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3 months later-

Life was the best with Jasper and Alice here. The band and they were the best family anyone could have. Alice and Jasper were also extremely helpful in creating songs. Alice was there when I had sudden emotional break downs about him but now I'm over what's-his-face. One day when me and Alice where gossiping about random celebrities, she suddenly stopped and had a blank face. She was having a vision again. When it stopped, she had a panic expression on her face. Jasper was at her side right away, and she looked at me with a worried expression, like she had bad news.

"He's coming." She whispered.

"Who's coming?" I didn't quite understand.

"Edward." I stared at her in blank shock while she stared at me thinking that I would break down and cry in front of her. Well that Bella dead already and how Hayley Williams is in her place…

"Let him come," I started grinning plotting of all the things I could do, "I'll make sure he'll have a great time."

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