A really late companion story to Of Riches and Goals, sinceā€¦I dunno, it didn't seem right without a Sanada POV. XD

Sanada Genichirou never really knew what went on in Atobe Keigo's mind. The man was rich, he had everything, and yet he had this sense of unhappiness each and every time he saw Atobe. He had the privileges even the Queen of England would be envious of, and yet he still seemed unsatisfied.

It was probably a month or two ago when he started noticing the changes. They were very subtle changes, but after a good look, oddities would pop out almost immediately.

Atobe Keigo was still the same, old, narcissistic teenager who wished to crush every one of his opponents, but now, beating someone who was considered strong didn't seem to satisfy the boy anymore. He would not smile in triumph like he used to; perhaps a small smirk, but it would disappear off his face immediately.

He was even more surprised when Atobe turned down his challenge for a tennis match. The boy had said something about it being pointless, and had walked away, leaving a very confused Sanada Genichirou behind.

Perhaps the captain of Hyoutei had deemed him an unworthy tennis player now; perhaps the captain of Hyoutei had experienced tremendous changes with his tennis. He must've thought he himself was unbeatable now, everything just in his reach.

Perhaps Atobe Keigo would be able to rise up in the world, if not tennis, then with his knowledge of businesses and companies; his riches and finances. Sanada knew nothing about business or the financial world, so he couldn't challenge Atobe in that area.

He tried to keep Atobe close; tried to keep Atobe from drowning in the companies and oddities of the business world.

But he knew, one day, Atobe would leave him behind in the dust, to challenge the world.

And he would be left, all alone.

Yeah, it can be read on its own, but I still suggest you read Of Riches and Goals first. XD