Title: Loyalty: A Bond Between Friends

Summary: A new demon battle is taking place, but why? Has something happened to Gash? Can he be saved? And most importantly, who will win? Accepting Fan Mamonos.

Disclaimer: Slave To Noah does not claim to own Konjiki No Gash Bell, or any of its characters or related logos. All bits, peices, and ideas go to their respective owners.



Fire and ice clashed in mid-air. The ice was melted and the fireballs continues on their course towards the girl who launched the attack. The girl had long blue hair in a single braid down her back and light blue eyes. She wore a short dress the doubled as a long shirt. The dress/shirt was blue with black flowers exploding in it. She wore black leggings underneath with black high-tops with blue detail. The boy behind her wasn't much older than she was, and the team jumped aside to avoid the fireballs.

The source of the fireballs was a boy dressed in black- black T-shirt, black pants, black shoes. He was also wearing a hooded cloak that was black with silver edging. He had spikey red hair and deep, black eyes (A/N: Just because his cloak had a hood, doesn't mean the hood was up). His partner was a man in his late 20s.

"Heh, I knew I had found someone from the Aisu Clan when I saw your hair and eyes. You should have run when you had the chance. I won't let you leave until I burn your book," the younger boy said.

"Aisu Clan?" The young boy behind the girl said. "Is that your family, Ranmyaku?"

"Yeah. A Clan of demons the specialize in ice techniques," the blue haired girl-Ranmyaku- said. "And judging by his appearance, he is probably from the Faia Clan."

"Very perceptive. Yes, I am Tsuine of the Faia Clan. But that won't be of much use to you in a few seconds. Quinton!"


The boy-Tsuine of Faia- lifted his hands out of his cloak as several fireballs shot out of his hands. Ranmyaku gasped and jumped back with her partner.

"Asuru!" Ranmyku shouted.

"Huh? Oh, right! Gikoru!" Ranmyaku opened her mouth as three large ice shards came out of her mouth.


'WHAT?! 'Seruuga?!' They have a second spell too?!' Ranmyaku and Asuru thought at the same time. Tsuine was engulfed in fire, but he didn't appear to be hurt by it. He spun his hand over his head, churning some of the fire into a whip-like shape. He then held his hand in front of him, his fire whip holding in front of him as well. Tsuine lashed out at the ice shards, destroying them easily.

"This could be a problem, Asuru"

"Yeah, but maybe we still have a chance."

"Huh? What do you mean by that?"

"We have a second spell too, remember?"

"That's right! Furizudo!"

"Just get as close to the bookeeper as possible, and I'll read furizudo."


Ranmyaku left her partner as she ran towards the other team. Neither looked threatened by this gutsy act. The man once again opened his book "Serudo!" Fireballs shot out at her, and she dodged all but one of them. The one that hit hit her square in the stomach, tossing her back a bit.


"I'm alright..."

"Not for long! Quinton, cast Seruuga!"

Ranmyaku stood and charged once more. She got close to Tsuine


As Tsuine prepared to whip Ranmyaku she moved and was right in front of his bookeeper. 'What?! Quinton? She's going to attack my human?' The whip as well as the fire surrounding Tsuine disappeared. Quinton stepped back, hoping that the 'Gikoru' spell wasn't coming.


Cold air came from her mouth. This cold began to engulf the bookeeper, freezing him slowly from his feet up. The man began to struggle and yell, the ice was creeping up his fingers, and began to cover his hands and the book. Up his arms, past his elbows nearing his shoulders.


"She can't talk right now," Tsuine's attention went to Asuru, standing several yards away. "Furizudo, well, freezes. It would be useless to use it on you, but if you partner is frozen, not only can he not read a spell, but if you don't surrender his heart will freeze."

"Ah-AHHHH!" The spell creeped up his throat.


"S-ser-Serud-" The ice covered his mouth, and it began to near his nose. Once his nose was covered, if ice didn't kill him, the inability to breathe certainly would.

"Grrr... FINE! I-I... I surrender!" Tsuine said. Asuru closed his book and the spell was stopped. Ranmyaku placed her hand on the ice, and it seemed to receed back, slinking down to his chest. Ranmyaku stopped and walked back to her partner who left the scene.

"Serudo!" Quinton said. Tsuine controled to power of the fire and began to melt the ice surrounding his bookeeper. "Do you want to get them while their walking way? One good hit would have that book in flames!" Quinton opened the book to the page that contained Seruuga. The book began to glow.

Tsuine turned and began to walk in the opposite direction. "No. Leave them be. I've surrendered already; this is a loss for us."

Quinton looked at the warrior of Faia. "You surrendered to save me. Thank you."

"Don't get the wrong idea. I only did it because if you froze to death the there is no way I'd ever become king."

Half an hour later, the team of Asuru and Ranmyaku walked into the apartment they shared. The blonde haired, green eyed Asuru sat on the couch and ran his hand through his hair. Ranmyaku sat beside him, leaning on his shoulder. The ice mamodo was ten years old, and her partner was thirteen.



"Were you really going to freeze that guy-Quinton I think his name was?"

"Of course not. I figured that if that demon had any sense at all he wouldn't have let his partner freeze to death. Glad he had sense, right?"

"Yeah. I didn't want to freeze him."

"By the way, it seems that Tsuine guy as a personal problem with you. Why?"

"I don't think it's with me personally, but for as long as either clans exsisted, the Aisu and Faia Clans have always hated each other. Exactly why, not even the oldest demons in either Clan can remember, but whatever it was, it's weathered hundreds of generations. We're just expected to fight and hate each other, and any generation that refuses to do so is considered a traitor, and their power is taken away."

"So, if you two don't fight and hate each other, then your power is stolen?"

"I said 'taken away', not 'stolen'," Ranmyaku corrected him. "We are also expected to fight honorably, which is why he didn't attack us while we were walking away. If we don't fight honorably, then our power is also take away."

"Hah. So, you Faia and Aisu fighters have got it rough, huh? While all the other demons are fighting using dirty tricks and cheap shots, you guys have to fight honorably."

"Yeah, pretty much." Ranmyaku yawned loudly and closed her eyes. Withina few minutes, the demon child was asleep. Asuru smiled and rubbed the young demon's back. 'Sleep tight, Ranmyaku, my friend.'