Broken by AndromedaMarine

My heart has been broken
I'm dead deep inside
Why did you leave me?
Why have you lied?

You pushed me away
Because of the rules
You know that I love you
Why are you so cruel?

Six years, John, no more
And I told you again
But you didn't listen
You didn't see my pain

I loved you, I still do
Just don't act aloof
You're smarter than that
I know; I have proof

And if you won't have me
I honestly say
I'd rather you left me
Than let you betray

But if you're just acting,
If all is a ploy
Please, please just tell me
My heart's not a toy

I've told you, John, no lie
I love you, it's true
But if you refuse that
Your own life undo.

Accept it, don't fight me
I'm tired of wars
At first we refused it
But now open are doors

I love you, John
Why must I repeat it?
And now that our times' up
I need you to admit

You've broken my heart
But that's so unlike you
I love you, forever
I hope you know that's true

You're confused now
No worries; I understand
But if you realize
I'll wait for your hand

You came, you admit it
You faced the fact
You say back "I love you"
And we have what we lacked.