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Crane was staring up at the ceiling. He had been awake for over an hour but for some reason he couldn't bring himself to move. His body was sore and sticky but he was more hurt on the inside than anything else. He felt dirty and used like a cheap whore.

He remembered Joker thrusting into him with blinding force and his lips pressed against his, skilled tongue invading his mouth.

Crane forgot about the pain in his body as he threw himself off the bed and ran to the bathroom. He barely made it to the dirty and cracked toilet just in time. His back arched as he heaved into the toilet. He felt dizzy and there was something warm and wet running down his cheeks as he continued to vomit.

He was breathing heavily as he looked down into the bowl at the contents of his stomach. It looked just like he felt. Collecting all the saliva he could he spit into the toilet before laying his head on the dirty seat.

The warm liquid was still running down his cheeks and blurring his vision. Reaching up he touched his cheek and looked at the water on his fingers. He was crying he realized in shock and anger.

He hadn't cried sinceā€¦no he wouldn't think about that. Shakily he got to his feet and flushed the toilet which protested and whined loudly. He walked over to the sink.

"Not looking so well buddy," he whispered to his reflection, tears still streaming down his face. He turned on the sink and without waiting for the rust to leave the pipes he cupped his hands and splashed the dirty water on his face before washing his mouth out.

He looked back at the mirror and saw no difference. His face was thinner than usual with stubble growing on his chin. There were heavy bags under his blue eyes and his hair had grown a little longer and was tangled and dirty. His eyes fell upon the bite mark on his shoulder. It was a claim mark, he knew that. It was the Joker's version of a collar.

The Joker had done this to him. The Joker had taken more away from him than Batman, Rachel Dawes, and the whole Gotham PD had even dreamed. Balling up his uninjured hand he growled and punched the mirror. He ignored the pain in his hand and he watched the mirror crack and break off in some places.

He couldn't wait anymore, he needed to try. Crane glanced over at the closed door as he heard someone moving around in the other room. Looking down in the sink he saw a large piece of broken glass. Grabbing it without a second thought he went over to the door and flung it open.

Joker looked up and smiled wide, his make up had been reapplied and his cherry lips taunted him mercilessly. Crane lunged at him wildly and Joker laughed, stepping out of the way with ease.

Turning Crane lashed out, managing to cut the Joker on the upper right arm. This only caused Joker to laugh louder which caused Crane's anger to rise.

"Shut up you fucking freak," Crane yelled as he tried to stab the clown in the face.

Joker continued to laugh "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Crane cried.

Another cut on Joker's chest and left arm before the clown decided his Icky had gotten enough exercise for the day.

Crane growled as the Joker caught his wrist and forcefully shook the piece of glass out of his hand where it shattered on the floor. Joker was still laughing and Crane struggled to get his hand away.

"Don't touch me god dammit, get away from me," Crane fought and tears came to his eyes again. He tried hard to keep them in but they fell anyway. Joker was amused and he pushed Crane up against the wall.

"You want me to shut up Johnny?" Joker asked with a giggle.

"Fuck you, damn freak," Crane shouted before spitting in Joker's face.

"Hey I did my face up all pretty just for you," Joker said with a mock pout. Crane spit in the other man's face once more and Joker shook his head before grabbing the doctor's neck and squeezing tightly.

Crane gasped for breath and tried to pry the Joker's vice grip off of his neck. "You know you look so pretty when you cry, even prettier than when you laugh," Joker whispered before laughing again.

"Sh-shut-u-up," Crane managed to gasp out. If he was going to die he didn't want the last thing he heard to be Joker's laughter.

"Well there's only one way to do that Icky and you did such a good job last night," Joker taunted as he loosened his grip lightly.

Crane gasped for breath and glared up at the clown. Before he could stop himself he lunged forward and crushed his lips to the Joker's. The other man's hand left his throat and traveled up to his hair. Gloved hands tangled in the strands on dirty brown hair as Crane's hands went to Joker's face and were discreetly rubbing off most of the make-up Joker had just put on.

It was the only thing he could take from the Joker at the moment and it would have to do. "If you didn't like my make up you could have said so, you know I'd do anything for you Icky," Joker said as he managed to pull away from the doctor.

"I don't like you," Crane said before surging forward once more and capturing Joker's lips in another angry kiss. He was refusing the urge to vomit and his eyes were clamped shut as he tried to imagine someone else in the Joker's place.

Joker was out of breath as Crane pushed him away roughly. "See I told you, you are mine now."