Dangers of Boredom
by Hidden Tala

It was the coffee, she decided, that impelled her to do just what she did. Or maybe it was the painful dull of monotony that finally sent her flying to insanity. Whatever it was, she still did it.

She was sitting on one of the few benches in the subway, bored out of her mind, when she was struck by the most ridiculous idea. She didn't want to follow the voice that goaded her because a) it was way out of the Daidouji norms, b) it was pure stupid, and c) she didn't have the guts. But, as if on cue, a man suddenly came flying down the stairs, clearly in a rush to catch the train.

He was too pale and too gentle-looking to be her type. But he was kind of cute. He could do.

The time had finally come and people began pushing their way to the front. She threw the cuppa to the trash bin near her and got up from her seat. She saw her male target walking to the front as well.

"Hi," she said breezily when she came up next to him.

She didn't give him time to react. She tugged at his tie and kissed him.

She walked inside, red-faced, and went to the back where he probably won't follow her. She found a seat and she sank down, finally releasing the breath she was holding.

She raised a trembling hand to her lips.

She just kissed a stranger!

And damn, was it good.

She smiled to herself. Too bad she won't see him again.