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Story Summary: Harry Potter isn't alone at Privet Drive in this story. His cousin—the Dursley's daughter—is a witch too and both of them have suffered during their short lives. Harry is mute and Camille Dursley is deaf. And two people want to try and keep them safe from harm.

HARRY POTTER: Untitled for the Moment

13-year-old Harry Potter groaned as he heard his aunt, Petunia Dursley knocking on the door. When her footsteps faded off, Harry threw back the blankets and looked up at the bottom of the upper bunk bed before raising his foot and kicking hard.

"I'm awake!" said the annoyed voice of Camille Dursley.

Even though Camille was Petunia and Vernon Dursley's daughter, she and Harry were treated the same due to the fact that they were—as Vernon liked to say—freaks. Camille had shown magical abilities when she was 5 and for 6 years she and Harry had shared the cupboard under the stairs which had been expanded three feet to accomodate the two of them.

Once Harry and Camille had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Petunia and Vernon had given then Dudley's second bedroom and had set up bunk-beds for the two children.

The magic, however, was only one reason that Camille and Harry were so mutually disliked. When she was 8 years old, a serious ear infection had destroyed Camille's hearing. Outraged and thinking that somehow Harry had been the one to make Camille deaf, Vernon had tried to strangle the boy, permanently damaging Harry's vocal cords.

Touching his cousin's arm as she came down the ladder next to the bunk-beds, Harry pointed to his glasses on the small table. Once he'd slid the glasses on, he signed, 'Thanks, Cam.'

Camille grinned and got dressed, handing Harry his clothes. Since her parents and brother, Dudley, had never bothered learning sign language it was easily the best way to 'talk'. Still, Camille liked to verbally respond to Harry sometimes so that he didn't feel as alone when they were at home. The only downside was that, being deaf, she couldn't tell when she was being loud enough to be heard by others. "We better get downstairs," Camille finally said, gloomily.

'Yeah,' Harry replied. 'Heaven forbid Dudley misses a meal.'

'You could feed the homeless on what he eats in a day,' Camille signed back.

"Downstairs, you freaky brats!" Vernon Dursley bellowed. "NOW!"

'Yes, Master,' Harry and Camille signed, in unison before breaking into identical grins.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Camille started on making toast while Harry went to make the eggs and bacon.

"When are you going to pick up Aunt Marge, Dad?" Dudley asked, watching his sister and cousin with disdain.

Camille saw that Harry's eyes had widened in alarm and she mouthed 'What?'

'Aunt Marge is coming here,' Harry mouthed back.

Vernon noticed the looks Harry and Camille were exchanging and he stood and looked sharply at his daughter and nephew. "If there's any funny business… any at all… the two of you will wish you'd never been born. I've told Marge you two go to the Crawley School for the Disabled. Stick with that story or I swear I'll…"

Camille and Harry nodded before finishing breakfast and cleaning up before taking paper plates and plastic cups of juice upstairs to their room to eat in peace. 'I can't believe we have to deal with Aunt Marge for a whole week,' Harry signed, irritably.

'I'll take Snape over her any day,' Camille replied. 'At least Snape doesn't treat us like we're retarded or something. Marge thinks if she talks loudly enough I'll hear her.'

Harry finished eating and looked out the window smiling as he saw two owls coming towards the house. One was the snowy owl belonging to Harry and Camille, and the other looked like the yearly Hogwarts owl. Pointing to the owls, Harry opened the window and while Hedwig flew over to land on her cage the Hogwarts owl dropped off two envelopes before taking a quick drink of water of Hedwig's dish and flying back off into the day.

Camille took the letters and couldn't help but smile when she read the front.

Miss Camille Dursley

Top Bunk, Smallest Bedroom

#4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


Every time she received a letter from Hogwarts, she felt a warm glow inside. She was special… someone actually wanted her around…

As the two teenagers opened their mail, they didn't really think much of the way Hedwig watched them. She was probably just waiting for one of them to feed her a bite of bacon.


That night, as Harry and Camille slept, Hedwig nudged open the unlocked door of her cage and soon the was out in the open night, soaring around, free as the bird she was.

After flying almost to the edge of Little Whinging, Hedwig stopped as she saw a big, black, shaggy dog sitting on a sidewalk, looking up at the sky. Swooping down and landing on a nearby park bench, she hooted to get the dog's attention.

The black dog seemed startled by the closeness of the bird and then afraid… or perhaps not quite sure of what he was seeing. Whining, he slowly padded up to the owl and sniffed. With a bark of surprise, he jumped up on the seat and gave the owl a lick which made the bird screech in disgust.

"Sirius, that's disgusting!" Where once there had been an owl, now there was a woman with red hair and green eyes. Smiling, she added, "Come on… let me see you."

The dog barked again before changing into a man with shaggy, matted black hair wearing ripped prison robes. "Lily… Merlin, I can't believe it's you!" Hugging her, Sirius wanted to cry as he realized that just because Lily was alive, didn't mean that James was as well.

"I can't believe you look so… terrible," Lily finished, studying her friend.

"Azkaban will do that to you," Sirius muttered, darkly. Looking around, he said, "We can't stay out here. We need to hide."

"Hide?" Lily asked, confused. "Sirius, tell me what's going on. I've been stuck as an owl for 12 years and I'd like to know what the bloody hell you were doing in Azkaban."

Sirius nodded. "Okay, I'll tell you. But first… do you have your wand?" At Lily's nod, he added, "Good. We'll need it."