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Chapter 4 The Big Day

Hermione hugged Ginny after she had unwrapped her new book. To Harry, she seemed more excited about this than the erasable quill he had given her.

"Oh, Ginny, thanks. I've been wanting to read this," Hermione said.

Everyone, Harry and Ron included, rolled their eyes. There was no way Hermione wouldn't like any book.

"Only Hermione would prefer a book over an erasable quill," Ron whispered in Harry's ear.

"Very funny, Ronald," Ginny said as she passed them.

It took him a while before Ron would recover from the fact that Ginny heard him.

"I'm surprised Hermione hasn't asked for my gift yet," Ron said.

"I'm sure she…" Harry began before he felt the pressure of Ron's hand hit his chest.

"You told her my plan, didn't you," Ron panicked.

Harry began shaking his head in defense.

"I haven't told her anything," he said.

It was the truth too. Harry had managed to keep his story straight that Ron had been learning how to dance for Billy and Fleur's wedding. They were soon joined by Hermione.

"Thank you guys. It was real lovely for you to do this for me," Hermione said.

"You deserve it," Ron smiled.

His face began to get red after realizing what he had just said. A new song then began to play. Ginny, who had just arrived by their side, nudged Ron. Hermione turned to Ron as he cleared his throat.

"Do you want to dance," he asked.

Hermione glanced over at Harry and Ginny, who were smiling broadly.

"I should've known," was all she could say before laughing.

Harry and Ginny laughed as Hermione took hold of Ron's arms. Harry opened his mouth as his and Ginny's eyes met, but she turned after hearing her name being called

"Ginny…" the voice called.

It was Dean Thomas.

"Yes," Ginny asked.

"Come on, let's dance," Dean said.

She gave a small smile, and Dean took her hand and pulled her away. Harry, mouth still opened, watched in disbelief. He was just about to ask the same thing. Hermione and Ron meanwhile were enjoying their dance.

"So I am the reason Lavender was teaching you to dance," Hermione asked.

Ron began laughing after Hermione did.

"Pretty much," he admitted.

Hermione bit her lip and looked down. She had never had a surprise this special in her opinion.

"This was very sweet of you," Hermione said, looking back up.

"So, you're not mad at me for not getting you a gift then," Ron asked.

Hermione laughed, making Ron feel nervous. He hadn't found his question funny at all.

"Of course not," Hermione said.

Ron felt his palms began to sweat at the look Hermione was giving him.

"And you know what," Hermione asked.

Ron swallowed hard.

"What," he asked his voice a little shaky.

She leaned in and kissed Ron on the mouth.

"This is a hundred times better than a book," Hermione smiled.


I had to have Hermione make that comment at the end. Ever since I began writing this that was the one line I made sure I kept in. Hope you enjoyed it!