I'm back from the dead!!! Woo!!! I am SO SORRY that it took me forever to update Moonlight lovers. I just had a huge mental block and couldn't write anything at all! It was horrible. But tonight i finally got some inspiration to write out the last chapter for you guys and give you some closure. There is a sequel to this story but I don't know when I'll get that up and going. So I hope you guys enjoy this last chapter. I don't own wicked at all but I do own the two cubs and Selene and Violet. Which if any of you has read Eyes of the beholder....you'll see them in there but in this story....they are different. They are based off my and BT's story of Lost Love and Found love. They've had jump from that story to make a special appearance in this one. So anyways...enough of me rambling. Read on! Enjoy!!

Elphaba was resting peacefully on her bed with her hands resting on top of her body. There was a soft snore coming from her stomach but Elphaba didn't stir. Resting on the green woman's stomach was one of her cubs. The emerald fur stood out immensely against the black clothing Elphaba was wearing at the moment. Her daughter sides heaved again as she gave a soft groan and rolled onto her back with her paws in the air. Moving further up the vampire's body rested her other daughter who has curled up in a tight ball with the tip of her tail touching her nose. She blended in with Elphaba's clothing making her hard to spot if someone was looking for her.

The two pups have worn the raven haired out, as did she to the cubs, when they were playing outside rusting and tumbling about. The two have grown big and strong over the three months that they have been born and Elphaba found, at times, being overwhelmed when the two sisters would gang up on her. She knew that they would be fine fighters which made Glinda worry to no end at hearing this. Glinda and Elphaba still haven't figured out how Glinda got pregnant but they didn't care really because they got two perfect cubs that they love dearly.

The door opened to the bedroom and Glinda poked her head in to see why this room was so quiet. Her crystal blue eyes soften as a smile graced her face at seeing her family all sleeping on the bed. They've really worn themselves out today to be taking a nap already. Glinda slipped in the room without making a sound while very quietly closing the door behind her. She didn't want to disturb this perfect picture by making any noise. The blonde then tip toed towards the bed while her eyes never wavered off her family. The three of them just looked so cute while they slept. Glinda gently lowered herself onto the bed so not to make any movement to wake anyone up and let her eyes rest on her family.

"So what did the Elders say?" came Elphaba's sleepy voice making the blonde jump up a mile in the air at hearing this. A smile slowly started to grow on Elphaba's face at hearing her mate suppress of shout of surprise. She couldn't resist scaring her "non-scaring" mate. Glinda gently swats the green vampire on the shoulder while chuckling very quietly. Elphaba lazily opens one eye a bit and smiles even more at seeing her mate next to her.

"so…what did they say?" Elphaba asked again as she starts to stroke the black fur cub's fur gently. The cub stirs slightly at the but doesn't wake up at the stroking. The blonde rubs her lips a bit to wet them and starts to speak.

"I guess when we.." Glinda looks at the sleeping cubs and then to Elphaba, her cheeks have turned red slightly, "You know…." She clears her throats to continue on. "Elder Violet has said we did it on a very special day on a full moon. Our love was so strong and because of all of this we were able to conceive our children"

Elphaba gives a thoughtful hum at this as she closes her eyes and thinks about what special day that could have been. As she was doing this, the cub with the green fur starts to stir greatly. Glinda, seeing that she was about to wake up, reaches over and gently picks her daughter up. The green cub gives a squeak as she opens up her eyes, revealing deep, ruby red eyes.

"I'm sorry I woke you Emeraude. Are you hungry?" Glinda said quietly as she started to rub Emeraude's belly. The green cub gave a squeak as she started to bat at the blonde's hand that was rubbing her stomach. The blonde giggled at this as she started to make playful noise as she keeps on rubbing the green furred belly. Elphaba opens her eyes again at this and chuckles at seeing what was going on before her. As her chest moved up and down, the black fur cub suddenly lifted her head and sneezed. She then yawned as her eyes blink sleepily, revealing icy blue eyes. The same eye color as her dead grandfather. The green vampire sees this and her eyes soften as she grabs hold of her daughter and lift her up so their faces are close together.

"Did I wake you raven?" Elphaba questioned as she kissed her daughter on top of the head. Raven's answer was another sneeze and this time it was all over Elphaba's face. The raven haired beauty groaned slightly as she set Raven on her stomach to wipe off the stuff off her face. Glinda was trying not to laugh at this as Emeraude was chewing softly on her finger. Raven shakes her body before jumping off the bed and lands on the floor with a loud thump. She looks back to her parents and sister with her icy blue eyes. They were shimmering with adventure. She was done napping and got her energy back. She wants to go outside and play again with mommy. Elphaba sees this and looks to Glinda with a smile as she sits up. Emeraude is content laying in her mother's arms as opposed to Raven being full of energy and always wanting do to something.

"I think Raven wants to go outside and play again, Glin." The green vampire said as she sits up while running a hand through her raven locks. The blonde werewolf smiles at this and looks to Raven, who's tail hasn't stopped wagging.

"You want to go outside Rav?" She asked as she stood up with Emeraude still in her arms. The black fur cub gave a happy yelp as she jumped in the air and did a back flip. Elphaba smirks at this as she leans down and rubs the top of her daughter's head. It looked like Raven finally got that back flip down. She has been teaching her to do that for a couple of months. Glinda looks amazed at this as she sets Emeraude down on the ground. "I guess its settled then. We are going outside."

The family has settled near the woods that is behind the place they are staying in. Glinda has transformed into her hybrid form to play with her daughters better then in her human form. Elphaba decided to sit on the side lines and watch her family play with each other. She was still recovering from the playing she did with Emeraude and Raven just a couple hours ago. The green vampire laughed when Glinda gave a yelp when their daughters decided to pounce on her at once. Elphaba then suddenly tensed when she heard a twig snapping behind her. Her left hand went to the hilt of her sword as her dark eyes swept the area, looking for any thing that could have made that noise. She stood up when she there was another twig snapping but closer this time. Elphaba didn't like what was going on around her.

Glinda was laughing as Raven got onto her back and was tugging on one of her ears while growling, trying to be intimidating. Emeraude was trying to get the blonde's wagging tail but her tail was wagging so fast that all the green cub got was grass. Emeraude groaned in frustration as she lifted her paw off the grass yet again. Glinda's ears twitch as she looked to her mate when she heard Elphaba very sharply calling out to her.

Her fur started to puff out when she saw that the green vampire was standing up and had her sword drawn a quarter of the way out. Raven squeaked in shock when Glinda suddenly stood up and she fell to the ground. She shook her head as to her mother and was confused at seeing her looking so worried. Elphaba was breathing softly as she was very aware of her surroundings. She suddenly yelped and fell to ground when a great weight on her back forced her forward.

"Elphaba!" Glinda shouted when her mate was tackled to the ground by a werewolf. Suddenly a huge burst of pain came above her head and she stumbled away from Raven and Emeraude. Elphaba growled at seeing this and hissed at the culprit. A female vampire with long, chestnut hair was standing on top of Glinda with a silver dagger to her throat.

"Selene! Why?!" Elphaba hissed at her as she struggled to get the werewolf off of her. She knew that this werewolf was Selene's lover, Violet. Those two were always inseparable. Selene and Violet were Elders but she didn't know that they have turned evil. Elphaba grunts in pain when she feels Violet's claw dig into her back. Selene's dark brown eyes look to Elphaba as she pushes the blade closer to Glinda's throat. Blood started to trickle down the blade as Glinda whimpers in pain.

"We just want your children. That's all." Selene replied as she looked to see Raven and Emeraude both snarling and growling at her. She chuckles at this and looks down to Glinda.

"They both got quite a fighting spirit Glinda." She said before looking back to the two cubs. Glinda growls at her as she looks to her daughters. She suddenly jumps up and tries to dislodge Selene from her back. Selene would have hold on but let go when she heard Violet howling in pain. Her eyes darken in anger when she sees that Elphaba has run her sword though Violet's stomach. Selene let go of Glinda and threw her dagger at Elphaba's back. Just as the green vampire pulled out her sword from Violet her eyes widen when she felt the dagger enter her back. She falls to her knees while trying to get the dagger out of her back. Glinda hisses at this as she aims a claw at Selene. Selene jumped back at this and landed behind Raven and Emeraude. She bent down and scooped them up in her arms.

"NO!" Glinda yelled as she started to charge towards Selene. She suddenly gasped as her eyes widen when pain ran through her stomach. Violet sneered at her as she quickly pulled out the Elphaba's sword and slashed her across the chest then kick Glinda hard in the chest. Glinda went flying into a tree and feel to the ground not moving. Elphaba is breathing heavily as she is laying on the ground, clutching her chest wound.

"No…"She said weakly as she watches on from just her left eye as Violet made quick work of her right eye. She is forced to watch as Selena and Violet back away from them into the forest. Emeraude suddenly bit Selene on the arm, which forced Selene to let go of her, and she started to run towards her parents. Violet curses and starts to go after her. Selene hears the guards running towards the commotion that they have made. So she tightly holds onto Raven and backs up more.

"No! Violet we have to leave her now! We got one of them. We need to go now before the guards come" Selene hissed at her lover as she started to run away with Raven howling for her parents. Violet watches Emeraude gently poke Glinda and growls before running after Selene. They'll get Emeraude some other day. Elphaba feels the darkness close in on her as the guards finally come to their rescue. Her heart was breaking in two though as she has lost one daughter to Selene and Violet. She vowed that she would find Raven again. If it was the last thing she'd ever do. That was all she could promise to Raven, to Glinda, to Emeraude, and to herself. Elphaba then falls to the ground as the darkness beats her. Who knows what will happen in the years to come. Fate will soon tell.

Uh oh....they got Raven! How sad is that? What will happen to Raven....you'll have to find out in the sequel that i will eventually write. But until then you guys will have to speculate. Until the sequel!