Author's Note: Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you an exceptional style of fan fiction that I have rarely seen in this particular category of cartoons. It's a little weapon I'd like to call the "Alternate Universe", better abbreviated as "AU". In this scenario personalities, locations, worlds, and all of reality will become severely twisted. This latest project will include several short stories, each one taking place in an alternate universe.

Will the characters be OOC? Most likely. Will the situations be bizarre? Naturally. Do these stories pose as potential dangers to your health? That last one's up for you to decide.

Read at your own risk. ;)

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Pretty in Pink


Head held high, poise unbroken; she sauntered rhythmically through the crowd of onlookers, sashaying her hips ever so dangerously. After all, if they were going stare, why not give them something good to look at?

Decked in expensive makeup and priceless designer clothes, she was indeed a sight for sore eyes. The way her glittery, pink tube top hugged her chest definitely turned heads, and if that didn't do the trick, then her equally pink miniskirt would surely get the job done.

She inwardly smiled to herself as she heard them all sigh and murmur, taking in her greatness. If the circumstances had been any different, she would have gladly shown her approval. But she had to act like she didn't care; not saying that she did.

It was key that she stay away from anyone who wasn't as popular as she was. Talking to the nerds, geeks, losers, and freaks simply wouldn't do. In fact, even being around anyone beneath her social status would not only cost her her reputation but her dignity as well.

And she had brutally crawled her way to the top for years, finally receiving the position she rightfully deserved. She was the "Supreme Queen Bee" of her high school. She called all the shots. No one had first say over her.

Absolutely no one did. And she'd be damned if she let anyone get in her way and steal the limelight from her. So socializing with people of lesser importance was obviously a big no-no. That would bring her down no sooner than a massive earthquake would leave a city in ruins, and she just couldn't afford that.

She knew this code she had to abide by seemed harsh. Hell, life was harsh, cruel, cold, unforgiving, and whole lot of other things. But if she was truly better than them—which she knew she was—then she had to play the part.

And boy did she play it well.


She suddenly jerked her head up at the abrupt sound of the bell ringing in her ears. Her eyes quickly peered over at the diamond studded watch wrapped securely around her wrist. A frown settled on her pretty little face as she glanced at the time. She was late.

A few quick turns and rounded corners later found herself right outside the door of her next class. She swiftly combed a delicate hand over her already flawless raven hair and rotated the knob slowly.

Immediately, pencils dropped and the blank faces of her peers looked up to the sound of her new, pink high heels clacking noisily against the floor. She firmly placed her pink manicured hands on her hips as she swung her pink tote bag over her shoulder, eyeing everyone.

They were all gazing up at her in admiration and awe, although some had done it out of fear. The girl had always known how to make a dramatic entrance that would entirely demand for each person's attention.

Including the teacher's.

"You're tardy," his masculine voice announced, slightly irritated by the unexpected disruption.

She rolled her dark eyes, "I know." As if she wasn't already aware of that.

"Well, please take your seat in the empty desk over there," he ordered, pointing to said desk.

She calmly did as she was told and situated herself in her chair, allowing herself to be comfortable.

"Oh, and one more thing."

She carefully peeked upwards at hearing the teacher address her once more.

"Please, don't be late again…… Gwen".

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