh it's completely possible Mizuki-teme" he paused and put his hand on his chin in a mock thoughtful expression "you know, I guess since you killed me, I SHOULD RETURN THE FAVOR!" Naruto raced a Mizuki faster than Mizuki's eyes could follow.

"How is this possible!" yelled Mizuki, throwing another giant shruiken at him. Naruto pulled his sword in front of him, stopping the shuriken, Naruto swung down and sheared completely through the shuriken.

Naruto unknowingly focused his reiatsu into the blade of his sword and swung his blade at Mizuki.

"CERO!" (AN: soul flash) he barked out as he swung his sword at Mizuki.

A blade of dark red reiatsu fired from his sword, Mizuki had time to widen his eyes, and then the Cero hit him.

The cero had left a ten foot long gash in the ground, but at the end of the ash there was a crater, and nothing more. Naruto stared at his sword, which was still smoking from the force of the cero and simply said "that was fuckin' awesome!" Naruto sheathed his sword and ran into the woods before the Anbu could come and question.

Naruto threw himself down on his bed, he stared at the katana he had propped against the wall, noticed how the black sheath didn't reflect light at all, in fact it seemed that I was actually absorbing any light that came near it. Puzzled Naruto pushed himself upright and walked over to it.

Naruto picked up his katana and stared at the sheath for a long moment, he felt himself being pulled toward the sheath and let his consciousness slip into the black. Naruto found himself standing on a sideways building, as he looked around he saw that he was on a floor of building that were horizontal instead of vertical.

"What the hell?" he wondered aloud.

"I am the spirit of you sword" rang a familiar voice

Naruto looked up and saw Kyuubi standing in front of him with a grin on his face.

"Kyuubi, what are you doing here?"

Kyuubi held up two fingers "one," he said putting down a finger, "is because I am the spirit of this word, and two, because now I have time to explain everything to you. do you understand how a biiju is fromed?"

Naruto shook his head, not really understanding the improtance of the question.

"There is a large cycle to follow, first a human must become a hollow, the that hollow must eat enough soul to become a gillian, if that gillian defeats another gillian and absorbs it's reiatsu thae gillian will trun into an Adjuchas. Are you still following me?

"I'm starting to understand, if you keep explaining i'm sure I'll get it.

"Once that Adjuchas swallows a vasto lorde then he will experience a tremendous increase in power and become an arrancar," during the entire lesson kyuubi had been illustrating the process with very poorly drawn pictures, some of which Naruto had to restrain his laughter at, but at this last drawing he couldn't contain himself.

"Holy shit man your drawings suck so bad!" he said trying to breath from laughing so hard.

On with the explanation." Kyuubi shouted, trying to get away from the fact that he had no talent when it came to drawing.

"Now here is the final step, listen carefully, if an arrancar eats another arrancar to absorb its power, they will become a bijuu."

"Just one question, what's a hollow?"

Kyuubi mentally smashed himself in the head 'baka, baka, baka, i can't believe Forgot that part!"

"a hollow is a departed soul that mhas stayed in depair for too long, or has stayed in the world of the living for too long, in which case a hollow may come to recruit the soul to join its ranks, if you refuse, well there is no refusal." Kyuubi said flatly.

"How did you become a hollow kyuubi?"

"I died and was taken to Hueco Mundo, where the hollow live"

"So you were a leaf shinobi before you died."said Naruto

Kyuubi shrugged "you pretty much lose all your memories after you die, all i remember is that i had this headband.

"You always talk about reiatsu, what exacly is it?"

"most people only have one energy source in the body, correct, well you, have three, you have regular chakra, which is the basis or power for ninja, you have demon chakra, and finally you have your reiatsu the basis of shinigami power, when you used cero you unconciously molded your reiatsu, forcing it into your sword until it had nowhere else to go and fired outwards.

Naruto's eyes widened, there shear amount of jutsu and abilities he would be able to do, he couldn't comphrehend it.

Kyuubi noticed the boy start to hyperventalate and decided that was enough for today.

"Naruto, tommorow I'll teach you how to use your reiatsu and demon chakra but right now you need to sleep, besides, you're starting to drool on my floor."

Naruto left his mindscape in a daze, still amazed by the shear amount of energy he would have if he trained all three. he flopped onto his bed, for the first time with a smile on his face, and fell fast asleep.

The next day at the ninja academy

'so,' Naruto remarked to himself 'Mizuki is now classified as a missing nin, they believe that he stole the Forbidden Scroll which means I get to keep it, so why do I have a feeling that today is going to be a bad day?' Naruto wondered to himself from his seat next to Sasuke. Suddenly and excited squealing came from the direction of the door.

'Oh yeah, fangirls' remembered Naruto with a frown. One particularly ugly pink-headed girl yelled at him from across the room

"Naruto! GET AWAY FROM SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura screamed at him, running over to punch him in the face for sitting next to 'her precious Sasuke-kun'. As Sakura raised her fist to puch him in the head for sitting next to Sasuke he moved his head slightly, making the puch miss him completely. As Sakura stood ther in shock, wondering how the dead-last could dodge her punch so easily, Naruto snapped his hand upwards and grabbed her wrist. Sakura stared in shock, where there had once been an obnoxious blonde there now sat a boy with slitted red eyes.

With one quick motion he threw saukra acroos the room, Sakura flew threw the air 'who is this person, it can't be Naruto' her train of thought was rudely interuppted as she smashed straight into a wall, leaving a sizable dent where she had hit it. she started to slide down the wall but before she could Naruto was right next to her, sword in hand. He grabbed her by the throat and pulled her into a standing position.

"ah ah ah Haruno, I'm not through with you yet" inclined his head toward her so that only she could hear him as her whispered in her ear "if you ever try to touch me again I...will...kill...you." Naruto let go of her throat and watched in digust as she slid down the wall, shivering uncontrollably with fear.

Naruto walked calmly back to his seat looked at sasuke, whose respect had risen for putting Sakura in her place, and said "hey sasuke"

Sasuke looked back at Sakura who was shaking in the fetal position, mumbling jiberish, "Holy shit dude I think you broke her" Ino came over to yell at Naruto for doing something like that to Sakura, but stopped when Naruto stared at her, eyes devoid of any emotion except hate .

As Naruto opened his mouth the door burst open and Iruka walked in the door "Alright class sit down and shut..." he trailed of as he saw that everyone was completely, simply staring at Naruto. He looked quickly around the room and saw Sakura rolling on the floor, still spoutimg incoherent sentences.

"Oook" he said looking at the students in the classroom "alright lets get ready for class!" he said, completely ignoring thhe jibering Sakura in the corner

As Iruka was about to begin the lesson he kept getting interupted by Sakura's mumbling, "will someone please shut her up!" he yelled over the noise of the class. Naruto was getting pissed off at how weak Sakura was and sent a small amount of killing intent at her, just enough to snap her out of her trance.

As Sakura looked around the room her eyes landed on Naruto, she immediatly screamed and went back into the fetal position, jibbering once more.

Naruto just groaned "for the love of..." he walked over to Sakura and smacked her between the eyes with the butt of his sword, her eyes rolled up in her head and she slumped on the floor, unconscious. Naruto left her on the floor and walked calmly back to his seat.

"right," said Iruka, resuming his lesson "today will be the make-up examination for those of you that didn't pass yesterday. Unfortunately Naruto, you're the only one who didn't pass yesterday, you failed miserably at the target practice, henge, and bunshin."

"Iruka sensei" said Naruto "I still can't do regular bunshin, but I read that I could take a battle examination to prove that I am ready to become a shinobi."

Iruka was shocked that Naruto had read the rulebook that thoroughly but concceded.

"Alright Naruto meet me outside." said Iruka as he shushined outside the classroom, Naruto simply jumped out the window as the class filed out the door to watch the battle.

In the sparring arena

"Be careful Iruka-sensei, I won't hold back this time."

Iruka simply smiled

Naruto started bouncing on the balls of his feet,"here I come!' he yelled. Naruto disappeared from sight, reappearing in front of Iruka to throw a punch at his head. Iruka moved his head to the left, barely dodging 'how did Naruto get this good' his train of thought was cut off as Naruto disappeared again.

'where is he?'

"Boy Iruka-sensei you've gotten slow" said Naruto from behind him.

Iruka dropped low and did a sweeping kick to take out the ankles of the boy behind him, but connected with nothing. Iruka's eyes widened slightly at the thought that Naruto could dodge an attack like that so quickly.

Suddenly Iruka felt naruto standing with his back touching iruka's, he turned his head slightly and whispered in Iruka's ear, "Stop holding back, give me everything you've got, fight with the intent to kill!"

Naruto jumped away and turned to face Iruka, smiling he turned to face his mentor, still smiling he simply said "now the fight really begins."

Both fighters disappear from the eyes of those who were watching the fight, except perhaps sasuke's. There was a clash of metal on steel and Iruka and Naruto both reappeared in the center of the arena, sparks flying off their kunai as each sought for a weak spot in the others defense. Suddenly Naruto spotted something. He pulled another kunai from his pouch and held it in his free hand.

Naruto began to launch a fury of attacks, making Iruka switch from offensive to defensive in a split second, Naruto kept hammering at Iruka's defense and launched another flurry of blows with his kunai befroe lashing out with a side kick that sent Iruka flying. Naruto disappeared and reapppeared behind Iruka with his kunai at Iruka's throat.

"So do I pass?" he asked with a smile on his face, naruto let the kunai drop to the floor and helped Iruka to his feet.

"Yes Naruto" Iruka answered with a smile on his face. "Come inside we have to get you your headband.

Iruka led Naruto into the classroom while the rest of the class followed, staring in shock, and then on ugly pink haired banshee decided to break the silence.

And then Sakura decided to wake up.

"Naruto cheated!" she yelled at a pitch that left all the dogs in the village whimpering and the genin in front of her writhing on the floor, holding their ears and sreaming about bursted eardrums.

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