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"Huff, huff." Hinata stood in stance catching her breath sweat rolling down her face. "Relax. Once more." She told herself. Hinata stood in the middle of a grassy field with the sun high above her. She took a deep breath. Now!

"Hinata! There you are!" A voice yelled from behind her. Hinata lost concentration and fell backward.

"Ow!" She said rubbing her butt. "Don't sneak up on me like that." She moaned

"Sorry about that." Kiba apologized helping her up. "Tsunade's been looking for us. We got a mission." He explained.

"We do? What is it?"

"I don't know yet, I just came out ere to look for you. C'mon let's go!" He ran towards Tsunade's building.

"Wait for me!" Hinata cried out chasing after Kiba.

Hinata and Kiba stood before Tsunade waiting to hear what she had to say. She looked a bit uneasy.

"Well Tsunade-sama? Whats our mission?" Kiba asked her.

"Hold your horses. We're waiting for our third member to join us." Tsunade grunted.

"Third member?" Kiba asked raising an eyebrow.

Who could it be? Hinata wondered. Maybe it's...She began to blush as she thought about the ninja that she had loved for quite some time.

The door swung open and Naruto ran towards them. "Granny Tsunade. We finally got a mission?" He asked excitedly. "I sure hope it's an S or A rank mission." He rubbed his hands together.

"N-Naruto!" Hinata whispered as she turned redder then before.

"What's the matter Hinata? Your not gonna faint again are you?" Kiba whispered to her.

"K-Kiba be quiet!" She shushed him. Kiba silently laughed to himself.

"Now that your all here I can say the mission." Tsunade cleared her throat. "Ahem...well this mission is a bit weirder then the other ones you've had in the past." The three ninja started to lean forward. "Only one of you will be able to complete this mission." She looked at Naruto and Kiba. "The leader is Hinata."

"Huh? Why me?" She asked timidly playing with her fingers.

"Yeah why her?" Kiba protested.

"Shut up and let me explain!" They quieted down. "The mission is to take a girl to some sort of Ball in her village, and she doesn't want to go with someone from her village."

"What kind of a mission is that!" Naruto yelled.

"She paid quite handsomely. 200,000 dollars to be exact."

"Why didn't you get somebody else for this mission?!" Naruto yelled.

"Everybody else is already on a mission..."

"So we were the only ones left huh?" Kiba moaned.

"Besides Hinata is the leader because our client is her age, I figured she would know what to look for in a guy. She will be the one to decide which one of you nimrods gets to date her."

"What!" Hinata gasped.

"Let me show you what she looked like." She searched through the mountains of paperwork on her desk for a picture. "Ah! here it is." She held out a picture in front of her.

The three stepped closer to get a good look at her. "She's a babe!" Naruto and Kiba said at the same smiling, then they looked at each other in anger and began to pull at each others shirts.

"I'll take her!" Naruto yelled.

"No I will! You didn't even want this mission!" Kiba yelled right back.

Hinata stood staring at the picture. Is this the type of girl Naruto likes? The girl was winking in the picture, she had long blue hair and had on a revealing red top that showed the top of her breasts, which were about the same size as Hinata's. Hinata stared at her in jelousy. Maybe if I unbutton a few of the top buttons Naruto will pay attention to me...

"Hinata? Is something wrong?" Tsunade asked her.

"Oh, n-no ma'am." She quickly responded and went back to staring at the picture.

"The girl lives in the Hidden River Village," Tsunade informed them.

Naruto and Kiba stop their fighting and said "That village is pretty far isn't it?"

"That's exactly why you have to leave now. It's at least a two days walk from here and the Ball is in 3 days. Shizune has already packed your bags so grab them on your way out and leave immediately!" She raised her voice at them."And Kiba you might not want to take Akamaru on this mission. I can't see a dog that big helping out this time."

Kiba and Naruto raced out the door and picked up their bags. I'm totally gonna take that girl! Hinata is crazy about Naruto, theres no way she'll pick him to go with her! Kiba smirked rubbing his nose.

Hinata is always so nice to me, I just know that she'll pick me to go. Naruto thought with a smile.

Hinata stood in the office, lost in thought. Hinata are you sure that nothing is wrong?" Tsunade asked starting to worry.

"I-I'm fine really." She waved at the Hokage. She followed behind Naruto and Kiba. Who should I pick? I love Naruto, and I don't want him to go have a d-date with that girl...but if I don't pick him, he might be mad at me and not want to speak to me again. What should I do!

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