So I wrote this because I was fascinated about the world of the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky

This movie is yet another fabulous creation by Hayao Miyazaki. The animation and stories he creates are the stuff dreams are made on. I just wrote this little sequel for fun…it's nothing deep or anything. I hope you like it!


Gleaming sunlight streamed through the clouds and alighted on a magnificent floating city. This ancient city was long forgotten, but a favorite among fairy tales of young children. Once a royal city bursting with people, it's now neglected buildings crumbled away, spongy moss growing on floorboards and vines creeping up the walls. Laputa once had a king and queen, proud and fair rulers. Their task was an important one- the guarding of the sacred Aetherium crystal which rest in the heart of the city. The bright blue crystal was so powerful, it could heal a dying man, save it's rulers from any peril, or make an entire city turn to rubble in mere seconds. The crystal also powered hundreds of huge robot-creatures, which did the royalty's bidding. The city was quite peaceful for many years and envied by those down below. In those days their city was not guarded by black storm clouds, nor was there a gigantic tree growing right through the center of it. People could come and go as they please, and see the amazing technological advances this city had made.

Sunlight cast upon the clear aquamarine blue pools on the island, glistening white patches on the water winking and shimmering. The small animals that inhabited the island gathered around to drink, chattering happily and dashing through the clouds which settled on the grassy lawn. A faint tinkling sound was coming from the distance, and three small lights blinked through the clouds. A large, dark, shadowed shape emerged and a mossy green robot appeared, making a rhythmic sound that was similar to a rainmaker. The robot approached and stretched one of its long, rusty arms out in front of it. He gently set a small nest down on the ground which had three speckled eggs in it. Almost immediately a bird flew into its nest and the robot turned slowly and left, it's almost sad tinkling tune growing fainter and fainter.

It had been five years since Patzu and Sheeta had saved Laputa from the greedy, power hungry clutches of Colonel Muska. Sheeta, or Lusheeta Toel Ul Laputa, was of royal ancestry and had been given an ancient blue stone with gold carvings by her grandmother. People had long forgotten how to mine this precious blue stone out of rocks. She wore this stone as a necklace and had been taught several ancient spells…which could cause incredible destruction or miracles if she so chose. Sheeta could hardly comprehend its power and vowed never to use it. Unfortunately, when she was 12 years old, some men kidnapped her to discover where Laputa was and use its power. Colonel Muska was behind this, who was also of Royal Laputian ancestry. She had barely escaped, and met Patzu after falling from the sky. Along with some friendly pirates, Patzu and Sheeta escaped Muska's clutches again and again. Ultimately, what stopped Muska from using Laputa's crystal and saved all of them was the deadly destruction spell. Patzu and Sheeta whispered "Aloos" in the dark, murky, and mysterious throne room and Laputa's fascinating technology came crashing down. The tree's roots saved Patzu and Sheeta and they flew safely away on a kite. Little did they know that they would be reunited, five years later, to unravel more of Laputa's mysteries.