Haha, I already told some of my reviewers that I had planned to release a few short stories following MACHINATION... and by a few I mean FIFTY.
So fifty short stories based on MACHINATION using the themes I got from the LJ community named "ryoma_castle."
I hope you're prepared.


01..."I'm Always By Your Side"


Ryoma straightened at the call of his name and looked up from his yakisoba bread only to find Fuji happily making his way over to the boy with his own lunch gathered in his arms. With a sigh, Fuji sat down beside him and smiled sweetly at the other boy who resumed eating unceremoniously. "It's a lovely day to be eating outside, hm?"


Fuji chuckled and reached over, wiping off a bit of bread crumbs that were stuck on the corner of Ryoma's face. "Fufu, are you possibly tempting me to lick off your silly little mistakes, Echizen?"

Fuji had gotten better. He took control of his own emotions, that he had formerly allowed to pine after Ryoma, and dedicated himself solely to Tachibana, who was doing a very good job of slowly, but surely, making Fuji fall for him.

But that didn't mean Fuji didn't have the right to flirt with the boy, and Ryoma, knowing advances from Fuji when he saw one, only smirked and leaned closer to the brunet and fluttered his eyelashes almost daintily. "Are you not wanting to then?" he purred with a husky voice. "Should I step up my game?"

"Oh no," Fuji assured him and wrapped a friendly arm around Ryoma and brought him closer. "You are doing just fine."

Ryoma snorted and continued to eat, not pulling away from Fuji who began on his own lunch. The two stayed that way the entire lunch period, sharing small talk and inside jokes while laughing and enjoying themselves.

Ryoma liked having lunch with his teammates, former or current, and it wasn't strange for any of them to show their appreciation for their youngest member by bodily tackling him or wrapping him up in their arms until he turned blue. It was very common behavior, and Ryoma was fully used to it now, not that he liked it or anything.

But it was that same day after school and practice, Hiruma came stomping over to him from the front gates, looking like the devil himself. Ryoma stiffened, bracing himself for any sort of angry hollering or gun waving the blond might do.

And when Hiruma came up to him and stopped right before him, he reached into his school blazer and whipped out—

—a picture.

"What the fuck do you think you were doing with the Fuckin' Fox?!" Hiruma demanded, eyes reflecting the very pits of hell in his anger, but Ryoma didn't pay any attention to it. He was riveted to the photograph that was shoved in his face (rather rudely), and wondered how Hiruma had gotten his hands on this at all.

It was a photo of Fuji and Ryoma, each eating their respective lunches, and huddled up against one another rather comfortably. Fuji was leaning over closely, looking like he was resting his head against Ryoma's shoulder, and seemed to be whispering into the boy's ear. Ryoma hummed; it wasn't a bad picture.

"You fuckin' slut!" Hiruma shook the picture for emphasis, "Letting everyone have a taste!"

Ryoma sighed, looking at his enraged boyfriend with bored eyes. "You're overreacting," he told him bluntly, but it seemed to fly right over Hiruma's head as an insane sneer spread over his lips and he hissed, "Well there's a quick solution for everything," he then whipped out weapons from out of nowhere and his head cocked back, sending wild cackles to the sky. "I'll just kill everyone here!"

"You'll go to jail," Ryoma deadpanned and focused his attention back on the picture, curious about it. "How'd you get these anyway...?" Then he froze, realization flashing across his eyes and he looked at Hiruma who edged back a bit. "Could it be..."

"... what?"

"You've planted a camera on me—"

"Then this sort of angle would be impossible, right?" the blond growled and Ryoma heaved a sigh in relief. "Of course. I'm sure not even you would stoop that low, right?" Planting cameras was something to be expected from Hiruma. But putting hidden cameras on potential blackmail victims and putting them on his boyfriend were two very different things, and surely Hiruma would know the difference...

Hiruma cackled ambiguously and Ryoma glared fiercely, already stepping up and ready to take him on. "I swear Hiruma-san. If you even tried—"

Hiruma shook his head and grinned toothily. "I wouldn't," he told him.

Ryoma nodded firmly. Of course Hiruma didn't, because if he did he'd find himself with tennis balls down his throat and left without any sort of physical contact with him forever. Surely the latter was by far the crueler punishment.

"I wouldn't have any need to place cameras on you. I just have slaves to do all that dirty work for me."

Ryoma pursed his lips. "That's worse."

Hiruma shrugged and took Ryoma's hand in his, looking over the photo in his other hand with faint interest. "It's my way of showing love for you. I go out of my way to actually plant slaves in Seikokkou to make sure you're safe and not cheating on me with bastards like him." And he proceeded to stick the photo in Ryoma's face who batted it away with a frown.

"Who's cheating?" Ryoma snapped and began walking, hands still holding onto Hiruma's and he tugged the blond forward with him. "And you should really stop that sort of suspicious behavior. As much as you might think so, I don't appreciate you spying on me like that."

"I'm not 'spying,' Fuckin' Prince. I'm told you. I'm just making sure you're okay. I can't keep my eye on you all the time because we have other things we need to do, but I want to at least make sure that you're not suddenly gonna die on me or anything," Hiruma said earnestly, getting a wide-eyed look from Ryoma who seemed touched, but the effect was ruined by the long smirk on Hiruma's face and the sinister laughter that followed it. "That'd just be an easy escape."

Ryoma rolled his eyes with a huff. 'Why can't this idiot just say he's worried?' "Stupid. That sort of stalking isn't necessary." But he was unable to stop the smile from creeping onto his face and the warmth that blossomed lightly on his cheek. "Let's go, buy me lunch."

"Using me like that..." Hiruma frowned, allowing Ryoma to pull him towards the nearest burger shop. "You're lucky I let you get away with it."

"Yeah, yeah," Ryoma drawled lazily, not caring if Hiruma was the devil himself. If he could buy burgers without having to actually pay for them, it was all good. "Oh and make sure to throw those pictures away."

"Fuck you. Blackmail obtained."


-"I'm always by your side" end-

And this is the beginning.