Glass Half Empty

Glass Half Empty

Author's note: Alright you guys! I have a new found love for Lody! They don't have nearly enough stories for them either! Thank God for Im-AcErBiC who has written lots of wonderful Lody's! Without her Lody would be lost! Make sure you check out some of her stories after reading mine! I hope that you will enjoy it cause I'm writing this especially for ya'll!

Summary: It is the second semester of school and London has to take gym! She slipped by freshman, sophomore, and junior year without it but can't escape it her senior year! Everything about the gym disgusts London, but can a certain blonde headed boy change her opinion about the class? The glass is always half empty….or is it full? Enjoy!

London walked into the gym clad in a white tank top and some short blue shorts. She sighed heavily as she spotted Cody sitting in his assigned spot, laying coolly on his back; staring up at the ceiling.

She made her way to her spot which was luckily right beside him and sat down heavily, gaining the attention of the blonde teen.

"Did I mention how much I hate gym?" London asked looking down at her friend.

He chuckled softly.

"Only every day for the past two weeks that we've been in here." He answered.

She smiled at his response and couldn't help but admit that the class wasn't half as bad with him there with her. In fact she'd found herself looking forward to the class on many occasions.

"Just trying to make sure that you know." she said matter of factly.

Cody rolled his eyes playfully at her response before replying.

"Oh believe me I know! But you've got to remember what I always tell you….in situations like this you've got to always think of the glass being half full." He told her, a serious look marring his features.

"More like half empty." London sighed in response, shaking her head at the thought of the "saying" that Cody was always thrusting upon her.

Cody shook his head at the brunette, from his spot on the ground, a small smile on his face.

"You are such a pessimist." He said.

London looked down at him, giving him an annoyed look. The look she always gave him when he used a word that she didn't recognize or understand.

Cody chuckled before giving her an apologetic look. There was one thing for sure; London's vocabulary had definitely grown by her being in gym with Cody.

"Sorry. It means someone who always sees the bad side in a situation instead of the good." Cody told her.

"What?! I do see the good things in stuff!" London argued, a little offended by the name Cody had called her. "There's just nothing good about this….." she muttered, knowing right away that she was lying.

Cody sighed heavily before moving to lie down on his stomach. London decided to change the subject.

"Sooo……." She started, crossing her legs so that she was sitting beside Cody's side. She leaned forward as to get a glimpse of his face. "How do you think you did on the mechanics mid-term?" she asked timidly.

Cody sighed, thinking about the test that had taken place earlier that day. He inwardly berated himself for letting Zack talk him into taking the class. Well actually he made a bet that Cody couldn't pass it. It was almost as hard as woodcarving.

"Oh London it was awful." He responded. London looked down on him sympathetically. "They made us demonstrate how to repair a car in certain situations." He sighed before placing his head in his hands, from his position on the floor.

London sighed before gently placing her hand on Cody's back. Cody was startled by the sudden contact between London and himself but welcomed it, immediately relaxing at her touch. She slowly started to move her hand around in slow circles on his back; massaging him with her fingertips.

"Oh that feels good." Cody groaned and London smiled, stifling a girlish giggle that she knew was fighting to come out.

She brought her hand from his back to his hair, running a hand through his long, perfect blonde hair.

Cody sighed shakily as he closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of London's fingers in his hair.

"Don't worry about the mid-term Cody. I'm sure you did just fine." London said as she moved her hand back to Cody's back and continued her ministrations.

"I don't know……" Cody started.

"I do." London responded and Cody smiled from his spot on the ground at the confidence in the girl's voice. She always knew how to make him feel better.

London looked around catching the looks of many of the girls in the gym. She just smiled friendly at them. She knew that they all thought that she and Cody went out. It wasn't hard to believe. The two were constantly flirting with one another, but that's just what it was; it was just friendly flirtation.

A comfortable silence came over the two as Cody laid there enjoying the feel of London's hands on his back and London massaged him just enjoying the fact of knowing that she was making him feel good.

London reluctantly moved away from Cody as their gym teacher, Coach Turner entered the gym.

Cody sat up bringing his knees to his chest as the coach took the roll. London sat next to him in Indian style waiting for her name to be called.

After the attendance had been taken, Coach Turner began leading the teens in their daily stretches and exercises.

The two moved down to touch their toes.

"Wow. I bet you're giving all the guys in here fantasies. They're probably wondering if you're limber too." Cody said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, as he watched London touch her toes effortlessly.

"I am." London said looking at him flirtatiously.

Cody was caught off guard by the girl's response and gulped as he raised an interested eyebrow at London.

The two stood up with the rest of the class as they began to do arm twirls before the teacher told them to do the balance exercise.

The balance exercise was when they lifted either their left or right leg up to their side while trying to balance on the other leg. London liked this exercise because she was really good at it especially compared to the rest of the class which apparently had bad balance. Cody liked this exercise too, especially because he was slightly better at it than London.

Cody stood perfectly still, in perfect balance on his one leg before he jumped over to London and shoved her slightly, throwing her off balance.

She gasped, startled by Cody's sudden movement but quickly brought her leg back up and hopped over to Cody doing the same to him.

She pushed him but was extremely disappointed when he barely moved. She pouted and Cody laughed at her. The shrimpy Cody she use to know was all gone and in his place was a muscular, in shape, tanned, and tall Cody.

"In the white!" the coach called out, meaning that they were to start walking the outskirts of the gym which was painted white. The schools colors were beige and white. London thought they were extremely boring colors but Cody didn't too much care.

The two walked over to the outskirts of the gym, Cody still laughing and London still pouting.

"It's not fair! You get to push me but I can't push you!" London continued to pout.

"Hey it's not my fault I've got guns." Cody defended flexing his muscles for effect. London watched him for a moment fighting to keep from getting distracted by Cody's perfect body.

She looked away stubbornly.

"Fine" Cody sighed. "Tomorrow you get to push me, and I'll act like it actually affects me." Cody told her before she smiled, satisfied with his answer.

"I can't do anything about the height though so you're just going to have to grow!" he added earning a glare from the heiress.

Cody was about a good three inches taller than her and he never let her forget it.

Cody laughed at the look on her face.

"What?! I can't help it you're a dwarf!"

"You're three inches taller Cody! Three inches! That's not a whole lot!" London argued but Cody simply laughed at her.

"It's enough." He answered before finally calming down his laughter.

"Sooo… the gang hanging out this weekend?" Cody asked changing the subject.

"I don't know." London answered. "I think that Maddie and Zack are celebrating their six month anniversary or something and Nia and Vance are going paintballing or something like that." London answered.

"Oh" Cody nodded, disappointed that he probably wouldn't be seeing London much that weekend; well except for at the Tipton. He really enjoyed spending time with her.

"Besides don't you get your car out of the paint shop this weekend?" London asked, studying her friend.

"Yeah!" he said with enthusiasm. "I'm so excited too! I got it painted red!" Cody said, beaming as he talked about his GT Ford Mustang Convertible that he'd bought all by himself with the money he'd earned during the summer when he'd bought stock.

"But technically I'm not supposed to drive it because I'm fifteen and haven't gotten my license." Cody told the eighteen year old girl.

"Yeah but you still are aren't you?" London said giving Cody a knowing look.

"Yeah" Cody sighed. "It's Zack's fault! He's had a bad influence on me!" Cody defended to London who only laughed at his antics before stopping right in her tracks.

Cody looked at her, confused as she stood frozen in place staring directly in front of her. Cody followed her gaze and his eyes landed on London's ex-boyfriend, Michael who had just entered the gym.

Michael Armstrong was the star quarter back on the football team and also one of the leading scorers on the basketball team. He had come to the gym more than likely to practice for basketball but not before stopping and saying hello to Britney.

Britney was his new girlfriend. London despised her not only because she was a snob, but because Michael had cheated on her with Britney.

"Hey. Don't let them bring you down." Cody spoke softly to London, awakening her from her trance.

"I can't help it. They just make me so mad; especially him. It's like he comes in here on purpose just to make me jealous!" London exclaimed all the while still looking at the couple.

"He does, does he?" Cody asked as he studied his friend before an idea struck him.

"Well…what do you say you make him jealous for a change?" Cody suggested.

London turned to him, finally taking her attention from the couple.

"What?" she asked confused.

"I think it's time he found out what it feels like to be jealous." Cody explained. "And I'll help you if you agree." Cody offered, looking down at her hopefully.

"I don't know….." London started, not wanting to stoop down to Michael's level but at the same time very interested and excited about Cody's proposition.

"I guess." She sighed and Cody smiled real big.

"Great!" he exclaimed before looking down at London and smiling evilly. "We're going to make this guy so jealous he won't know what to do." He told her and London nodded, heart beating faster as she looked into Cody's intense eyes.

She gulped wondering what Cody had in store for her. Well she'd soon find out.

Okay you guys that's the first part! I hope you enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed writing it and if so pleeaassee let me know! I love hearing from you guys! If I get enough response I may actually put part 2 up today but if not I'll be putting it up sometime this weekend hopefully! I'm sorry for any mistakes! Thanks for reading and be blessed!