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Hi fellow AS'ers

God, I've been dying to write an advanceshipping fanfic for so long now but every time I started to think it out, well, gosh, I never got to it or it was too cheesy or too dramatic, too sad or too scary.

The point it, it was always too something and now I think I've finally gotten the fanfic I wanted, I

worked hard on this and I hope you all like it.

Anyway, on to the fic.

As you already know, its advanceshipping but it has a little contest and pokeshipping too. A little, actually its so minuscule that I don't know why I bother saying it's there but it is.

Um, the title of the fic, well, you'll get it once it starts moving on.

The rating for it, weeeel, I'll say pg13, kay? PG THIRTEEN. But it may, lyk, end up being PG or something, so don't be surprised or whatever.

I'll now put down the ages for each character cuz it's easier that way.


Max- nine almost ten

May- twelve

Ash- fourteen

Misty- fifteen(yay, thats how old I am!)

Brock- sixteen

Okay thats it. I hope you enjoy it and if now, well, its not lyk I can force you to read my fic.


I don't care what you say as long as it will be beneficial to my fanfic and writing, thankies, and again, hope you enjoy it!


"Alright Pikachu, use iron tail on Torkoal!" A young green haired boy instructed.

The small yellow rodent nodded his head, obeying the command as he jumped into the air.

"Torkoal!" The raven haired boy across from him shouted. "Evade by hiding in your shell!"

The turtle like pokemon nodded his head and retracted his limbs in to his gray-ish brown shell. "Torkoal!" He cried.

"Pika pi!" Pikachu's silver colored tail bounced off of Torkoal's shell and was sent back to the trainer whom had called him out.

"Huh?" Max Maple stared at Torkoal as if trying to figure out what had happened just then. "Hey!" He said to his friend. "Is that an actual attack?"

His friend, Ash Ketchum, shook his head with a grin. "No way, May. And you can't always rely on your knowledge of a pokemon's attacks to help you out in a battle. Sometimes the trainer will use other means to win. Torkoal going in to his shell is a great example and so is a flying pokemon flying up higher to dodge an attack."

"No way," Max breathed, he clenched his fists. "Alright Ash, come on, let's do it again!"

"Okay," Ash pointed his index finger towards Pikachu. "Torkoal, use flamethrower on Pikachu!"

"Pikachu!" Max shouted. "Jump in to the air!"

"Tor koooaaaal!" Torkoal's head bobbed out of his shell as he threw out flames.

"Pika chu!" Pikachu jumped into the air, dodging every attem,pt Torkoal had at trying to barbeque the small pokemon.

"Hah!" Max cried, he looked towards the single brunette who'd been sitting at a picnic table near by. "Hey May!" He shouted, waving his hand excitedly in to the air. "Did you see that?"

May rose her head slowly, nodding at what Max had said although she hadn't heard him. The boy seemed content with that and turned back to his battle.

May groaned.

She'd never been so bored in her life. Well, okay there was that one time Norman's friend from Johto came over and they were all forced to watch boring old home movies from his house.

But still, this was pretty bring too.

"Alright Pikachu!"

May closed her eyes, she didn't even want to be here. Well, not here here but the whole city. She hadn't wanted to be in Cerulean anymore. And it hadn't been because of Misty, Misty was her friend of course. She hadn't wanted to be here because there was a contest in Lavender town coming that she just had to get to.

She'd told that to her friends, how much she needed to get to that contest. We still have a few days, was all they said to her. The contest isn't going anywhere. They'd continue. You just had a contest a few days ago here in Cerulean. But that wasn't what mattered to her. Sure, she loved attending the contest in Cerulean, sure, she loved the ribbon she'd gotten from winning. But that wasn't what was important. Drew hadn't gone to that contest, but he'd told her for sure that he'd enter the one in Lavender town. He was her rival, didn't her friends understand? She had to go to that contest, she HAD to be the first one there. Well, at least show up before Drew. Didn't they understand? Didn't they ever have rivals?

Well, she knew Ash once had one, so he should have been as eager as she was to get to Lavender town, he should have understood. But no, lately all he'd been doing was training with Max which was the major reason they spent more days in a town than they should have. Ash was always training Max.

Max was nine but was expected to turn ten in a few weeks. He couldn't wait until he was able to wield his own pokemon, battle his own battles, and take care of himself. Norman and Carolyn, his parents, wanted Max to come home so he could get his first Pokemon from Professor Birch and start at the Hoenn league. Personally, May had wanted Max to keep on traveling along with her and their friends. Traveling without Max for her was like losing a limb, something she just couldn't picture. Thankfully, Max hadn't decided on what to do yet, lately he'd been too occupied with training with Ash before getting his first ever pokemon.

Since Brock and the others really thought Max would just leave them, they were being extra nice to him lately, it was obvious Max had noticed, but then again, he didn't care. Brock had let him choose what they ate if they weren't going out, Ash battled with him constantly and became his new teacher, and May listened to whatever ridiculous requests her brother had. Today it was to come watch his and Ash's battle. May had been hesitant at first but then Ash told her all she had to do was sit there and not really pay attention. She'd shrugged her shoulders and agreed to go out then. But now, now she miserably regretted it.

"Hi, May?"

May looked up to see Daisy, one of Misty's older sisters, looking down at her. She smiled, "so you're not dead."

"Dead?" May repeated.

"You looked like you were dead by the way you were lying your head on the picnic table."

"Oh," May sat up.

"Daisy!" Misty screeched as she placed a tray of rice balls on the table. "Stop being rude to my friends."

"I'm not being rude Mist, Gawd, just chill." Daisy rolled her eyes. "Anyway, I better be going, I have a photo shoot by three and need to get all dolled up right now."

Misty nodded, "okay, fine, go, we'll be alright."

"Okay," Daisy replied as she walked away. "Fine, I'm leaving."

"You don't have a good relationship with your sister?" May asked as she reached for a rice ball.

"Mm, sort of," Misty took a hold of her own rice ball. "We're not always like that."

"Hello ladies, anyone want some orange juice?" Brock, the oldest out of the group of friends smiled down at the two girls and placed down a tray with six glasses of orange juice.

"Ooh, thanks Brock." May reached for a glass.

"What took you so long?" Misty asked.

"Er, I bumped in to your sister."

"I wouldn't say bumped," May took a bite of her rice ball. "I'd say purposely crashed in to."

Brock looked away. "Hey are those two still battling?"

"Yup," May yawned. "From breakfast until noon, but then they always do that."

Misty smiled, "I can't believe Max is going to get his first pokemon and journey on his own." She turned to May. "You must be so excited."

"I guess," was all May said.

"I mean," Misty continued, she leaned closer to May. "Now you get to have privacy with him on Valentines day."

"Him?" May repeated. At first, when she'd heard Misty say that, Ash's face popped in to her head. She was about to say something like 'We don't like each other that way' because it was true, she interested in Ash like that, they were friends, that was all.

"Drew." Misty whispered.

The hairs on the back of May's neck stood up as a red blush covered her face.

"So I'm right, huh?" Misty asked, sitting up straight again as Brock left to go call Max and Ash to lunch.

"H-how do you know about Drew?" May asked.

Misty flashed a secretive smile. "Well, I have my sources."

May tried to search in her thoughts for whom could have told Misty. Who? Who? Who? Who would have told her about Drew? May's eyes widened, "was it Ash?" She asked.

Misty pretended to zip her mouth shut. "My lips are sealed."

May groaned, it probably was him. Every time they had gone to a Pokemon Center, Ash always found the need to call Misty. So it had to be him who had told Misty of Drew.


May watched as Ash called Torkoal back and Max running towards the picnic table.

Having to spend Valentines day with Drew couldn't be so bad. Well, it wasn't like she hated Drew or anything and she did think he was cute.

"Personally," Misty said with a dramatic sigh. "I wouldn't mind spending Valentines day with Ash."

"Really?" May was surprised, she didn't know there was a girl in the world who found Ash attractive, well, he was cute. But then, he was so uninterested in love that it seemed impossible to like him in that way.

"Yes," Misty had a lovesick look in her eyes as she looked towards Ash. "But you guys are going to leave tomorrow, and I can't leave the gym."

"Um, uh," May began. "If you ask me, long distance relationships are even more romantic than close ones!"

"Thanks May," Misty shook her head. "But it won't happen." She paused. "Unless..."

"What?" May asked. "What? What?"

Misty smiled, she actually seemed giddy. "Unless he confesses tonight! I bet he was planning to do that! You know, he hasn't said more than two words to me today."

"Confesses?" May frowned. "How are you so sure about this?"

"Well," Misty dropped down to a whisper. "Don't you think Ash likes me?"

May stayed silent, she never saw anything that could amount to love, but maybe Ash had done something for Misty before he met May.

"I mean," Misty continued. "He's always calling me when I tell him he doesn't have to and he's always asking me how my pokemon are doing, and look! Right now he's looking at me."

May turned to look at Ash, he was looking alright, but it looked more like his eyes were staring hungrily towards the food that sat awaiting him and not Misty. But how could May tell that to her friend?

"If he confesses tonight," Misty said, a dreamy look returning to her eyes. "I'll be the happiest girl on earth."

"I'll hope the best for you." May smiled.

"Thanks," Misty winked. "And I wish the best for you and Drew."

May blushed, not that again.

"Hey guys," Ash said as he sat down beside Misty. Max piled in beside May and Brock beside Ash.

"Hi Ash," Misty purred.

Ash hadn't noticed her sudden mood change and went right on smiling at her. "Hey Mist, awe man, you should have seen the battle Max and I just had." He pointed towards the green haired boy beside May. "He's a regular natural at battling!"

Max blushed, he actually had from Ash's compliment. "It's only 'cause you've been teaching me so well."

"You're the son of a gym leader," Brock said. "It's expected of you."

"Expected?" Max repeated. "Does that mean I have to become a gym leader?"

Everyone laughed at Max's cute comment leaving the boy to wonder if it would be true or not. He didn't want to be a gym leader.

"You can be whatever you want to be," his sister said, ruffling his messy green hair.

Max smiled up at her. "Really?"

"Yeah, look at me, I'm not a gym leader, I'm a coordinator."

"Speaking of coordinating," Ash looked at May. "Are you ready for the Lavender Town contest."

It was so sweet how he cared for her contests like that, like a true friend. "Yes," May said happily. "The only thing we have to do is get there."

"There's a bus running from Cerulean to Vermillion city." Misty smiled, "Cuts your trip in half."

"Cool, we can take that tomorrow." Ash took in another rice ball in to his mouth.

"Speaking of leaving," Misty said slowly. "I was thinking that, um, maybe we could light firworks tonight. For Valentines day?"

"Valentines day isn't for weeks," Max noted.

"Not to mention the fact that we won't be here," Brock added.

"It doesn't matter," Misty said. "I won't see you guys in a long time and I think we should do something fun together, don't you? This being your last night and all?"

That was true, the five friends looked towards one another.

"Pika!" Pikachu chirped, agreeing with the Cerulean city gym leader.

"Sure," Ash smiled. "Sounds like fun."

"And romantic," May said.

"You know," Misty batted her eye lashes at Ash. "You guys never told me what you'll be doing on Valentines day."

"We'll probably be at Lavender town by then," Brock replied. "So, most likely, we'll be watching May's contest."

"And I'll have my first pokemon!" Max smiled.

"Well, okay," Misty sighed. "What do you guys want to on Valentines day?"

"Meet a beautiful lady," Brock said, answering immediately.

"How typical," Max said, biting in to another rice ball. "All I want is to be able to pass through the day without having to hear May go all crazy over love and all of that junk."

"Hey!" May clasped her hands dramatically. "All I want is for a boy to tell me he loves me. I would have to love him back too of course. I'd want him to go down on one knee with one of those heart shaped boxes of chocolates and say it."

"Cough-Drew-cough!" Max said under his breath.

Everyone else laughed.

"Hey!" May cried again. She attempted to hit her brother but he had ducked.

"That sounds romantic," Misty said, turning away from the quarreling siblings. "Don't ya think Ash?"

Ash, who had been caught by surprised, just blink. "Uh, yeah, I guess so." But he hadn't been thinking of Misty right then, no, there was a different girl on his mind.

"How annoying!" May fumed as Max, Brock, and Misty headed off to go bye fireworks. It had only been a few hours since lunch.

"What's wrong?" Ash asked, coming up behind her.

"What else?" May cried. "Max going off and embarrassing me like that."

Ash stayed silent for some time, and for seconds the only thing you could hear was the snoring of Pikachu and Torkoal inside Misty's gym. The battle had taken a lot out of them.

"I mean, I know he doesn't like romance and all that, but still!" She frowned. "And Drew of all people."

"You don't like Drew?" Ash asked.

"Well, not in that way!" Although she could perfectly imagine him going down on one knee and saying he loved her.

"Uh, May?" Ash approached the girl. "There's something I need to tell you."

"What is it?" May asked, she turned to face her friend. There was something about his eyes that told May right away that it was serious.

"Uh, I don't know how to say this," Ash said, blushing little.

May rose an eyebrow, she'd never seen Ash blush unless it had to do with someone complementing him or something. This had to be serious.

"See, I've never said this to anyone before."

"Go on."

"Um, uh, May." Ash looked in to his friend's sapphire eyes. "I-I l-l-l-love you."

May's eyes widened.

Unless he confesses tonight! I bet he was planning to do that!

Poor girl, what would she do if it was May Ash was planning to confess to and not her?


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