Now that I've given everyone the impression that I'm going to write a Gaou/Ryoma next… (Guys, I'm not. XD) MORE HIRU/RYO!


15…"Your Blood"

Just some normal day at some normal café. Ryoma yawned, bored out of his mind. He had long finished his parfait and was just staring holes into Hiruma who so was occupied with a book in his hands that he didn't even spare him a glance. It had already been a good thirty minutes and usually, by this time, two arguments would've gone down and they would be flirting shamelessly in their own messed-up way.

But there was none of that. Ryoma was bored and contemplating on just up and leaving.

As if realizing that Ryoma's rather fragile string of patience was about to snap, Hiruma, without even looking up from his book, asked, "Hey, Fuckin' Prince. What's your blood type."

Ryoma raised an eyebrow. "You already know, don't you?"

A wide grin spread over the blond's face as he acknowledged this fact. "Type O, huh. Funny. You strike me as a B."

"Hmm," Ryoma hummed lazily, playing with the left over chocolate syrup on the rim of the glass dish. "Yeah, I always thought your blood was black."

Hiruma cackled. "This book says we aren't a good pair."

"So surprising," the other teen deadpanned to which Hiruma leered and flipped the page.

"Now, now. Don't be like that," he said tauntingly while his dark eyes scanned the page. Ryoma watched as Hiruma's smug expression turned into one of disbelief and disgust as he took in the information written on the pages. "This book is bullshit," he said with a scowl.

"Why?" Ryoma drawled, not really interested but asking for the hell of it. "What's wrong with it?"

"Fuckin' shit. It says here that O-types are responsible and social and some other shit."

Ryoma took in this information with a mild expression. "Hmm," he hummed, idly flicking the little dessert spoon and making it clink against the glass. "Can I order another parfait?"

"You see what I mean?"

"I'll take that as a yes." And Ryoma quickly waved over a nearby waitress and asked for another parfait ("Give me the most expensive one on the menu—also, make out the check to Hiruma Yoichi."). When he turned back to Hiruma, he found that the blond was still reading the book with a renewed vigor. He sighed tiredly. "What's your blood type anyway?" Ryoma asked, hoping that the start of a conversation would bring Hiruma's attention back where it belonged. (On him.)

But the blond's answer was short and concise: "The best one."

Ryoma rolled his eyes and Hiruma, without even looking up to see it, grinned and said, "You're just jealous."

"Mada mada dane," the younger teen snapped back. Then the conversation died and Ryoma's parfait order came in. Wordlessly, Ryoma scooped up a spoonful of ice cream and popped it into his mouth, leaving it there to melt. He wasn't very good at small talk, especially when he wasn't insulting or taunting someone, but he didn't want to just sit here and watch Hiruma read some stupid book on bloodtypes (plus he wasn't hungry anymore; he just ordered that second parfait out of spite). "So…" Ryoma started awkwardly, trying to start a conversation again, "it says we aren't a good pair?"

"Yeah, we don't complement each other it seems." Hiruma answered distractedly, but he grinned all the same. "It's all your fault, you fix yourself."

Ryoma scoffed and leaned back into the uncomfortable booth chair. "You were the one who asked me out first. You should put more effort into this relationship."

"I always give my 100 percent for you, Ryoma-kun," Hiruma drawled sweetly, sending shiver up Ryoma spine and leaving goosebumps on his skin. "Don't say my name like that. It's gross."

"Kekeke, you see? That's why we aren't a good couple. Because you just toss my love for you to the side like it's nothing."

Ryoma frowned at his boyfriend who didn't look up to catch it. Honestly, his still being there meant that Ryoma cared enough to stay even though, normally, he would have just left without so much as a by-your-leave. "In the first place, you asked me out today, but you haven't even looked up at me all day," he said darkly, straightening up and pulling his cap back onto his head. "You kept your nose stuck in that book that's made out of complete crap." Ryoma stood up briskly and grabbed his bag, lifting it up and over his shoulder fluidly. "I'm going to tell you now, Hiruma-san. We don't need a book to tell us that we don't really work out for each other I'm smart enough to know that our relationship sucks. But that doesn't mean we don't love each other."

Hiruma blinked and looked up at his boyfriend for the first time since they entered the café and sat down. Ryoma was talking so smoothly and confidently that Hiruma could've sworn that he misheard that last part. Plus the fact that Ryoma didn't seem to realize that amazing thing he said made Hiruma doubt more—but there was no mistaking those words.

"Anyway, I'm done here," Ryoma continued. "I have better ways to waste my time then to sit here and watch you read." He turned on his heel to leave, but before he could even take a step, Hiruma quickly grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him back, making him fall into Hiruma's arms rather heavily.

"My, you sure got pissy," the blond purred as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's shoulders. Ryoma, without even realizing himself, relaxed into the embrace. "What's the matter? Jealous of a little book?"

"Why do you always assume that I'm jealous of something," Ryoma asked without any real venom.

"So you aren't?"

Ryoma smirked and wordlessly turned around to press his lips again Hiruma's neck. The blond smirked and tightened his hold on the other teen. "And why is it that you say the most… arousing things when you're annoyed?"

"Arousing?" Ryoma repeated with a frown. "What do you mean?"

Hiruma looked at Ryoma, searching his face in the same manner that he read the book from before. Then he shook his head. "No, it's nothing. Just talking to myself."

"Hnn. Weirdo."

"Let's get going then," Hiruma proclaimed with a wide leer and a cackle. After carelessly scattering random bills onto the table, he grabbed his weapon-of-today and stood up, pulling Ryoma along with him. "'I have better ways of wasting my time then watching you be a brat.'"

"If we do break up, it'll be your fault."

Hiruma cackled ominously in return.

And the two leisurely walked towards the café entrance, loosely holding hands. Then, without warning, Hiruma paused near the trashcan by the door and tossed his book into the bin. Ryoma watched him do this but said nothing.

"Book was bullshit anyway," Hiruma drawled with a grin. "We're perfect together."

Ryoma shook his head to hide his smile.

-end "Your Blood"-

Type O – Warrior; O-types are social people, liking to be in the center of attention. They are also good leaders.
Type A – Farmers; Very considerate to other people, often perfectionists. Very creative and artistic.
Type B – Hunters; Rather impulsive, but B-types are very strong and passionate. Individualists.
Type AB – Humanists; A rare type. Trustworthy and likes pleasing people, but they might come off a bit two-faced.

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