In life, everything happens for a reason…

Cut to Gabriella and Troy meeting each other for the first time at East High. She's in a cheerleading uniform while he is in a basketball uniform.

Or so they say…

Cut to two random guys fighting in an alley. They are holding knives. Emergency sirens and lights fill the screen.

The pain of a loss is never temporary,

Cut to Mrs. Bolton sobbing in Mr. Bolton's arms. "Why…why must they do this?!"

And the bitterness is everlasting…

"YOUR SON IS A MURDERER!" Mrs. Bolton screams at Mrs. Montez.

"Scum families like you are why our society is troubled!!" Mr. Montez screams at Mr. Bolton.

And one may feel revenge is the only antidote…

(unidentified voices) "We'll get them back, we'll get them." "They tried to kill us, we'll kill them." "My family's safety is the most important thing. If we take them out along the way to ensure our lives, then so be it."

But in the midst of pain, a light still shines…

"I'm so sorry," Troy says to Gabriella, "for everything that is happening. Please…I don't want to be a part of this…just trust me."

"I love you," Gabriella whispers.

Waiting to be seen…

"I'll get us away from here, away from this…" Troy whispers.

But if you don't pay close attention, you may miss it.

"It'll never work, Troy," Gabriella sobs.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens in Fade to Black

(both Gabriella and Troy) "Love- an everlasting emotions, a feeling. Love can never be thwarted. That is why being in love is deadly."