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Chapter 1: Childhood Part 1

James and Lily had gotten married one year after coming out of Hogwarts.

Some people thought they were too young and foolish to make such a big commitment and told them so while others were still shaking their heads from when Lily had given into James's charm and agreed to go out with him.

He'd finally snagged her in his Seventh Year although it wasn't probably how he thought it would happen. In the first week back at school the terrible news had come that James's parents had been murdered.

James was…well devastated.

Of course, it led to a lot of changes in his behaviour. Less pranks, more work and more serious in general about life. And it may have helped that he'd stopped continuously asking out the girl of dreams. In fact he hardly spoke to her for about a month, apart from needing to discuss Head duties.

Lily found the sensitive side of James attractive, the more down to earth attitude. Sure he could still be arrogant from time to time and did have fights with Snape but it was much less pronounced now than before.

He'd become an adult at that point, when he'd realized his life was now his own.

They joined the Order pretty much straight away. Voldemort was still very much at large and the addition of James and Lily was a very favourable move by Dumbledore. Lily was regarded an expert in Charms and Potions, having applied for Healer Training at the time. James was very proficient in Transfiguration and had applied for the position of Auror by joining the Academy.

They had both come to a mutual unspoken agreement that it was perhaps not the best time to start a family. Not when they were both in the middle of a war that was heavily reaching its climax. But things such as James's virility, as Sirius had jokingly said, couldn't be controlled…

Excitement overpowered their constant worry and on July 31st Lily gave birth to twin boys. Harry came first at ten minutes to midnight. While Chris was born second, just before the clock struck twelve.

Exactly as the seventh month died…

Chris was born with messy reddish-brown hair along with dark blue eyes inherited from his Grandfather Potter apparently. He was the tallest twin but not by much. Harry was slightly shorter and also had the trademark messy black hair inherited by Potters. However his eyes were that of his mothers. A Jade green colour, although they seemed to be much sharper in colour than Lily's and were mesmerizing at times to look at.

Sirius was picked as Chris's godfather while Remus had the honour of being Harry's. Both children adored their uncles and their uncles adored them.

The war had finally ended and the nation had breathed a sigh of relief as peace was restored. James was already as full-time Auror while Lily had passed her Healer Training and was working part-time at St. Mungo's preferring to stay home and look after the children.

Sirius had also joined the Auror academy although he had revealed he would like to go into teaching. Of course when he'd brought that up everyone couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes leaving a completely bewildered Sirius.

Remus was often away a lot with his job in the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. When Voldemort had fallen, werewolf rights had gone up and it was now a better way of living for them. He was regularly gone to go communicate with other species and acted as a go-between, between the Ministry and them.

A peaceful, happy life they had been looking forward to. One with no evil for their children to face.

They should have known that it was too good to be true…

James and Lily were currently walking down the path to the gates from the castle with a shocked silence between them after what they had found out.

Finally Lily broke it, "What if Dumbledore's wrong? What if it's someone else we don't know about? I mean there must be plenty of second born children born at the end of July, how do we know it's not one of them?" She was slightly hysterical.

"Yes but we are the only ones apart from Alice and Frank to evade Voldemort three times," James was resigned, defeated even. "And Tory was born just a few months ago in March, like Dumbledore said."

"There might be another, surely there must be—," She didn't want to believe it.

"There isn't and even if there was Lily we don't know about them. Dumbledore would definitely know. He's been fighting Voldemort since the beginning. And the chances of them, if there was another couple, having a second kid at the end of July…" James tried to make her see the logic and the unlikelihood of another option existing.

The silence after that was depressing and suffocating as it seemed Lily had no choice but to accept. James reached out and twined his fingers with hers and gave her hand a comforting a squeeze.

"We'll deal with it. He's not going to be alone. We're all going help him with this," James reassured.

"It's just…so unfair," Lily whispered brokenly.

"I know," James whispered back.

"He's only a child. Why him? He shouldn't have to worry about the same things we did. And he's going to be right in the middle of everything. He's not even four yet!" She seemed at loss of what to do.

"We can support him, Lily. We have to. I'm sure we can pull some strings—Dumbledore can. Books, tutors, maybe a wand so he can learn…Chris needs to be prepared," James tried to form a plan.

"We're not going to make him into some sort of…soldier!" Lily protested, her eyes blazing.

"No, Lily. We're going to give him the tools necessary for the best chance of survival," James placated, calming his wife.

She deflated slightly, "I suppose Harry should learn as well,"

James nodded reluctantly, "Yeah but remember, its Chris who's going to need this more. He's the one who needs the training. Not Harry,"

July 31st 1985 7:30 AM

More than a year on since that day, things had seemed to progress normally in the Potter house. Sirius and Remus had been informed and both seemed to agree with James about needing to give Chris additional help.

Remus wasn't around a lot being in Transylvania often to negotiate with an old nest of vampires so Harry did miss his godfather greatly. Sirius often came around in the evenings and did give Harry time but naturally spent more with his own godson.

The only difference in life was a very slight one. One that Harry couldn't recognize at the moment. Lily and James looked to be more concerned about Chris's general health and safety. Not that they wouldn't care for Harry, just Chris was constantly being watched over.

If they both got hurt, Chris would often be treated first. If Chris wanted to do something different to Harry, they would agree with Chris. But of course Harry didn't realize. He was only a little boy of four and he and Chris were best friends. They were closer than mere brothers.

Eventually, their birthday rolled over and with it brought a change that would start the years of loneliness and isolation Harry would feel.

"BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" Chris's voice rang out jubilantly as he ran down the stairs, with Harry not far behind him.

"AND MINE!" Harry added, jumping down after his brother. They both burst into the living room to find it completely empty, "Where is everybody?" Harry asked his brother, his eyes darting around.

"I…don't know," Chris shared a glance with him, "They migh—,"

Suddenly there was a flash of bright light and both children tripped accidentally as they heard three distinct voices call out, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

James, Lily and Sirius had appeared into the room from hiding to surprise the boys, whose eyes were wide with fright before they realized what was going on.

Lily rushed forward and hugged Chris first and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Harry went next and Lily did the same although the hug didn't seem to last as long…

As they got a hug from their Dad and Chris was thrown playfully in the air by Sirius, Harry noticed something was amiss.

"Where's Uncle Remus?" Harry's asked, looking around expecting the werewolf to pop out at any moment.

"He's not here, Harry," Lily said, distracted as she tried to make sure Chris didn't get hurt by Sirius.

"Oh," Harry said and his face fell but no-one noticed as they all went into the kitchen. Harry shrugged his shoulders, deciding there was no point feeling down on his birthday, and waddled after them.

There was a fantastic breakfast loaded up with almost everything you could wish for. Blueberry pancakes, croissants, bacon, eggs, sausages, you name it. Chris got the first helpings and it seemed almost as an afterthought that Harry was given food.

The cake was brought out with Chris requesting to blow the candles which he did and he also cut the cake. Harry though was allowed with some help to cut his own slice. However the interesting part was when it was time to open the presents.

Chris tore through his and was presented with a whole range of spell books and theory on magic. Both children stood there, looking at them in wonder before James explained.

"Listen, Chris son. We, your mum and I and of course, Sirius, feel that it's best if you start to learn more about magic at an earlier age,"

"It'll be more beneficial for you Chris when you grow up. You never know when you might be grateful for this early start," Lily went on.

"Mum, what about me?" Harry asked, with his eyes wide.

"Wait a minute, Harry." Lily told her oldest son, she turned to Chris, "We're going to teach what's in these books Chris and the different skills that will come in handy before Hogwarts. We'll have a set time each day--,"

"Mum! Can I learn with him?" Harry asked again.

"Harry, shush!" Lily snapped. Harry's looked scared before Lily's face softened, "Harry's it's important that Chris learns. You do want the best for your brother, don't you?"

Harry nodded carefully.

"Then we need to make sure that he is given all the help possible. I'm afraid if you were there then you may distract him and we need him to take this seriously," Lily tried to make Harry see reason.

Harry nodded but his face showed confusion, "Why Chris? Why not me?" His voice came out, almost pitifully.

Lily pursed her lips as she exchanged glances with Sirius and James. "You'll find that out soon. Both of you," She told both boys, "Just…trust us when we say Chris really needs this. We're not trying to leave you out Harry,"

No, they weren't. That was true.

It would just become an unfortunate coincidence.

One the Wizarding World would learn to regret.

11th October 1985

Olivanders: Makers of Fine Wands Since 383 BC

The bell tinkled as an entourage of three entered the dusty shop which had little light illuminating it. The two children stared around in wonder at the small boxes that were stacked one on top of the other, row by row. The father of the two hesitantly entered as well, looking around to see where the shop owner was.

Chris, the slightly taller of the two boys, went forward to some of the small crates. He was the more forward one out of the two. Harry usually held back and observed while Chris explored. Whether that would remain constant in the years to come…who knows?

Of course, Chris was perhaps more confident. It had been over two months since their birthday and the second-born boy had torn into his new books with feverish excitement. He'd learnt the theory behind all of it, read descriptions, incantations…done nearly everything apart from actually doing magic.

Which is why they were here…

Harry…well he longed for the knowledge that Chris was learning. His brother and he had often dreamed of Hogwarts and the fabulous things one could do with magic. However, the bond between the two brothers had started to deteriorate. Not fully, but their closeness was eroding with the attention Chris seemed to harbour from his parents and Sirius.

Remus…thankfully still spent time with Harry. But unfortunately, the werewolf was hardly ever around…

Harry knew his parents spent more time with Chris. But he didn't question it. They'd told him Chris needed this. It was important. But he couldn't deny the longing he felt in his chest to be given the same opportunity as his brother.

Just as Chris was about to touch one of the boxes a voice came from the shadows, making them jump slightly.

"Ah, James Potter. It's been nearly fourteen years since you last walked through those doors," Someone whom Harry presumed was Mr. Olivander emerged from the poorly-lit shadows. He was fairly short and balding, with a patch of silver hair. He also had wide grey eyes which Harry found disturbing as they stared unblinkingly at his Dad.

"Eleven inches and mahogany. Pliable and very good for Transfiguration. How is your wand serving you?"

James cleared his throat uncomfortably, "Very well, thank you,"

"Hmm," Olivander acknowledged, scrutinizing James closely, "I knew that wand would suit you well. Or rather…perhaps I should say I knew that you would suit the wand well. After all, the wand chooses the wizard." His lips curved into a small smile.

"We're actually here for my son, today? He needs to get a wand," James tried to say commandingly.

Olivander's eyes flickered over to the two young boys before going back to James, "Mr. Potter you do know it is considered illegal for a child under the--,"

"I know," James said quickly, "Illegal unless we have special permission, which we do," He fumbled in his robes before withdrawing an official looking parchment and handing it over nervously.

Olivander looked at it before his eyes went to the children again, focusing on Chris. A wave of comprehension and…understanding swept over his face. One that made James feel uneasy.

"Of course," Olivander said softly, "Yes, yes…" He seemed to mutter as his eyes roved over Chris with undeniable intrigue, like he could see the boy's future laid out before him.

Slowly his eyes moved to Harry, the other of twins who was standing a few spaces behind his brother. Olivander seemed to look at Harry in the same way, but there was something else in his eyes. Something tinged with deference and a little…fear.

No that wasn't the right word. It was something deeper than that and his stare made Harry feel awkward. He'd heard the other day his parents talking about how strange Mr. Olivander was and he could see what they were talking about.

"Okay, let's get young Mr. Potter measured out," Olivander decided and Chris more or less jumped forward and was lost as Olivander took measurements on his body.

James thought that he should have been immensely proud that his son was getting his first wand. And a part of him was. But another part of his mind kept drifting to why his son was getting a wand…

Harry was sullen. As he watched Chris get measured up and then start to try out different wands with different lengths, woods and cores a spark of jealousy crept up and swirled in his stomach. The wanting he felt to experience holding a magical conduit in his hands, just for a moment…

His resolve cracked and he turned to his father, "Dad, can I get a wand as well?" He asked in a small voice. This was the second time he'd asked his parents, he just hoped that now they were here they might reconsider…

James closed his eyes and sighed, "Harry, don't make this harder than it already is," He said sternly, "It took a lot of work to get permission for Chris, even in his circumstances. We just can't get you one Harry,"

Harry looked dejectedly at the ground, "Okay,"

"Wonderful," Olivander announced, "I believe this wand has just chosen you as its master, young Mr. Potter. Congratulations!"

Chris stood with a look of glee and happiness on his face that made Harry's gut twist. He held a slender light wood in his hands that was proclaimed as willow and held the hair of a Chimaera.

A powerful wand according to Olivander, especially proficient in Defence.

"Well done, son," James smiled down at his son as he made sparks with his wand. He ruffled the boy's hair, "We best get home and maybe you can try that new wand out,"

They started to exit the shop with Chris chattering excitedly with his father, about all the new spells he could learn and others he might find difficult until he was a certain age…

However the last thing Olivander saw of the three people before the shop door closed on them was a look of longing and sadness on young Harry's face as he gazed at his brother's wand and all the others that were wrapped up in boxes.

What a destiny those two have ahead of them, Olivander mused before returning into his private room at the back of the store.

If only they actually knew…

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