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"Samuel, you have to go to Paclaghan, negotiate with their king. Your fool of a brother will ruin everything for lust," William said in disgust, drumming his fingers against his modest throne. Having to negotiate with his rivals made William cringe, but he knew there was no way that his country would be prepared for war, whereas Belliut and Condre had been prepared for months. William struck his throne with a giant fist. Damn that boy!

"But father, surely you mean to fight?" Samuel asked, his eyes cool and level as he watched William lose his cool. Of course Samuel understood, but that didn't mean that he had to enjoy the show.

"Fight? We cannot, boy. We would lose within the first week. Our smithies haven't even begun to reach the quota that we would need to outfit even a fifth of our able men, let alone all of them. No, there's no way except trying for a shaky peace. Damn him!"

"I understand. When do I leave?"

"Now." William watched his son bow and briskly walk from the room, slowly drumming his fingers all the while.

"…And then a little maid brought them both to me and we fled." Edward sighed as he finished his recount of what had happened, running his fingers through his hair.

"And the maid?" Carlisle asked, wondering if she had been used as a spy for Amapi. Edward wouldn't suspect her, especially if she had saved his wife and son.

"She left us at the crossroads. She said that she could take care of herself, and I gave her a crested ring as thanks."

"And you don't think she would betray you?"

Edward looked at his father with furrowed brows.

"She risked everything to give me back my love and my son. She's getting hunted down right now."

"Yes, well, back to our war plans. Now Amapi has a weakened border…"

Jacob followed the little blond woman in front of him, wary and watchful of his surroundings, a knife tightly clutched in his hand. She was leading him deeper and deeper into the forest, closer and closer to his heart's desire.

They arrived at a lonely cabin, a light illuminating one of its windows. A silhouette passed by, a bulge in its arms. Jacob jerked forward, but Jessica held him back, viciously whispering, "Not yet! Edward isn't with her; he's talking to his father about something, most likely you. Stop and watch."

Jacob struggled with himself, wanting to run forward and steal his Bella away now, but holding back to watch her play with her brat of a son, watch the brilliant smile that played on her lips.

Jessica watched her ally through it all, saw his eyes flinch at the sight of Isabella's son, and fixate on Isabella herself. She realized that it would be extremely tough to kill Isabella with Jacob there, so difficult in fact, that perhaps it would be better to just kill the bitch and her family herself.

Jessica sighed and crossed her arms as she mentally shook her head. She couldn't do this job alone. Edward and his family were too strong for a frail little female. Leave that to the Amapian. Jessica suddenly grinned, and turned her attention to the window. Perhaps Jacob would die in the process, killing two birds with one stone.

Jessica sure hoped so.

Bella smiled down at her son as she moved about her cabin, laughing when she heard him make his little happy gurgling baby noises. He watched her with cheerful green eyes, tufts of dark brown hair standing at odd angles. Her good mood vanished when she thought of her new enemy Jacob. That he could put her through all of that because…well, she didn't know why he put her through hell, but she did know that it was wrong and that there were going to be serious consequences to his decision.

She vehemently hoped that he would be hurt learning his lesson.

Perhaps an arrow in the heart, or a war hammer to the head. Anything really, would be satisfying in Bella's terms. As she watched her baby son wiggle her heart hardened, and she silently vowed to herself that she would kill Jacob if she saw him again. She wouldn't do it for herself, but to keep her baby safe.

She couldn't keep the other Daniel safe, but she would sure as hell keep this one alive. She had to. Already she knew that if something happened to him she would never be the same again.

Never. Ever.

Edward barely listened as Carlisle explained the battle plan and the positioning of their troops, thinking of how great was his desire to be with his beautiful wife and baby boy. Carlisle had to repeat a question twice before Edward deigned to answer.

Seeing that his son was preoccupied, Carlisle deemed that they had done enough for now and bade him to go home. Edward left without a word, leaving his father smiling behind him. Carlisle also wished to see his own wife, and left to find his Esme.

Jacob growled as he watched his rival come into view, snarled as he saw how easily he was welcomed into Bella's arms. How he wished it was he who was in that man's place! Feeling a tap on his arm he looked down at the blond, Jessica he silently reminded himself, and listened to what she had to say. Slowly, Jacob grinned, earning the same from the little woman before him.

If she weren't so obviously insane, she would be compelling.

Carlisle was disturbed from his wife by a guard with an Amapian man behind him. Carlisle pasted a smile on his face, his eyes cold and calculating.

"And what is the meaning of this?" The guard looked at his king and explained that the man had a crested ring, and that per orders he had brought him to Carlisle. Said man then looked at the mysterious visitor and demanded an answer. The man smiled and pulled his hood back, letting black eyes peer out of a tanned face framed by black hair.

"I've news concerning the maid May, sire," Jacob said as he did a slight bow.

Carlisle nodded and ordered the guard to retrieve Edward, who immediately left his unknowing king with a rivaling country's prince.

Jacob mentally laughed; everything was going according to plan.