Chapter 1: Who is their leader?

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Speaking: "blah blah"

Thinking: 'blah blah'

Inner: 'blah blah'


"Hey, you know what I just noticed?" Naruto suddenly asked.

It was lunch time and the gang known as "The Shinobi" were seated at a table with three other girls. The school cafeteria bustled with the noise from all the high school students' chattering and chairs being dragged across the floor.

"What?" asked Shikamaru in a bored tone. Not so interested in what Naruto "just noticed" considering the fact that Naruto still hadn't noticed that Hinata was in love with him for the past seven years.

"I noticed that…um…what's that gang called again? Uh, you now the one that almost everyone in this school fears except for us and Gaara's gang?" asked Naruto, not being able to remember the name of the other gang.

"You mean, "The Emerald Slayers"?" asked Kiba, wondering why Naruto would mention them out of the blue.

"Yeah! Them! I just noticed that they don't have anyone telling them what to do. They don't seem to have a leader. They're just a gang that hurts the people that mess with them," said Naruto.

Some of them didn't know why it mattered to him that they didn't have a leader, while the rest thought that he had a point.

"He actually has a point," stated Shikamaru, getting interested in what they were talking about - for once. "I've been wondering the same thing for a while now. They're all really tough, and it seems like it would only take one of their members to wipe out our whole gang. It's strange that they don't have a leader."

"What are you talking about? You guys can go head on with them! You don't know who would win! After all, you guys are also one of the gangs that everyone fears! Actually, everyone in this lame school fears all of the gangs here," said Ino, getting a bit mad that they thought that there was actually a gang out there that was tougher than them. She wasn't even in the gang! But, she thought that The Shinobi were the toughest gang around.

"There are only three gangs here; Sand Killers, The Emerald Slayers, and our gang," stated Shikamaru.

"Yeah, and everyone is scared of all three of them," said Tenten, as she threw a fry into her mouth. "I don't even know why they all act like wussies. I mean come on, give me a break. Not all gangs are out to break everyone's neck. Only those who end up pissing them off. Everyone fears every gang in this stupid school."

"Yeah, but people in school fear The Emerald Slayers the most," said Kiba, making a point. "Everyone wonders if they have a leader or not. If they do, where is he? Cuz honestly, I've never once seen any of them taking orders from anyone else."

"That's what I want to know!" said Naruto, with furrowed eyebrows. He was really curious about all of this. "Our gang can't go against them unless they're with their leader. Not that I want us to fight them. But, the leader needs to go against the other leader. We all know that Sasuke-teme is going to want to fight their leader. They haven't fought any gangs yet because they don't have one."

"I think that they do have a leader, but their leader is currently not with them or something…" said Hinata quietly.

Shikamaru's eyebrows furrowed. He seemed to be thinking real hard about the situation. He went into his genius mode and tried thinking up of all the possibilites. Things just didn't seem to add up.

"I think Hinata may be right," contemplated Shikamaru.

Sasuke, their gang leader, just stayed quiet as usual. His elbows were propped up onto the table as his head rested lazily on the palm of his hand.

Shikamaru Nara has brown hair put into a ponytail that looked like it was shaped into a pineapple, and brown eyes. He was in the gang called The Shinobi. He was the smartest one out of the six guys. Even though he doesn't really look it, he's very strong and muscular. He may have been the smartest, but he's also the one that was really lazy. He had a tendency to use the word troublesome. His fingers continuously brushed his cheeks. His eyes darkened and turned serious as he continued to ponder about the other gang.

Neji Hyuga has long brown hair put into a loose ponytail, and pearl white eyes. He was nearly as tough as the gang leader. He was also a genius, but Shikamaru was still smarter. He doesn't talk much. He took a sip of his drink, acting as if their discussion didn't really matter to him. Although secretly, he was quite interested himself.

Naruto Uzumaki has blond spiky hair and cerulean blue eyes. He was the most energetic one, and he has a loud mouth. He has a lot of muscles, and he is one of the toughest in the group. Whenever he fights, he always says things to annoy and distract his opponents. He loves his ramen, and he is the gang leader's best friend. He too, seemed to be thinking about The Emerald Slayers. After all, he was the one who started this conversation. He's really curious to know about their leader.

The gang leader went by the name of Sasuke Uchiha. He has raven hair that is spiked up, almost in the shape of a chicken's ass, but it still makes him look hot. He is very muscular and cold. He doesn't talk much, but he's always there for his friends. If anyone messes with him or his friends, he'll make sure they regret it. Many girls love him; he has a lot of fan girls since he's hot and rich. He's the toughest in his gang and is also very smart.

"But we don't know what's really going on," said Shino, adjusting his black shades. "We can't just assume things."

Shino Aburame had spiky hair of a dark shade. He finds insects really interesting and he's usually quiet. He is also in the gang.

"What should we do?" Shikamaru asked Sasuke.

"Find out about their leader," was Sasuke's simple reply.

"How are we supposed to do that, Sasuke-teme?" asked Naruto. "We would have done that a long time ago if we knew how."

"Well, we can get anyone to work as a spy for us, since most people at this school fear us. We can get someone and tell them to ask The Emerald Slayers or something," insisted Kiba.

Always teamed with his dog Akamaru, the sixth member of the gang was Kiba has two triangle tattoos under his eyes. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and he always wears his gray jacket.

"Why don't we just go ask them straight up? We're a gang too!" exclaimed Naruto as he got up on his feet. His actions and outburst caused everyone at the table to look at him. "We don't know if we are equally matched or anything, but none of you should be scared to just ask them yourselves."

Kiba shrugged;Naruto was right.

"Yeah, Naruto is right!" agreed Ino, raising her voice as she spoke. "I think you're better than them anyway! Just go ask them. It's not like you guys would end up fighting anyway. And even if you did start fighting, you'd kick ass!"

"Should we go up to The Emerald Slayers now and ask them?" Shikamaru asked Sasuke as he sent a gesture towards said gang. They all looked at the quiet raven-haired boy. He was intimidating even when he wasn't moving. Shikamaru was starting to feel a bit awkward after about fifteen seconds of no answer from his leader.

"Whatever," Sasuke finally answered as he got up from his seat.

"You girls stay here," said Shikamaru.

"No," protested Ino defiantly as she got up from her seat. "I want to go! Being a girl doesn't mean anything, it's not fair if we can't see any action!"

"It has nothing to do with you being a chick," claimed Kiba.

"Then why can't we go?" demanded Ino angrily.

"Do you have to make a big deal out of everything?" Naruto rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Ino glared at him and then turned her attention back to Kiba, "I just don't understand why we can't come along!"

"Guys go ahead. I'll talk to her," said Tenten.

Kiba nodded his head, and The Shinobi made their way towards the other table.

Ino was very anrgy. Tenten shook her head and motioned Ino to sit down.

"This has to do with the two gangs, it has nothing to do with you." reasoned Tenten. "You have no reason to go over there. You'll just be in the way."

"I guess you're right," sighed Ino, her anger completely forgotten.

"I wonder what's going to happen," thought aloud Hinata.

"Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine," assured Tenten.

"Yeah, and if they fight, The Shinobi will put up a good fight," said Ino defiantly.

'Naruto, I hope nothing bad happens…' thought Hinata, and concern filled her eyes.

Everyone in the cafeteria was still talking, but some turned to see why The Shinobi were walking towards The Emerald Slayers. This was a strange occurence. It's not every day that you see a whole gang get up and walk over to another gang. All of the gangs practically hated each other. No gang had an alliance with another. They never went near each other. When they did, it just meant a fight was about to arise.

The Emerald Slayers still didn't seem to notice the other gang approaching them. They had five people in their gang.

There was a guy with blond hair up to his shoulders and brown eyes. His name is Derick. He likes to avoid problems and fights. You wouldn't even know that he's in a gang unless someone told you themselves. He's very gentle. As long as you don't get him angry, there's nothing to worry about.

Another guy had red spiky hair, and he looked a bit like Gaara, but he had brown eyes. His name is Darien. He was the closest one to the gang leader out of everyone in the gang and was very protective of her. He was the strongest in the gang next to the gang leader, though she was not present at this time so he was the strongest member at the gang's table.

Another guy had black hair that was put into a ponytail. He had blue eyes. His name is JayJay. He is always hyped up and ready to fight. He never turns down a fight and he never misses a chance to give someone a good beating.

Another guy had brown spiky hair and red eyes. His name is Skyler. He's the immature idiot of the gang. He's very playful and energetic, but he knows when he has to be serious. He is actually really close to the gang leader too. They always joked around, and honestly, no one is sure of who is closer to her; Skyler or Darien.

The last guy had blond spiky hair and grayish eyes. His name is Jesse. He was the nicest one in the group, and he was also the smartest.

All of them are very muscular and many girls think that they're very good-looking. Though, most are still quite frightened by them. They heard the cafeteria suddenly quiet down and they turned their heads to see what was going on. They were surprised to see Sasuke and the rest of The Shinobi standing about five feet from their table.

"You want something, Sasuke?" asked Darien, obviously not used to having Sasuke around them.

Sasuke looked over at Shikamaru and gestured towards Darien.

"We have a question," stated Shikamaru.

"What would that question be?" Derick wondered aloud. "If it's to fight us, you know we can't do that. Not until a certain someone comes back."

"Oh, come on! I would very much enjoy having a fight," said JayJay as he smirked. "Especially with the famous Shinobi."

"Shut up, JayJay, you know we can't," said Skyler, practically scolding JayJay.

"That wasn't our question anyway, but who's the 'certain someone'?" asked Naruto, they had spiked up his curiosity

"What was your question?" Skyler asked Neji, ignoring Naruto's last question, which annoyed Naruto.

"We were just wondering about your leader. If you have one that is," said Neji.

All of them smirked. 'They don't know about her being our leader. No one does. They don't know that one of the toughest gangs has a leader that's a girl. A girl that is tougher than everyone else,' thought Darien.

'Why are they smirking?' Sasuke thought, getting slightly irritated.

"We have one, and that's the person who needs to come back," said Jesse,keeping his words enigmatic.

" come isn't he here with you guys?" asked Shikamaru with a raised eye brow.

They all smirked again. The questions seemed to amuse them, and every time they smirked, The Shinobi got angrier.

'They think it's a he. It's a her! No one would ever expect it to be a girl. We can't let them know she's a girl though. They will see for themselves. We can't lie by calling her a he though. We'll just use the word "leader" or something,' thought Darien.

"Our leader isn't here because our leader caused so much trouble that our leader's parents decided to send our leader to a school for delinquents. Our leader will start coming to this school next week. You'll see how our leader looks on Monday," said Darien, the smirk still tugging at the corner of his lips.

'Why did he have to say the whole 'Our leader' thing? He could've just said he,' thought Shikamaru. He was suspicious, and so was everyone else in the gang. They knew that The Emerald Slayers were hiding something from them.

"That's all we wanted to know," said Sasuke.

"Yeah, thanks," said Naruto as they started to leave the hovered for a moment, eyeing the gang suspiciously, before following Sasuke.

When the Shinobi were out of ear shot, The Emerald Slayers started talking.

"They don't know that our leader is a girl," smirked Derick.

"Yeah, they don't expect it to be a girl," said Skyler, eyeing The Shinobi as they walked back to their table. He couldn't help but smirk and wave when he saw Naruto turn around and look at them. Naruto gulped and quickly turned around. "Haha, they're definitely suspicious."

Derick shrugged, "Can't blame them."

"What do you think their reaction will be when they find out?" asked Jesse.

"All of the gangs around here don't have any girls in them," stated JayJay. "Imagine having a girl as your gang leader! They're going to be surprised"

"Actually Sound, The Executors, and Sand Killers have a girl in their gang," said Jesse.

"Yeah but no one has a gang leader that is a girl," said JayJay, matter-of-fact. "Well, no one other than us."

"Let's keep everyone wondering about our leader. They'll see her on Monday, but they're in for a big surprise," said Skyler.

"Oh, and she called me yesterday. She told me that they will be showing her around the place a bit, so she won't see any of us until lunch time," said Darien.

"Something tells me that something is going to happen on Monday," said Jesse. His hands clenched into fists as his mind reeled, trying to trace where this hunch came from. He just had a feeling that something was going to happen once their leader came back.

"Well, yeah, she's coming back!" exclaimed Skyler, happiness shown in his eyes. It has been a while since he last saw her.

"I know that, but I feel like something else is going to happen," said Jesse.

"You know that whenever that girl is around, something always happens. She always causes trouble. I can't believe her parents actually sent her to a school for delinquents. She told me that she didn't let any teachers or cops touch her or yell at her. The teachers and staff were all scared of her, so they kicked her out," said Derick.

"I don't see how a girl like her can cause so much trouble. She's really strong, feisty, and bad, but she is so damn hot," Skyler let out a dreamy sigh as images of her flashed through his mind. "Not that I would ever go out with her."

"Yeah, she does look pretty, but we only like her as a friend or a sister," said JayJay. "She's our cherry blossom."

"It's not like she would accept any of us as anything more, anyway. We're just like brothers and best friends to her, nothing more," said Darien as he sighed.

"And that's the same way we all feel about her," said Jesse.

'No, I feel something more towards her. I wish she didn't see me as just a best friend, because I would like us to be more than that. But I know that will never happen.'

-With The Shinobi-

"Did you guys find out anything?" asked Ino as the guys came back to the table. She was really curious to know about what happened between the two gangs.

Hinata was relieved that they didn't end up fighting. If anything, they seemed to be getting along.

"We found out that their gang leader isn't here. His parents sent him to a discipline school because he was 'misbehaved', but their gang leader will be coming here on Monday," said Shikamaru.

"But they were being a bit suspicious," put in Neji.

"How?" asked Tenten with an arched eye brow.

"It seemed like they weren't telling us something," said Neji.

"Yeah, they were acting a bit strange," said Shino.

"I agree, but oh well! We'll find out on Monday," said Naruto. He was so excited that he would finally see who the big-shot leader was of The Emerald Slayers. "But I can't believe I'm going to have to spend the whole weekend waiting and wondering."

Sasuke was just sitting down quietly, deep in thought.

"Are we going to fight after we see who the gang leader is?" asked Shino, his question was directed towards Sasuke.

"Only if they start," said Sasuke nonchalantly.

"I don't think we should fight them," said Kiba. "I mean you saw how strong they are! Imagine their leader! You would have to be the one to go against their leader, Sasuke!"

"We can take them," said Sasuke.

"Sasuke-teme, even you know they will be hard to beat!" said Naruto.

"I like challenges," Sasuke smirked. His smirk immediately disappeared when The Sand Killers came up to them. There were five guys and one girl in this gang. The Sand Killers and The Shinobi hate each other. They're nearly equally matched, making them rivals. They can't stand the very sight of each other.

"What do you want, Sabaku?" asked Sasuke harshly as he glared at him.

"We saw you talking to The Emerald Slayers," stated Gaara.

"And we want to know what you were talking about," added Kankuro.

"Why should we tell you?" questioned Naruto. "Why do you care anyway?"

"Because you might know something that we've been wondering about for a while," answered Gaara.

"What would that be?" asked Sasuke with his arms crossed over his chest, as he leaned back a bit in his chair.

"It isn't normal for one of the toughest gangs around to have no leader," said Temari.

"Yeah, so do you know anything about their leader or not?" questioned Suray. He was new to the school, someone not many people knew the name of. Although he was getting known because of the many fights he got into and because of his temper.

Gaara was the gang leader of The Sand Killers. He has messy spiked red hair and jade eyes. He is very muscular, and he hates Sasuke with a passion. He is very strong and goes head-on with Sasuke. They're both equally strong. Sasuke usually beats him but, there are times that Gaara turns out to be the winner. They're bitter rivals, they always have been. Kankuro and Temari are his siblings.

Temari has blond hair put into four ponytails on her head. She has aqua eyes and an attitude. She is one of the toughest in the gang. There are rarely any girls in gangs. Being a girl in a world of gangs meant mostly for boys makes her highly-respected, not to mention feared. She is a spitfire girl, she won't let anyone step all over her.

Kankuro has purple paint all over his face, put in some strange pattern. He is somewhat of a pervert. He is the eldest sibling of Gaaraand Temari.

Suray has short orange hair and brown eyes. He has more of an attitude than anyone, and he doesn't have any patience. He always wants to fight. He doesn't care much for anyone, he strives to be a leader one day.

Tim has brown hair and blue eyes. He's the guy who comes up with all the plans when going against another gang. He's the smartest in the gang.

Jack has blond hair and green eyes. He's very tough and keeps to himself. He barely talks to anyone. He lost his brother at a very young age and is filled with anger inside because he wasn't able to do anything about it. That is why he decided to join a gang.

Shikamaru looked at Sasuke, and he nodded his head.

"Their leader will be coming here on Monday. He has been in a discipline school because he is, y'know, 'hardcore'," said Shikamaru in a tone filled with sarcasm and boredom.

Gaara nodded his head. The gang members started to walk away from the table. They seemed to walk deliberately slowly so the leader can lead the way.

"Do you think it was a good idea to tell him?" asked Naruto.

"He'd find out for himself anyway," answered Sasuke.

Naruto would stare after the Sand Killers, eyes narrowed slightly, as if suspicious, but still not going against Sasuke.

"I can't wait until Monday to see their leader," said Kiba. Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Yeah, we've seen The Emerald Slayers beating up everyone that messes with them for three or four months already. It's about time we see their leader," said Neji with an expectant smirk on his face.

"We'll get the chance to see their leader in five days," said Tenten.

"Yeah, I guess we got to wait to see him," said Shino.

"I hope their leader is friendly," said Hinata quietly, watching Naruto out of the corner of her eye.

"Yeah. Maybe that way, we can finally be allies with one of the gangs," said Tenten a bit cheerfully. "Not that I'm the gang- so you guys can finally be allies with another gang! Well, maybe."

"I doubt that will happen," said Kiba.

"Actually, I think there's a chance that it might." said Naruto. "I mean, the gang itself is cooler than a lot of people I've met so, their leader won't be so bad. Maybe we will get along."

"Then again, maybe we won't. We'll see on Monday," said Shikamaru.

'Who is the leader of The Emerald Slayers? Even I can't deny that I'm curious to see the gang leader. I have a feeling something will happen.' thought Sasuke.

The bell rang, and they all went to their classes.


The days had passed gradually, edging their way toward the day everyone awaited, until finally it had arrived.

The Shinobi were waiting to see how the gang leader looked. It was already Monday and they haven't seen any new kids around. Lunchtime had arrived, but still no sign of a gang leader.

'Could they have been lying?' thought Sasuke.

"Yo, where is he?" asked Naruto. He desperately wanted to see the other gang leader. "They said that he was coming today. I haven't seen a new gang leader! I'm going to be pissed off if I don't see him in the next ten minutes!"

"Just shut up, Naruto." said Shikamaru.

"Why isn't he here?" asked Kiba impatiently.

"I heard the principal talking about a new student being here today. I'm sure that it's him. He will show himself sometime now because it's lunch time. We didn't see him anytime earlier because they were giving him a tour around the school. I heard he that he will be starting his classes tomorrow," said Shikamaru.

"So, now all we have to sit and wait?" whined Naruto.

"Yeah. I know you're impatient, but just try to wait," said Shikamaru, his tone was sharp and irritated. 'Why can't he ever shut up?'

"Are you sure you heard right?" asked Neji.

"Yeah," said Shikamaru.

Naruto pouted as he impatiently waited for a new kid to appear out of nowhere.

"I was there with Shikamaru. I heard her talk about a new student. It has to be him, who else could it be? There is only one new student today," said Ino.

"Be patient," said Sasuke.

"SASUKE-KUN!" yelled an annoying high-pitched voice as footsteps approached the table.

"Not that slut again," muttered Shikamaru. The whole group sank back in their chairs and let out quiet groans.

It was Karin. She was "in love" with Sasuke. She was his number one fan girl. No one ever told her anything because they knew that she was in the gang called The Executors. The gang leader of that gang is Sai. No one knows why she went to this school instead It was Karin. She was "in love" with Sasuke. She was his number of the one where the rest of her gang was, but they assumed she was a spy for them.

"What the hell do you want?" asked Sasuke, annoyed that she always continued to pester him. He was waiting for some new kid to show up, and he was mad that he didn't see any new kids. Now she had to come and make him even more annoyed.

"How dare you talk to me like that!" gasped Karin.

"Listen, I don't like you, and I never will. I don't give a damn if I hurt your feelings. Just leave me the hell alone!" said Sasuke. He was angry because she always came up to him to flirt with him. He hated that actually, he hated her. He couldn't even do anything to push her off because he doesn't hit girls. Ino just sighed and shook her head. She felt kind of bad for him. Karin just never got the hint, even when he was being as blunt as could be!

"Why are you being so mean?! I know you love me, Sasuke-kun! Stop trying to push me away!" whined Karin.

"Shut the hell up!" yelled Ino. "Just leave! You're so damn annoying!"

"Shut up pig!" snapped Karin as she glared at Ino. "Why don't you mind your own business?!"

"Why don't you go find a fucking pole and strip for some desperate faggots?!" retorted Ino angrily. "Because that is all you're good for!"

By now, the scene had attracted quite a few people- including The Emerald Slayers.

"Ugh, shut the fuck up!" said Karin. "You're just like that annoying girl I met earlier! Her annoying pink hair pissed me off too, I mean for real, pink hair?! Like what the hell, get a make over. I've never seen anything so retarded like that before! She acts the same way you do, she's a total bitch! Just mind your own business Yamanaka!"

At this all of The Emerald Slayers looked over at Karin and The Shinobi.

'Pink hair? Sakura is definitely going to kill her,' thought JayJay with a smirk on his face.

'That must be Sakura. I'll finally get to see her again. Wait, why the hell would that slut call Sakura a bitch? She has no right. She better shut the hell up before I go over there,' thought Darien angrily but, happy that Sakura was finally here.

'This is getting interesting…' thought Skyler.

'A girl with pink hair? I've never seen anyone in this school with pink hair. Could she be a new kid? No, the gang leader of The Emerald Slayers is the new kid. Wait, what?' thought Sasuke.

"Don't tell me to mind my own business, you dirty son of a bitch!" yelled Ino furiously.

She went up to Karin, fists balled, earrings off, and in a really pissed off mood. She was tired of Karin, and would once and for all, shut her up. Too bad that Shikamaru pulled her back.

"Calm down, Ino-chan," said Shikamaru, trying to prevent her from doing something that would get her into trouble.

Ino glared daggers at Karin and waited for Shikamaru to release her.

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