Title: Scratch

Author: Nakita1031

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to TFATF, don't sue.

Summary: Set after TFATF. Four years ago, Letty broke up with Dom. Four years later, he's finally moving on. He has the perfect life. He's about to get engaged, settle down, and have kids. Only there's one little problem...

A/N: Any reference to lyrics are from Kendall Payne's Scratch


"Shit Dom, I'm running so late!" she said as she scrambled around the condo, looking for her keys. Dom spied them on the coffee table and picked them up.

"Debbie, heads up," he called out as he tossed them her way. She caught them immediately and smiled.

"Thanks baby," she said as she kissed his cheek. "I'll see you tonight," she said, grabbing her briefcase from the floor.

He was going to say bye but she was already out the door. It wasn't like her to be late, she was usually the most put together and timely person on earth. He wished he could be as responsible. He'd gotten better over the years, but she was sometimes so proper and pulled together, that he felt he wasn't good enough for her. But then he would remind himself how much she loved him and how much he loved her, and all those insecure thoughts would go out the window. As he looked around their condo, he had to smile. They'd built a wonderful life together, and it was only the beginning. Today was a big day, a huge step in the rest of their lives.

"Can I help you?" the smiling woman asked politely.

"Yeah. I need to buy a ring," he said sternly.

I need to buy a ring?

"I mean, I want to buy a ring," he said, correcting himself almost immediately.

"Well, you've come to the right place. Let me show you some styles," she said as she pulled out her keys. Just then, his cell phone rang. He shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled it out.

"Hello?" he said as he flipped it open.

"Hey brotha. You comin to the garage today?"

He rolled his eyes. Just Vince.

"Yeah, later man. I'm kind of caught up right now," he stated.

"Well, look Dom, the reason I'm calling...um, I just wanted to give you a heads up."

"Heads up about what?" Dom asked confused. He held a polite finger up to the saleswoman, signaling he'd be just a minute.

"Um, look, I don't want to cause any trouble. I just thought you should know. I'm not positive, just heard some rumblings around town."

"Vince. Stop talkin in circles man. Rumblings about what?" he asked, more confused than ever.

"About her."

He didn't have to say her name. He knew immediately who 'her' was, and his stomach immediately tied in about a million knots.

"What about her?" he asked quietly, through clenched teeth.

"Heard she's in town," said Vince.

"Who'd you hear this from?" Dom asked.

"Hector. Look man, I'm sorry. I don't want to fuck up your game bro, I just thought you'd wanna know. Letty's aunt passed away. So, she's in town for the funeral."


Without saying anything else, Dom flipped the phone shut.

What the fuck. Why today? Of ALL days. And why the hell did he have to say her fuckin name?

"Well, sir, this one is absolutely gorgeous. As you can see it has an emerald cut and..."

"I'm sorry. I have to go," Dom said, cutting her off. He opened the door harshly, and let it slam shut. The bright sun pierced his eyes. He reached for his sunglasses and put them on.

What the fuck. Why today?? Why the hell did he even care? Why the hell did hearing her name infuriate him so much? Yet again, why the hell did he even care?

He felt his blood boil.

Why the hell did she still have the ability to make him IRATE?! How the hell could she still have this hold on him?