Hi, my name is Tohru Honda. It's been about a week since we had the visit with Akito, and I think I'm finally beginning to understand him. Maybe not a lot, but I think bit by bit he might be able to trust me. There are still a lot of things I don't understand about the Sohmas, but I'll keep trying to understand how they feel. Kyo and Yuki still haven't stop fighting, but its not as bad as it seems, and sometimes it even makes me smile. I guess fighting is their way of communicating. I'm so grateful that I can still live with them, that they accept me. Mom, I wish you could be here to meet them. You would have loved them all.


The wind blew in through the hole in the door, letting in a coll summer breeze. I carried over breakfast to the table, humming. It really was a beautiful day today, and I couldn't wait to go outside and maybe even visit Yuki's garden.

"Breakfast is ready!" I called, and no sooner Yuki came downstairs, yawning.

"Good morning, Honda-san." Yuki greeted cheerfully, although he was still half asleep.

Kyo came, making barely any noise with his hands in his pockets, fully dressed as though he had been up for a while. He had the same school uniform on as Yuki, but wore it slightly different, leaving the neckline open where a tie should be.

"Good morning, Kyo-kun!" I said brightly. He paused and looked at me, looking slightly annoyed.

"What are you doing, being so cheerful! It's morning!" Kyo said as he stomped over to the table. I smiled. I don't know why, but just hearing Kyo's voice made me happy.

"Breakfast time, breakfast time...Lalala..." Shigure came prancing down the hallway. "Good morning, Tohru!" He exclaimed with a smile.

"Good morning," I said, "Would you like some breakfast?"

"No, I'm alright, thank you, I've already eaten breakfast, but Kyon-kyon needs to have some breakfast, or he'll be cranky all day!" Kyo turned around and glared at Shigure and then turned his gaze on me, highly annoyed.

"I think I'll pass on your stupid--" but before he could finish, Yuki came and slammed Kyo's face into a bowl of cereal.

"Eat it, stupid cat." Yuki said, his face suddenly serious now that he was awake. Kyo let out a raged scream and jumped at Yuki. Kyo twisted out of Yuki's grip and started attacking him. Shigure glared at them disapprovingly.

"There they go again, wrecking my lovely house..." he sighed, then turned to me. "Tohru, I was wondering if you could do me a favour and stop by the groecery store on yor way back from school today."

"Sure, that's no problem." I said

"Great. I'm pleased." Shigure really did look pleased as he began walking (or maybe its better described as skipping) away, but was interrupted by a groan from Kyo.

"Does that mean I have to go with her?" he said, slightly irritated. He was hunched over with a hand pressed against his bruised face at the farthest end of the room away from Yuki, who sat at the table eating his breakfast victoriously. Kyo pouted.

"No, you and Yuki have to stay here," he said, his eyes set firmly.

"Why? Is there something we have to do?" asked Yuki. Shigure paused, and there was a strange look in his eyes. Was it guilt? Regret? I had never seen him like this before.

"Akito wishes to speak with you." Yuki's eyes widened, as they did every time Akito's name was mentioned.

"Akito?! What the hell does he want?" Kyo roared, standing up.

"Sit down, Kyo..." Shigure said, then paused, seeming to turn words over in his head. "He has...decided something." Kyo clenched his fists but sat down.

I wonder what's wrong, I thought. No matter how horrible Akito was to them, they still obeyed him like he was their god. What could be so important that he would call a meeting so suddenly?

"I hope nothing's wrong with Akito, I'll be back in a while, bye!" I said as I slipped on my shoes.

I let my hand rest on the door handle when I was outside. Please be okay, I thought. I let my hand slip from the door and headed to school.