Hello! Not a chappy, but here's a quip from the Prologue! Link at the end of this!


Things are horrible when the kids you practically raised are cooing words of reassurance in your ear… when tears just fall down your cheeks every two seconds and your head snaps up whenever he takes a shuddering breath...

Kat, sweetie, this is hopeless, to keep all of us holed up. It's been 8 weeks! Think about the children! The ones inside you and the ones you're scaring! Near might not show it, but he's so frightened! Kew whispered to her.

I know…Kat responded, running the pads of her fingers over the little spindly veins in his wrist, using her other hand as a pillow.

Mr. Wammy woke up two weeks after we fled, something's gone wrong…Kew mused.

NO! Kitten shrieked. He's perfectly fine! See! He's breathing! Can't you hear his heart beating!

Link: http://www(dot)/s/4958702/1/Obvious(underscore)Vexation

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