Hey, it's been a while but here is another short one-shot based of a challange in livejournal, where what if there was a mistake in communication where by Sam finds himself engaged. It's been a while since I've been on the BeeXSam communitee and I've left a few people hanging on some stories. I'm not gonna offer any excuse but I hope they can accept my apology because I am really sorry. I know it's short but I want to see if it is worth me posting me some of my old stories on this site.

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WARNING: Tis SLASH!...don't like...don't read...simple really. Flames will be used to warm my cold feet. :)

Sam waved as Miles drove off, pride of his new car evident on his face. Sam smiled, one of his first since he and Mikeala broke up, the smile grew at the sight of Bee's holo-form. Though not unusual since the battle a month ago, the sight of him in a chequered yellow and black apron did pose a few questions. He sobered up at the expression on his face though.

"You are late. Dinner is ruined."

"What? Why'd you make dinner? I know mom and dad are out but we could've just ordered in." Sam questioned, confused at why Bee would go to such length for no reason.

Apparently not the right thing to say, in an instance Bee's face went from anger to heartbroken.

"You-you don't know what day it is?"




"We have been…" he scanned the internet for the right word "… 'married' for one month now."

A gagging noise was all the response he received.

"I'm mar-mar- wait a minute how?"

"Oh my first words were a proposal and you don't remember!" a huffing Bee pouted

Memories surfaced, the question Bee asked Prime, him accepting to allow Bee to stay.

"Wait- that was your proposal!"

The pout on Bee's face deepened, "of course. I asked for your permission to stay with you, you accepted, simple."

"But Bee, that's-that's not how it's done here"

"Oh" sky blue eyes looked puzzled, before the internet was consulted again.

"Oh" he repeated when comprehension finally dawned.

"Yeah! OH!" Sam was beginning to become hysterical, not at the idea of Bee as his partner…that thought was quite nice…a very pleasant thought indeed but he would at least like a head's up when he was going to be bonded to another for life.

"Do you want me to leave?" Bee's voice was so quiet, Sam had to lean in to here what he was going to say next.

"I misinterpreted the situation; I did not mean to shock you."

"I'm not shocked, I'm disappointed." Sam moved closer, unnoticed by Bee.

Bee glanced up, tears filling his eyes. "You are?"

Sam placed his hands on his hips, a mischievous grin on his face.

"Yeah, I never got to enjoy my wedding night."

Bee smiled before circling his arms around Sam's neck.

"Maybe I can help make it up to you then."

I realise it's very short and the ending was left hanging there but I can't write M rated stories...well I can but probably not that well, and I'm very immature :P

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