Change Your Mind

Day 1



There were traditions around the world when it came to marriage. The Water Tribes used betrothal necklaces, carved by the man and given to the woman they wanted to spend their life with.

The Fire Nation often had arranged marriages but also had the tradition of the groom giving the bride a ring when they wanted to marry them.

The Air Nomads, when they emerged from hiding, had the custom that the two that were in love trade gliders before going back to their respected temples.

It was the Earth Kingdom that had really screwed Toph and Sokka over.

Two years had passed since the war; the Avatar and friends had spent most of that time together, rebuilding, negotiating and generally sticking together. However duties came before companionship and soon their little group was drifting apart, finding their own places, alone, in the world.

Once they returned to Gaoling, Sokka had accompanied Toph for old times sake, her mother practically exploded when she saw the bracelet that adorned Toph left arm.

"You're getting married!? Oh, Toph! That's amazing! I'm so happy for you!" Leaving a bewildered Toph and a chuckling Sokka, Poppy Beifong bustled inside to go get her husband, all the while chattering loudly about preparations for a wedding.

"What the hell just happened?" Toph asked while Sokka's laughing died away.

"I'm not sure. Let's go inside."

The Earth Kingdom had very strict rules when people were getting married. If the promise wasn't followed through, the bride and groom were banished forever.

When a man proposed to a woman he did not use a ring or a necklace.

He used a bracelet.

It just so happens that when Sokka gave Toph that piece of space rock and she turned it into a bracelet he had proposed to her.

"WHAT?!" Sokka yelled once Poppy and Lao had explained the customs in the Earth Kingdom. "I'm marrying Toph!? But she's… she's…" This was not going to plan. He was supposed to drop Toph off and then go to Kyoshi Island and marry Suki and have a home and have kids and… and…

"I'm what Snoozles?" Toph asked him glaring at him across the table. "Your best friend? Just a friend? Is that it?"

"Toph…" but she had already stormed away leaving Sokka with a confused Lao and Poppy. He stared at them before smiling nervously, "Uh… newlywed anxiety. Better go check on her." The Beifongs nodded understandingly while Sokka followed Toph.

She was not hard to find, her feet had left little tracks of dirt on the pristine floors of the mansion. Sokka followed these until they lead him to a courtyard where, he remembered with a start, he had seen Toph in a dress.

The moon was full in the cloudless sky while stars twinkled all around her. There Toph Beifong sat, on a small bridge her feet dangling above the small river that ran through the backyard.

He took a seat beside her, looking up at the moon as though she could fix all his problems.

Before he could talk, Toph spoke, her face averted so he couldn't see her eyes, "I'm sorry I exploded back there."

"It's no problem. I'm sure you were pretty angry when you found out you were marrying your best friend." Sokka said.

Toph wasn't sure whether to blush, cry, laugh, retch, punch him or simply stare. After an awkward pause she managed, "I just want you to be happy Sokka. If it's with Suki, that's great. If It's with me well…" now she was blushing, "that's fine to."

Sokka smiled at her, Toph really could be an amazing friend at times. He would hate for them to have to ruin their friendship over something like this.

The idea hit him. "I've got it! We can divorce!"

Toph rounded on him. "What?"

"Think about it. Technically we'll get married, but they didn't mention anything about breaking up after it! It's the perfect plan!"

It took her a moment to get over her initial shock. When she did, Toph managed to choke out, "That's a good plan." She did her best not to look disappointed, what where the chances of her and Sokka staying together anyway?

"Okay, so we'll go through with it. I mean," Sokka added the next part jokingly, "what's the worst that can happen?

Author's Note

Because my oneshots tend to fail I decided to turn this week into seven chaptered story. I've got it all worked out!

Also, I need a new title so if anyone can think of one I'd really appriciate it :D