She sits at the bar with him. The bar that he had taken to her after she broke down about Zack.

"Pick your poison," he tells her.

She takes a deep breath and answers on the exhale, "Tequila,"

He looks at her. She can see the question in his eyes, but he chooses not to ask it.

"Tequila it is," he nods.

He hands her a shot, and sits one in front of himself. He wants to wait to drink his. He wants to wait on her. He looks down at his drink, and then over at her. He finds her swallowing the shot without a second thought.

"Do you want another one?" he asks.

"Might as well," she answers.

"Here have mine. I'll get us another round," he tells her.

She nods as he slides his shot to her. As he talks to the bartender she downs the shot and stares at him. She finds that the liquor is making it increasingly harder to deny the truth. To deny that she had feelings for him. That in all honesty they would never be just partners or, just coffee. She longs for him to hold her, to tell her that she's the only one he's got eyes for. But that would never happen she had to be real with herself, she was just his partner, at least that was how he saw it. She was sure of it.

He comes back to her with a second round of shots. He gives her one and takes one for himself.

"You wanna wait for me this time?" he asks.

She nods quietly.

He lifts the shot glass into the air and tells her, "Bottoms up,"

She downs the shot like a pro. He watches her as he stares at the dance floor mindlessly. She was beautiful. If they weren't partners he'd probably kiss her. He'd tell her that he loved her. The truth was them being partners didn't change that. He loved her. Why couldn't he just tell her that... oh wait then they couldn't be partners anymore. It was useless. He snaps back into reality when he hears her voice.

"Why are you staring at me?" she questions defensively.

"I was just thinking. Sorry,"

"Don't be," she answers.

"Do you want another round?"

"If we're going to get drunk we need to do it right," she tells him.

He nods and brings back another round. They both swallow quickly.

She looks at him suspiciously.

"What?" he tries not to look guilty.

"That wasn't tequila,"

"I know,"

"Why would you think that I wouldn't know the difference in tequila and fire water?"

"I just..."

"I know more about alcohol than you think," she tells him.

The fact that she knew anything about alcohol turned him on.

"Since I've got you liquored up and we can use that as an excuse what do you say to a dance?"

"I'll have you know that my motor skills are not impaired in the slightest. I'm completely clear headed,"

"No one is clear headed after three shots of tequila, and fire water,"

"Fine," she sighs.

They dance and dance until her feet grow tired. She slips out of her heels and continues to dance with him. Growing slightly tired she rests her head on his shoulder for a moment.

He whispers in her ear, "Are you drunk yet?"

"Not even close," she answers.

"Then maybe we should go back up to the bar for another round of drinks,"

"Ok," she agrees.

Another round was really two. After the second round she smiles at him deliriously.

"If you weren't my partner I'd think that you were trying to flirt with me," he tells her.

"Maybe I am. I can't control my actions I'm pretty intoxicated," she answers.

"Do you want more?"

"I don't think so," she answers.

"Just one more," he begs.

"You realize that I'm out drinking you right?"

"We'll just have to fix that,"

He returns with three shots. He hands her one and keeps two. They down theirs at the same time, and then she reaches for his.

"Oh no, nice try missy," he grabs it away from her, and swallows.

She tries to stand up, but is unsuccessful.

"I think that I should head home," she tells him.

"Let's hail a cab," he offers.

"K," she agrees as she tries to get her shoes back on. She's too drunk to successfully get them on.

She picks up the shoes and says, "I'll just carry them,"

"Your feet will get dirty," he points out.

"I have a shower," she answers.

He rolls his eyes, and scoops her up. He carries out of the bar, and hails a cab.

"Put me down!" she insists.

He gently sits her down, and she crawls into the back of the cab. He crawls in with her.

The following morning she wakes up with a pounding headache. She looks at the clock as it violently screams at her. She hits snooze, and rolls back over. Three minutes later a different noise wakes her up. Her phone starts ringing. Without opening her eyes she feels around for the phone.

"Hello?" she answers.

"Hey Brennan it's Cam I need you,"

"I'll be there soon," she answers and hangs up. She throws the covers off and steps onto the floor. She finds her clothes piled next to her bed. She walks into the bathroom. The cold floor wakes her up. She stops at the mirror and looks at herself. Her hair is tangled, there is mascara all over her face, and she's wearing an oversized Northwestern t-shirt. She quickly gets dressed. On her way out the door she pops a couple of aspirins.

When she arrives at the crime scene Cam is already there.

"What took you so long?" Cam asks.

"Please don't yell," Temperance begs.

"I'm not," she answers.

"I'm just sensitive to sounds today," she admits.

"Where is your partner?" Cam quizzes.

"Didn't you call him?"

"Yeah, but it usually doesn't take him this long,"

"I don't know," she answers as she tries to focus on the body.

She sees two. She closes her eyes and opens them again. This time she finds just one body. Ten minutes later Booth arrives. He says nothing to her, he just hands her a cup of coffee.

"Thank you," she tells him.

He nods. Cam catches a quick look between them.

"What's up with you two today?"

"Nothing. I think we're both just tired," Booth answers.

"Ok," Cam accepts.

Half an hour later they arrive back at the lab. Temperance does her best to avoid Angela. She was her best friend, but that voice was not something she wanted to hear this morning.

"You look exhausted," Angela tells her.

"I'm fine," Temperance insists as her head seems to disagree.

Booth comes up behind them. "Here I got you some more coffee," he tells her.

She takes the cup as if it's the last cup she'll ever have.

"You two are totally hung over aren't you?"

"SHH! Angela not so loud," Temperance tells her.

"But you're hung over aren't you?"

"No," Brennan denies.

"Yes you are," Angela argues.

"Can we discuss this later? I'm trying to work," Temperance answers.

Angela nods and steps away.

"Hey have you seen my watch?" Seeley asks Temperance.

"No why?"

"I can't seem to find it. I hope that I didn't leave it in the cab, or at the bar,"

"Where else would you have left it?"

"I don't know didn't I walk you in?"

Temperance tries to remember the night before. The cab ride, and her somehow making it to her bed was a blur. "You probably did. I'll see if it's there," she assures him.

"Thanks," he flashes her a smile.