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Bella got into her truck getting ready to see Edward again. As she was driving she couldn't help but think how distant he was for the past couple of months. When he talked to her it was emotionless, when he kissed her, there was no passion in it, and it seemed like he was always trying to get away from her. Bella always ignored it because she didn't want to assume the worst. Bella was so engrossed in her thoughts she didn't realize that she was at the Cullen's already. She got out of her truck and was about to enter the house when Alice blocked her way.

"Bella, don't go in."

"Why not?"


Alice didn't get her chance to finish since Bella pushed past her and headed upstairs toward Edward's room. When she was about to open the door, she heard moaning. Not hoping for the worst she opened the door quietly and just enough for her to see what was going on in the other room. There she saw Tanya sitting across Edward's lap and they looked like they were sucking each other's faces off. Instantly, Bella felt her heart was being torn in to pieces. She watched the couple, hoping that Edward would push the skank off and say, "What the hell?! I love Bella. Can't you understand that?" But he never did. The pieces of her heart soon crumbled into dust as Edward and Tanya crushed it. She finally pushed the door open to alert the couple that she was there. turned toward Bella but Edward still had his arms around Lauren, both of them looking smug as though they were proud of themselves. As much Bella wanted to scream, she couldn't show them any weakness.

"Why?" Bella said emotionlessly. She was numb, not understanding how this could happen. After everything they had been though! He had even purposed to her for her hand.

"Bella, you were never enough for me. What we had, was a fling." He spoke in an unemotional voice. But underneath the impassive tone, Bella could hear some pride in the voice.

"How long?"

"3 months." he replied, the pride in his voice rising. Bella felt pain shoot all over her body as she realized that Edward had been in the affair AFTER he proposed to her. It still did not affect her that much because her brain was still in a numbing stage due to all this events happening simultaneously.

"Yeah," Tanya sneered in her gravelly voice. "So scram you little fucking slut."

And with that comment, Bella snapped back into reality, looked at her ring, and took it off.

"If I wasn't enough, then why don't you marry this little whore?" she said as she threw the ring at him. Not wanting to hear or see the couple anymore Bella turned on her heel and walked out. As she walked down the stairs, the numbness began to wear off and tears began to flow. When she entered the living room, she saw the entire family was there was there except for him with tortured expressions. Alice came up to Bella and said "Bella, I'm so sorry. There were so many times I could have found out just like you but, I was careless. Please forgive-"' Alice was interrupted by sounds of moaning and thumping upstairs. All numbness Bella felt vanished and was instantly replaced with anger. How could he do this with her? He was even worse than MIKE and that was saying something.

"I'm leaving." Bella said before she could stop herself.

Everyone started protesting to her irrational decision until the most unlikely person yelled "STOP." It was Esmé. "Let her go children. She's old enough to do what she wants and I don't think she could stand seeing Edward anymore." Bella winced at his name but was grateful that Esmé agreed with her decision. "Carlisle, give Bella 10,000 dollars so she can start fresh. Bella I'm so sorry about all the pain we have caused you."

Bella humbly accepted the money and said "Thank you guys. You have been the family I have always wanted. I'm sorry it has to end this way. And guys can you do me a favor?" The Cullen family nodded. "Give Edward," his name burned in her throat, "hell from me for all the pain he has cause for everyone."

And with that Bella walk out of the Cullen's house, hoping she could never see them again. She didn't think she could handle the pain of seeing them again. She got into her truck to drive to Charlie's house, praying that he wouldn't be there, which would make it so much easier for her to leave. Thankfully Charlie's police cruiser wasn't there, and there was a note to her saying that he had gone fishing with Billy and would be back at 7. Bella looked at the clock, which said it was 5, causing her to go pack all the necessities quickly as possible. When she had everything in her truck, she looked back at the clock and it said she had an hour until 7. Thinking she owed her father an explanation, Bella wrote a note:


I'm so sorry I'm leaving. I just can't stay here any longer. Something happened with Edward and it would be worst if I stayed here since I don't want you to see me in this kind of pain and feel responsible. And please do NOT go after the Cullen's because they have done a lot for me already. I'm so sorry dad, and please, please don't tell mom…


She read over her letter and left it on top of Charlie's note. She then walked out of the house for the last time with no remorse. She then got into her truck leaving everything behind and welcoming anything that comes her way, as long it didn't include or reminded her anything from this life, and most importantly, her life with him…


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