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Moonlight Confessions

The moon was reflecting on the water, ripples disrupting the reflection as the waves crashed and their feet landed on the sand; footprints as the only evidence of their relationship. The people responsible for the footprints on this clear night were walking in complete, comfortable silence, hand in hand.

He had noticed her attempted hidden upset state and told her that he'd be there for her. No longer than fourty-five minutes after his offer, she cracked and called him, asking him to come over to her apartment.

She didn't need to talk and he didn't ask her to--he was happy to be there for her support, someone to fall on.

The two lone people walking on the deserted beach consisted of a CIA agent and an overly important government asset, both of whom happened to be in love with each other. Sarah Lisa Walker and Chuck Irving Bartowski where the two battling their feelings for each other.

The twisted relationship they were roped into wasn't remotely real, yet it was as real as it could get. Just never both at once.

So, in continuous stillness, the two continued walking along the shore.

"If you..." Chuck offered, his voice trailing off into the darkness.

Sarah squeezed his hand. "I know." She answered, her voice soft and intimate.

In a slow pace, they continued walking down the shore until Sarah slowed to a stop. Chuck once again didn't question her and stopped himself, turning to face her and taking both of her hands into his.

"I-" Sarah started, cutting herself off before getting any further. Her scripted dialogue was shot and she was now left not knowing quite what to say.

In support, Chuck squeezed her hands and ran his thumb over the top of her palm, all the while giving her a small, but bright, grin.

"When I was younger, me and my dad would walk on the beach at night and look at the sky every birthday I had. It was one of our only traditions, but I valued it very much." Sarah spoke in a low, tentative tone.

Chuck remained quiet, urging for her to continue. Of course, he didn't miss the fact that she passively mentioned that it was her birthday.

"I used to tell him how the different phases of the moon represented the length of God's fingernail. When it was a waning or waxing crescent, it was a short fingernail. When it was a half moon, it was longer. He'd always laugh and tell me that it was one creative way explanation for it.

"After he... after he died, I was left with no father to share the experience with, so I stopped doing it. I knew that it's not what he would've wanted, but I couldn't pull myself to continue it without him." Sarah paused and took a breath, willing the tears to go away before she finish. "He told me that once I found a guy to share this moment with, that I shouldn't ever let go of him." she admitted, barely making it through the last line without her voice giving out.

Chuck lovingly wrapped her in his arms as the warm tears rolled off her face. He held on tightly as her body shook.

Pulling herself together, she pulled her head from his chest to look him in the eye. From his eyes she could see not only the shine from the moon, but the true love and compassion that came from his soul.

Hesitantly, she pulled on his tie to bring their bodies closer as she softly placed her lips on his warm ones.

"I won't ever let you go, Chuck Bartowski."