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Mike's POv

The last few days had not gone as I would have hoped. Cullen's brainwashed Bella to the very core. It'll take some tough reasoning to save her. When she beat me up, well, I more or less let her beat me up; there was no way I was going to risk hurting her, not after she's been hurt so much by Cullen. She probably beat me up because when he finds out I told, he'll beat her. She was scared. Yeah, yeah, that's it.

I was heading to the hospital, to talk to Angela about ways to seduce women. Of course, I could've just asked Jessica, but she would probably assume I was trying to seduce her. That wouldn't end well.

I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital, and immediately noticed a giant jeep. If I knew the Cullens, which after the one night of circling their house in the safety of the trees I knew them pretty well, I knew the big one drove a jeep just like that. I jumped out of the van. Maybe he was bringing Bella here because she was hurt! Or worse, Edward went to extremes and tried to kill her!

I ran inside, looking around the hospital for them. I was searching for a good twenty minutes. Eventually I walked by a room, and saw Bella. She was seated on the hospital bed, with a blanket around her. She was more pale then usual, and her lips were blue! Oh, god, Cullen tried to drown her! She was right to beat me up! If I would have known that telling on him would end up with Bella half dead, I wouldn't have done it!

"Bella! What happened to you?!" I exclaimed. She looked at my face, probably noticing the bandages on my nose and the bruises. I wasn't going to tell her I let her beat me up, because it would crush her. I made a promise to myself never to hurt Bella Swan for as long as I lived.

"Why are you shaking? Did Edward do something to you?" I asked, my voice full of hatred for the jerk who could put such a kind and loving girl through such pain. She was shaking, I noticed now. She cried out, her voice full of such emotion I figured she was deeply in love with me, and wanted me now. I decided to satisfy her want, and wrapped my arms around her tightly.

"It's okay Bella, I'm here now. I know what's going on between you and Edward, there's no reason for you to be scared, I'll take care of you." I said. I pulled away, and pressed my lips against hers. They were ice cold, and felt like stone. She started wiggling, and so I pushed myself into her more, trying to satisfy her growing want. She froze, and quit moving. I continued kissing her unmoving lips, trying to encouraged her.

Suddenly, I was yanked away by my collar. I fell to the floor, but caught myself from falling flat on my back. I looked up to see the tall blonde guy of the Cullen family. He was looking at Bella's now bleeding lips like they were a snack.

"What the hell?!" I exclaimed. I stood up and the guy looked at me. His eyes were dark, and had a certain murderous glint to them.

"What the hell were you doing?!" He asked back. I huffed, it was obvious what I was doing.

"What did it look like I was doing? I was comforting her!" I told him, talking like I was speaking to a three year old.

"Looked more like assaulting her!" He said. I glared. How could he say that? I would never hurt my precious Bella like that.

"She wanted it!" I defended. Of course she did, she groaned at me to be in her arms!

"Bella, did you want what Mike was doing?" He asked her. He wasn't looking at her. Maybe this guy was in with Edward. Maybe Bella was the family abuse toy! It sickened me just to thing of that! But it was probably true! Bella shook her head automatically. She was scared, it was obvious. There was blood dripping down her chin from her cut lips.

"She's just saying that because she's scared of Edward!" And you…I mentally added. Bella mumbled something loudly, but I had no idea what she said. Edward came into the room now, with a wheelchair. Oh, if he thought he was taking her from this place, he was wrong, dead wrong. I would protect Bella with every fiber of my being. Edward would have to rip me to shreds and drink every drop of blood in my body before I would let him hurt Bella again.

"Mike. Leave. Now." Edward said, pinching the bridge of his nose. I saw him do this before, when he was mad. He was mad at Bella! And he was demanding I leave so he could punish her! Nu-huh, no way, super Mike was going to save the day!

"No, I'm getting a doctor to prove Bella is being abused!" I claimed, heading for the door. He wouldn't hurt her now, knowing I was coming back with a doctor. I ran out the door, and to the first doctor I could find. He was a young guy, with blonde hair.

"Sir, you have to come with me, there's a girl being abused by her boyfriend, but no one will do anything about it!" I said. He looked like he was about to object, so I grabbed his arm and dragged him along.

When I got to the room, with the doctor, Edward was at Bella's side, attempting to help her drink coffee. I knew he was putting up an act, to defend himself. I stared hard at him, letting him know I was onto his little act. He couldn't charm his way out of this one. Soon everyone would know he was an abuser.

The doctor told Bella something, but I was too busy watching Edward. I wanted to know the faces he made when he was mad, or going to hurt someone. Right now he looked like he was going to hurt someone, so I committed the face to memory, so maybe when he made that face when he and Bella were secluded from everyone else, I could stop him and be there hero.

Bella cried something unintelligible. Maybe Edward was making her crazy. She might grow up to be the crazy cat lady who live with the abuser. Then no one will believe her when she cries that he's hurt her, because she'll be crazy. Maybe that's his plan all along! Turn her into a crazy cat lady!

"Doctor, Bella has hypothermia, is it really good idea to have her take her clothes off?" Edward asked. The doctor must've decided to do the check now. Edward was fighting it, just like I figured he would. Wait, did he say take her clothes off? Maybe I could persuade the staff that I needed to be here to encourage her she was safe….

The doctor said something else, but I was too absorbed in the thoughts of Bella taking her clothes off. I caught something about her coming back Monday. He turned to leave, and my mind began working. If he left, Edward would just kick me out, and take his built up anger out on poor Bella!

"Wait!" I cried out, grabbing the doctor by the arm, which, I might say, was incredibly hard. "Don't you think it's dangerous to leave her in the abusers hands?" He turned to me, and looked very, very mad. I instantly recoiled my arm.

"Did you just call my son an Abuser?" He demanded. Crap. I brought the one doctor in the entire hospital that just happened to be Edwards dad. That must be why he was letting this off so easy. My theory of Bella being the family abuse toy is proven correct! He gave me another glare, then left the room.

I grabbed the wheel chair, and pushed it over to Bella.

"I don't think you should take her home. I will." I told Edward, avoiding looking at him. I went to pull Bella into the chair, but Edward beat me to it, his arms wrapping around her and lifting her off the bed.

"I think not! You will undoubtedly attack her again!" He claimed. I grabbed Bella right out of his arms. He was such a hypocrite. He was probably plotting her death because she told! I set Bella in the chair, but before I could wheel her to safety, Edward blocked me.

"Stay away from her Newton. I'm warning you." He said, his voice was deep, and scary. I flinched, but didn't move from the spot. Suddenly, the wheel chair with Bella in it was moving away, towards the door. Edward and I both jerked our heads at it.

"Neither of you are taking her, I shall take her home." Angela had firm hold of the handles, and was pushing the silent Bella. Edward merely nodded.

"No way, Angela. I'm taking her home." I said. Edward had given her up for Angela, now I just had to get Bella from her. It should be easy. Angela was Bella's friend, and surely knew about the abuse thing.

"Nope, your out of luck. Charlie specifically called me, and asked me to pick Bella up from the hospital, and to let no one else take her home." She said. I huffed as she pushed Bella out the door. Edward gave me a sharp glare.

"I mean it Newton, stay away from her." He said in a voice barely above a whisper. He headed out the door.

I was quick when I headed out to the parting lot. I noticed Edward setting Bella in his car. He bent down to the top of her head, and it looked like he was whispering to her. Probably threatening her or something. He began to push the wheelchair back up to the hospital.

I ran strait for the Volvo, and yanked the door open. I grabbed Bella out, and ran as quickly as I could with her in my arms to my van. I threw her in the passenger seat, and slammed the door shut. As I ran around the front of the vehicle I saw Edward running this way. And man, he can run fast! I jumped in, and quickly turned the engine on, and floored out of the parking lot.

I was still coming down from cloud nine (because I had actually saved Bella) when I heard sirens go off behind me. I looked into the mirror, and saw Charlie Swan's police cruiser. I was barely going over the speed limit! Maybe he wanted to stop me to thank me for saving his daughter from such an abusive boyfriend.

When I stopped, Bella's door was ripped open, and she was pulled out. I wasn't sure by who, because I was being pulled out and slammed into the ground.

"Your under arrest for kidnapping Isabella Swan." A husky voice said, pulling my arms behind me. I was about to protest, but what I saw cut me off.

Charlie Swan was handing Bella to Edward, and he was begging Edward to stay with her.

"No! Your making a mistake! I was saving her!" I screamed, trying to save Bella. But it was too late, Edward had put her in the car, and buckled the seatbelt. I struggled against the cop as he lifted me of the ground. He shoved me into the cruiser, and the silver Volvo was driving away.

- - - - --

It was a long drive, every time I tried to speak, chief Swan told me to shut up. When we got to the station, he just threw me in the jail cell. After a few seconds, I could hear him calling my mom.

"Hello, Mrs. Newton, this is chief Swan." He said. "I'm calling about your son Mike." There was a long pause.

"Ma'am, he's alright, but he's in jail for kidnapping my daughter." Another pause. "No, he kidnapped her right from a vehicle, we have several witnesses." A shorter pause this time. "My daughter was taken to the hospital with hypothermia, she could not speak, and her body was numb." A longer pause then the last one, but shorter then the first. "I you'd like to come down here, ma'am, we can discuss this in person.." He sighed. "Alright, thank you."

I need a new plan. If the Cullens were using Bella as a abuse toy, I would need some help. I knew just who to go to, too.