Hey guys, crimson-obsidian-rose here, back with another Sonic one-shot, my first in a while. This was done completely on impulse, and probably only took me 15 minutes, actually. I just got this idea all of a sudden, and decided to see if I could write 2 different stories in 1. So, you should this twice, once with the stuff in parenthesis, and once without, and tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic the Hedgehog, which I believe was implied by the name of the site, fanfiction (dot) net.

Almost (Didn't)

There is (no) destruction everywhere (anywhere). (No)Things are falling, crashing, braking, not just around me, but in me too, I (don't) think. My arm is (not) screaming, I (don't) think it looks funny. Zooming, speeding, dashing, running, I am (not) looking for an exit and for my survival, but it takes a few minutes for me to find (lose) the light. I can (not) see it, I can (not) make it. So I run faster, pound harder, and the light is (not) getting closer. I'm (not) beside it now, and I am (not) running into it.

Or am I?

He's (not) trapped inside, I can (not) feel him. I (don't) scream his name, but a hand on my shoulder tells me to calm down, and I do (not) ignore it. I (don't) wait patiently, because I know he will (not) make it out alive. Inside I'm (not) dying, because I can (not) sense that he is no more.

Or can I?

I know, it's a bit strange, but I hope that you guys could understand it. Tell me what you think!!