122nd. That was his family. That was where he felt secure. That was where he felt safe.

His designation was 8156. This had been his name ever since the Empire had been established. The leader of his squad, he didn't even know the names of his two fellow soldiers. They only knew their nicknames. He was Code, 7654 was Doctor, and 2540 was Dart. He had no idea what they meant, if they had any significance at all.

They were EVO troopers, trained and prepared to deal with hazardous substances and atmospheres. His squad was over normal stormtroopers. They had extra rations, improved sleeping areas, and even a higher pay, if they happened to end their time in the Empire alive.
Their mission was to infiltrate a Deathstick operation on Stalos. But something is waiting in the ruined planet. Waiting for it's chance.


Code walked calmy down the corridor in an Imperial base in Coruscant. His fellow soldiers followed close behind. They were getting ready to leave the planet and go to Stalos. The planet had been destroyed by their own warfare, only ruins left on the surface of the planet. Drug traders moved into the ruins and started manufacturing drugs, in this case Deathsticks.

His team followed him into the armory. Code and Dart picked up a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, a DL-21 blaster pistol and some grenades. Doctor picked up a CR-1 blaster cannon and a holdout pistol.

The team walked out and into the hangar. Quickly spotting their dropship, they walked swiftly towards it. An imperial officer stood at the entrance to the craft. The team saluted.

"We have reports of something in that area. Our spy has told us it has already killed one of the drug dealers," The officer said quickly. Code nodded.

"We'll take care of it, sir."

His team climbed aboard the dropship. The craft slowly flew out of the hangar. It continued to climb, and within about ten minutes it was in space. Activating hyperdrive, the craft lurched and sped across the bleak black sky.


The team stayed quiet as the dropship entered the planet's atmosphere. Looking outside the ship's small windows, Code saw that the planet wasn't as bad as he had been told. Lots of large buildings still stood in addition to the ground-level buildings. He shook a bit as the dropship landed on the dry rocky surface. The pilot spoke through the intercom.

"I'll be here. When you're done with your mission, get back here and I'll get you home.

Code nodded and his team stepped outside. The sun was extremely bright, and the ground was rocky and dry. His team started to walk towards the ruined city, their guns ready. He heard something swoosh over his head and he followed it with his eyes. It was moving too fast too see clearly, but it was metallic and shiny.

He grabbed both his fellow soldiers by the neck and made them drop to the ground. All he heard was a deafening roar, and was hit by many pieces of small... shrapnel? He looked behind him and mumbled.

"Oh... God."

The dropship was destroyed.