Author's Note: This final chapter of my Rumble Roses story. Also the first time I wrote Hurt and Comfort in my story.

Disclaimer:The characters of Rumble Roses doesn't belong me, they part of Konami

"Oh Fujiko I bet your mother looking down on you from heaven." Say Anesthesia mockingly. "You are just my little pet doing her master bidding." Fujiko was struggling with her bonds tried to remember her former life before becoming Evil Rose.

Bit of pieces of memories came like pictures in her mind eye seeing her younger days defending Reiko from bullies to leaving to America avenging their mother's death.

Fujiko starting crying for herself and everyone she has killed in the ring for past couple of years. She's disgusted herself the monster she came to be and feeling she failed both her mother and her younger sister Reiko.

Fujiko found herself screaming from the nightmare of past memories that continuing taunting her.

"It all right Fujiko you were dreaming. The past deeds you can't erase but I'm there for you." Miss Spencer is reassuring the younger woman.

"Muriel I felt responsible for those deaths I cause as Evil Rose under that madwoman mind control and disgust with my own weakness." Fujiko feel some self-loathe through her voice. "As this day I still have wash bloods from my hands and trying forgetting the past sins."

Miss Spencer feels sorry the lavender-headed woman for being in the darkness for four years until Reiko frees her.

"Now you're free and you have me as your strength you never again experience the darkness and nightmares."

"I can truly be free of these sins continue to haunt me?" Fujiko asks.

Miss Spencer is worrying about her lover and both her mental and emotional state when Miss Spencer felt herself hapless sometime even she truly loves Fujiko.

"I can't questioning your state but I need you be strong for me you not the only one suffering."

Fujiko stare at Miss Spencer grasping the situation where she and Miss Spencer both need one of the other's strength come through at the end.

"I'm sorry being selfish and never considerate your feelings."

"Fujiko I always be there for you my love. You're never alone and I help you fight off the darkness and guiding you toward the light at the end."

Fujiko feel some sadness within but the tears for happiness she truly searching for while with peace of mind desperate she need.

"Thanks Muriel I need some comfort and finally the nightmares with go away."

Miss Spencer watching a sleeping Fujiko archives peace she finally deserve and rest.

"Good night my little rose you found peace and your mother forgave your past sins."