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I sighed, it was a new day, and worst of all, it was sunny. That means I have to go through school without the Cullen's. I could live. Maybe.

I rolled over to see Edward sitting in the rocking chair in the corner of my room. Her smiled my crooked smile, and stood up. As he passed the light flooding the window, he momentarily sparkled, and it took my breath away. He smiled, and bend down by the edge of my bed, and kissed my lips.

"I'm sorry love, I have to go. Carlisle and everyone else wants to leave." He kissed my hand. "I'll be back tomorrow morning, I'll be the first person you see when you open you eyes. I promise."

"Okay. I love you."

"I love you too. Have a good day at school." He kissed my lips, and then he was gone. I groaned, and sat up. After grabbing my toiletries bag, I headed off to take a shower and do something with my hair. I threw on a simple white t-shirt and faded jeans afterwards. I went downstairs to eat some cereal.

On my way to school, my mind wandered to random things. Jacob, how he ran away, Edward, Alice, her shopping, just random things. It made the trip to school shorter then I thought.

I grabbed my back pack and headed inside. I was saw at my locker Mike and Eric, both had bouquets of roses. I stopped in the hallway, and slowly backed up. They were arguing about something, and if they didn't see me, I could make a quick getaway. Mike looked like he was turning, so I dove into the bathroom.

Thankfully, It was the women's. I could only imagine walking in the men's. I shuddered. I went and locked myself in the handicapped stall, and had a seat on the floor. I retrieved my copy of Wuthering Heights and began to read.

But my mind wouldn't focus. It kept wandering to Mike and Eric. How stupid could they get? They see me everyday holding hands and kissing Edward. I would think they'd take the hint that I'm not available. I sighed. My phone began vibrating in my pocket.


"Bella." It was Edward!

"Hey Edward!"

"Have you made it to school yet?" I knew he was calling to see if I had found Mike and Eric yet.

"Yes. Thanks for the heads up." I all but growled. He chuckled.

"Alice just told me about it, actually." He sounded weird, like he was holding back.


"It's only going to get worse." I whimpered. Are they mentally incapacitated?

"Don't worry, love. When I come home tomorrow I'll put it through their thick heads you are currently unavailable to the rest of the student body." I smiled. The first bell rang.

"I have to go. I love you." I told him.

"Love you too." We hung up, and I had to leave the safety of the bathroom. Although I considered hiding here all day.

Mike's POV

I thought I saw Bella disappear into the bathroom. Maybe she saw me and was too scared to admit she loved me. Maybe Cullen's abusive. Screw it, I'm deeming him abusive. I went over to the bathroom door, and of course, Eric followed. I glowered at him.

I was right, it was Bella I had seen. She opened the bathroom door, saw me standing here with my beautiful flower, and slammed the door closed. I smiled. She must still be nervous. I knocked on the door.

"Bella, babe, come on out, you don't need to be scared." I cooed. I heard something in there, it sounded like a string of profanities. There must be another girl in there, because my Bella wouldn't use that kind of language.

Bella's POV

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I opened the window, and threw my backpack out it. Before I could get out the window, or even attempt to get out, the bathroom door opened. I froze. Mike and Eric won't seriously come into the girls bathroom, would they? I was glad to see Angela. She smiled hesitantly at me, I was braced to launch myself out the window.

"Um...Mike's outside the door, and he wants me to come in here and 'comfort' you." She said. I raised my eyebrow, and looked confused.

"Apparently, he thinks Edward is abusive, and making you stay with him against your will." Her tone told me she thought Mike was crazy too. I began laughing hysterically. That was so funny, Edward, abusive! As if. I've never met anyone so cautious with me before. I went to lean against the window, but forgot it was open. And I fell through, landing on my back. It knocked the air out of my lungs, and I gasped for air. Angela's head popped out the window.

"Are you alright?" She asked, trying to contain her laughter.

"Yeah." I whispered, fighting to get to my feet. I shook my head and started laughing again. I mean, come on, abusive?

"I'll tell Mike you weren't in here. See you in class Bella." She said, disappearing.

"Thanks!" I called. I didn't wait around, I dashed to my class. I was late, but the teacher didn't care. I took my seat at the back of the class. The day passed too quick, and I found myself in class with both Eric and Mike. I considered ditching. But Angela told me she'd stick by my side, so I wouldn't be alone. She took Edward's place in class, and I was grateful, because that meant Eric or Mike couldn't sit by me, or they couldn't fight over who got to sit by me.

I watched as Mike and Eric ran, literally ran, into class. I rolled my eyes as they approached.

"H-hey Bella...I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies tonight or something..." Eric asked, his face red.

"Oh, I can't I have plans." I said. Angela smiled at me. I knew she'd back those plans up if necessary.

"With who?" Mike asked, gritting his teeth.

"Me." Angela said, smiling. I nodded. "We're going out for a girls night." She put extra emphasis on girls, so he would take the hint he wasn't welcome. They both frowned.

"Oh, well could you maybe help me with my Trig before you go?" Mike asked. Damn, he's persistent!

"Uh, sorry Mike. I have to take that time to get ready, you know, cook dinner, pick out and outfit..." I made a list, hoping he would drop it, like Eric seemed to have, and go away.

"That's okay, I'll just drop by." He said. I opened my mouth to object, but he already waltz off. I snapped my mouth close with an audible snap. I looked to Angela.

"Thanks. Want to see a movie for our girls night, and maybe do some shopping?" I asked. She seemed surprised.

"You really want to? Your not planning anything with Edward?" She asked.

"Edward's camping. Unless you have plans with Ben." I added. I forgot she had a boyfriend to.

"No, actually he's working today." I nodded.

Lunch came around, and I could only imagine what Mike was up too. Eric seemed to lay off, which I was grateful for. Angela and I had a seat at the table. She sat across from me, and Ben sat next to her. I smiled in greeting to them. Then, Mike had a seat next to me.

"Hey Bella." He said, in a weird voice. I had the idea he was trying to be seductive or something. But really, it was just creep. Then, he had the nerve to put his arm around me and attempt to kiss my neck! I screamed, and threw my yogurt at him.

"What the hell do you think your doing?!" I shouted at him. Angela and Ben looked shocked; either because Mike had the nerve to try that, or his head was covered in yogurt, or because I screamed. I had no idea.

"Aw, babe, it's okay, Cullen's gone, so you don't have to be pushing your feelings for me into a corner." I was so anger, I think I began twitching. I glared at him as he wiped the yogurt off his face. I stood up, and almost strangled him. Instead, I turned on my heels and ran from the cafeteria. I walked to my truck, but froze when I got to the parking lot.

There was my truck, where I parked it. But it was covered in flowers, petals surrounded the ground around it, and there was a banner on the back, 'To My Beloved Bella, I Love You With All My Heart! Love Mike; Your Real True Love'. I covered my mouth in horror. I screamed, just like I knew I would. Thankfully my hand was over my mouth. I ran the other way, towards the gym. When I finally made it, I began hyperventilating.

Did he seriously put that banner on there? Oh My God. I wish Edward was here, so he would kill Mike Newton. I stood up and started pacing, so maybe I would calm down. No such luck, Mike came in here.

"Bella! I've been looking for you!" He smiled, then looked around noticing we were alone in the gym. He gave me a fail attempt of a seductive grin, which made me twitch again. "Have you, uh, been out to the parking lot?"

"Yes..." I said gritting my teeth. Don't do anything you'll regret Bella, like stab him, strangle him, slit his throat, My thoughts rambled on about the things not to do to him. He stepped towards me, and I stepped back. Then, he grabbed my hand, and got on his knees like he was proposing. I watched in horror.

"Bella, since you came into my life I have been happy, but seeing you unhappy everyday with Cullen, hurts me. I know your being abused. It hurts, but I'm here to make you feel better." He stood up, and leaned forward, his eyes closed, and leaned forward as if to kiss me. I was freaking out. My instincts took over, and I kicked him right in between the legs. He screamed, and fell to the floor. I ran out of the gym, leaving him to roll on the floor holding himself.

I went strait to class, Lunch was over. I found Angela seated in Edwards seat again. I smiled and went to sit down.

"Oh, have you been to the parking lot? Cause if you haven't, I have to warn you -"

"No, I've seen it, but thanks anyway." I said shaking my head. I'd tell her later aboutkicking Mike.

"Hey, do you want a ride home? We can pick up the truck later with a few garbage bags." She offered. I laughed and nodded.

"Yeah, that'd be great." I said. The rest of the day went on, and Mike must've went home, because he wasn't in class. Angela drove me home, and we went inside to get a few garbage bags, then got back to school. I left my phone and backpack here, then went back out with Angela.

"You know, I kicked him in his...area after I left the lunch room." I shared with her on our way to clean my poor truck. I often felt my truck was very manly, but now, sitting in the parking lot all by itself, covered in flowers and Mike's proclaimed love...well, it looks girly.

"Nice, what'd he do?"

"He tried to kiss me! But before he went on about how Edward abuses me and crap." I shook my head. Unbelievable.

"Uh-oh." I snapped my head in the direction she was looking. In the back of my truck bed, was Mike Newton, wearing a tux. I growled.

"Do you have a gun in the glove box?" I asked Angela. She laughed.

"I wish. But I guess it's better that I don't, cause you'd probably shoot Mike."

"I would, without hesitation. Of course, We'd have to drag his body off, burn it, then throw the remains in the swamp." She laughed again, and got out of the car with me. I had no idea what I'd tell Mike. You'd think a kick to the manly area would drive a guy off.

"Bella!" He called, holding a rose out. "I know your scared! But give us time! I can protect you from Cullen's abuse!"

"I really hope he wore a cup this time." I grumbled. Angela laughed, standing next to me. Damn the sun! This would be a perfect time for Edward to swoosh in and beat Mike to pulp. Then we'd both drag him off, burn the remains, and dump everything else in the swamp. Mike jumped from the truck bed, and ran forward with his arms stretched open for a big, wet, sloppy kiss. I screamed and looked around for something, anything.

He got extremely close, and I dodged to the side. Angela tripped him.

"Mike! Get it through your head! She loves Edward! He's not Abusive! YOUR DELUSIONAL!" Angela yelled at him as he face planted into the cement. He jumped right to his feet, unphased. He looked to me.

"Bella would never rat out Cullen's abuse, Angela. You know how abusers are, they don't like their abuse to be known! Bella's scared, just look at her!" He seemed mad that Angela wasn't understanding how abusers work. I was not scared. I was very, very pissed off. I wish I had a stick. I would beat him senseless with it.

"Mike, go home, before I strangle you." I said, through clenched teeth, and rubbing my temples. my eyes flashed up. he was smiling.

"Don't worry Babe, I'll free you." He winked, and started walking to his car. I was so angry, I went over to the truck and started ripping things off of it. Angela watched, letting me vent my anger.

- - - - - - - - -

"Well, that was very unpleasant." I said to her. My truck was manly again. The flowers were on the ground. Angela smiled.

"Let's get cleaning, and we'll still have time for some shopping and a movie in Seattle." She said, puffing out the bag. I nodded, and started picking the flowers up and throwing them away.

It only took a half hour to clean everything up. We threw the three garbage bags into the back of the truck, then ran it home. We took Angela's car to Seattle.

"So, what are we shopping for?" I asked, deciding to start up conversations.

"Maybe outfits to murder Mike in." She suggested, lifting her eyebrows to make it look like she was pondering the idea.

"Hm...sounds good!" I said laughing. After a few seconds of giggling, I looked at her. "Um, you don't really believe Mike when he says Edward is abusive, do you?" It was eating me on the inside, I had to ask.

"No, of course not. For two reasons; 1) you'd have marks, or something to show. 2) You and Edward look at each other in such a way I can't even imagine, that just being around you two while you look into each others eyes feels like I'm intruding." She shared. I smiled.

"So, you and Ben going to get married?" I asked, changing the spot light to her. She blushed.

"I don't know about that, Bella. We're both still getting used to this dating thing, but it feels so natural. Aw, man, I'm going gooey." We laughed.

The entire night we chatted about anything. We saw a movie, it was a chick flick, so no nightmares. Then we shopped around a little, picked each others outfits for tomorrow, and went and got a bit to eat. Angela picked out for me a dark cerulean dress, with long sleeves that hugged my arms, and went to my knees. It flared out towards the bottom, but not too much. I picked out a similar dress, only it was slightly shorter, short sleeved, and purple. Angela loved it. I loved mine.

She dropped me off at the house, but it was late. I had called Charlie from Angela's phone earlier, telling him I'd be home about midnight-ish. I was home ten till. I went inside, carrying my bags upstairs to my room as quietly as I could. I flipped the light on, and screamed.

Mike Newton was in my room, practically naked, and posing. He only had on a pair of boxers. I continued screaming until Charlie woke up and came running. He pulled me back, and I stumbled into the bathroom, and shut and looked the door. I could hear Charlie screaming and yelling at Mike all the way to the door. Multiple threats escaped Charlie's lips.

It was silent after a few minutes. I realized I was crying. I was freakin' traumatized. Never in my life, human or not, had I wanted to see that. Mike Newton, practically naked, in my room, MY ROOM, posing around a bunch of petals and crap.

I stopped crying, and was just shaking. God he was so delusional someone ought to have him locked in a mental hospital. After what seemed like forever, maybe an hour, Charlie came home, slamming the door behind him. I stumbled from the bathroom, and walked slowly down stairs.

"Charlie?" I asked shakily. Arms wrapped me into a hug, and I could feel Charlie's jacket against my bear arms.

"Right here, Bells." He said. "Mike's been locked up for the night. Why don't you sleep in my room for the night, I'll clean yours up." I nodded against him jacket.

"Actually, I'll stay on the couch...If that's okay." I asked. He nodded. I went and laid down on the couch, pulling the blanket off the back and covering myself with it. I could hear Charlie grumbling as he climbed the stairs and my bedroom light flicked on.

My eyes cracked open the next morning, blinded by the sun. I could smell pancakes, and smiled as I stumbled up and wandered to the kitchen. Charlie was cooking, and he actually wasn't turning the pancakes into burnt chips. I smiled as he turned around.

"Morning Bells." He greeted. I had a seat at the table, and he served me a plate of pancakes.

"Well I hate to run, but because I have someone in the jail, I have to be there bright and early for his parents to get in." I nodded. I ate my pancakes in no rush at all, and Charlie had left. When I finished, I went upstairs and changed into the dress Angela picked out for me. I went downstairs to get my backpack and phone.

There was several messages from Edward, Alice, and Emmett. All warnings about what Mike would do. The last 5 were warning me about the bedroom. I sighed. My phone started ringing, just as I went to put it in my pocket.


"Bella I am so sorry!" It was Edward, and he started talking really fast, I only got bits and pieces. He was apologizing for not being here at school, and then not saving me all those time and then he started growling about Mike. I tried to interrupt him, but he didn't listen. So, I hung up. I walked to my truck, phone in hand for when he called back. I sat in the cab, waiting. Finally, it rang.

"Bella! Why'd you do that?" He sounded annoyed.

"Because, Edward, you weren't listening to me. I said it was alright. Mike's in jail, Charlie arrested him." It was silent on the other line, then Edward growled.

"Not anymore. Charlie had to let him out, his parents rambling on about something. He'll be in school. He has to apologize, but he has different plans." I whined, and hit my head on the steering wheel.

"Bella, love, please don't do that." I leaned my head forward, resting my head on the wheel, then a stabbing pain went through my back. I screamed, which was really unnecessary.

"WHAT?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Yes, Edward was panicking. I took a deep breath and sat back up, feeling the stabbing pain again. I was pretty sure I wasn't being stabbed. It was a pain from falling out the window yesterday. I was quite sure. I felt around behind me, nothing. I was aware of Edward screaming in the phone.

"BELLA? BELLA! ANSWER ME!" He screamed. I could hear laughter in the background.

"I'm alright Edward. Just my back. It ...surprised me I guess." Edward took a deep breath, and I imagined him pinching the bridge of his nose trying to remain calm. I could hear someone in the background telling Edward to chill out.

"I will not chill out. A crazed, hormonal teenage boy with the hots for my Bella is pushing her to the extreme! She fell out a window and is suffering. Now, I suggest, Emmett, if you don't want to be suffering too, you'll go away." Edward said in a tone that really made him sound like a dangerous vampire. Emmett only called him snippy. I realized I had not breathed, and took a small gasp of air.

"Edward..." I said in a small voice.

"Yes love?" He didn't sound normal yet.

"I have to go..." He snarled, and then there was a loud noise, almost like a smack.

"Edward, knock it off." Alice's pixie like voice hissed.

"I'm sorry Bella." He apologized. "Your right, you need to get to school. Because it's still sunny, We're going to hunt a little longer. Alice is watching out for you, so keep your phone with you. If it gets too bad, I will come whether I sparkle or not." His voice was back to the velvety smoothness, and I smiled.

"Okay, Edward. I love you."

"I love -" And then, my phone died.