I let my mind go as I ran. My surroundings faded as I caught the scent of my prey. I launched my self in its direction, avoiding the trees that were blurring past me. I slammed into the deer, and tore at its throat. Its eyes widened in surprise as its blood flowed into my mouth. Slowly its life left it, and its heart stopped beating. The burning in my throat lessened the more I swallowed.

I finished the deer's blood and buried the carcass where I stood. I started walking home. I didn't run. I had no desire to be there. I mean I loved my "family" but I hated the pity glances they gave me. I hated their worried thoughts. I wasn't missing anything. Why didn't they get it? I was glad they found love but that love was not for me.

And Esme. I loved her dearly. She was just so worried.

A crash sounded in the air. I ran to see what was up. A shrill constant cry hung in the air. I got to the wreck and held my breath. There was a car crashed into a tree. A bleeding girl was crushed in the wreck. There was no way she could have survived.

Still their was that crying. I looked into the back and saw a baby. It was a girl. She had no mark on her skin, no sing of being in an accident. Her tiny brown eyes looked up at me and she stopped crying.

Carefully I grabbed her and held her to my chest. She started giggling and grabbed a strand of my hair. I laughed and that made her laugh even more. My heart swelled and a peace filled my being as I looked at her smiling face. She yawned again and grabbed my shirt. Her eyes slowly shut and her breathing evened out.

I began to look for any sign of who the father was. The mother looked like a teenager so I didn't think the father would be much of a help.

I ran to where there were more houses. Who could I give her to that would take her in and treat her like a daughter.

Chief Swan. He was a good man. I took of my shirt and wrapped it around her. I put her on Swan's porch and wrote a note. I rang the doorbell and ran somewhere I could watch.

He came to the door. After looking around and seeing no one, he looked down. His eyes widened in surprise and he gently picked her up. He looked at the note and read it aloud.

"Dear Sir, I didn't know what to do. I can't take care of this child. Please, I beg you to take her as a daughter."

He sighed and shut the door. I watched him from the windows. He took her and laid her on the bed in the guest room. He took the shirt off of the girl, and the baby started to cry. She held her arms out and screamed.

'What do I do' Charlie thought as he looked at the child. He reached his arm that held my shirt to pick her up. She grabbed the shirt and the tears stopped. She smiled and closed her eyes breathing in the scent.

'How cute' Charlie thought as he looked at the little girl. 'I need to call my lawyer. She will be my daughter.'

I watched as he walked down his stairs and grabbed the phone.

I sighed and climbed through the window. She turned and looked at me with her chocolate brown eyes. She started to make noises as she held her hand out. I gave her my finger and she grasped onto it. She made no more noise. She just looked at me.

I heard Charlie downstairs talking about the legal issues. The note legally gave up any of the parent's right and since no one knew where the father was, Charlie would be able to adopt her right away. A social worker would have to come and see if Charlie would be able to take her in. Then Charlie would have to take the bay to the local judge. He would sign the adoption papers and Charlie would have to fill out forms and the child would get its name, social security number, and birth certificate. Since this was a special case the entire process would only take about a month. The lawyer would set up the appointments and keep Charlie posted.

Charlie hung up and started to walk up the stairs. I leaned down and kissed the girl on the forehead. "Take care, precious." I said in her ear. I had to use my other hand to force her to let go of my finger. Tears filled her eyes and dripped down her face even though she made no noise.

I jumped out of the window and ran towards my home. When I got there, Carlisle called to me before I even got to the door. "Edward. We need to talk."

I ran to the office and opened the door.

"Did you have a nice hunt?" He asked.

"Yea, it was good. No mountain lions though." He smiled at my comment.

"Did you need something?" I asked.

"Yes. It's time." my heart dropped at what he said. It was odd because I never really cared before. "So soon?"

"I'm afraid so. They are getting suspicious at the hospital."He studied my face. 'What's wrong?' He thought.



"I need to go think."

I got up and ran. I ignored the questions and the worried looks and thoughts my family kept throwing at me.

I ended up in the meadow I always went too to think. I didn't want to leave. I'

ve never felt this way before. I was usually uncaring of where or when we left. I closed my eyes and just let go. I let go of everything. Every thought, and feeling was pushed away.

When I opened my eyes to see the sun was raising. I ran to my home. Alice was at the door. When she saw me she slowly walked to me. She hugged me and I hugged her back. We both knew what I was doing.

"What do you see?" I asked.

"Nothing. If you go through with this, I can't be sure of what will happen. I want to know why though?"

"I want to know why also, Alice. I can't tell you why. I just know I need to stay."

"Good luck. You know I love you?"

I smiled. "Yes, Alice. I know and I love you to."

I entered the house and walked to the dining room. Everyone was sitting around the table we never used.

"Edward. Alice said you had something you wanted to tell us?" Carlisle asked looking at me.

"I'm not going with you. I'm staying here in Forks." I looked around to gauge their reactions. The y were shocked. Esme looked beyond hurt. My heart broke. Their thoughts were racing inside my head.

"But" Esme said. "But why? Have we done something wrong?" she stood up and walked to me. She wrapped her arms around me.

"Never, Esme."

"We love you so much. Why are you dong this?"

"If I knew I would tell you." I sighed." I was planning just on staying here. I'm not going to be seen by anyone.

They all stood up. Carlisle looked at me with such worry in his eyes. 'You were my first son. I had you fro company before I had Esme. You can always come find us. We have our cells. Call if you need anything.' "And call just to talk. Were going to miss you." He said aloud. Everyone agreed with him.

"I'll miss you all. I don't think this is a permanent separation." I said. I hugged them all and said my good-byes. I watched a s their cars drove away to a new place.

I ran to see her again. An odd anxiousness filled me and wouldn't leave me alone until I was at her window watching her. Until I would I know for sure she was safe.