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Character: Iroh


He considered himself a reasonable man. And he had always acted as a reasonable man, even in unreasonable times. However he had never found himself in such an unreasonable circumstance before. So how did one act reasonably when reason had obviously failed and lead to such an unreasonable situation?

One didn't. Which explained why he, a perfectly reasonable man, was now sneaking around like a common thief; plotting, bribing, tampering and doing whatever else it took to create reason from the unreasonable.

He blamed it all on his unreasonable nephew, though the young waterbender too had proved unreasonable, as the reason he, an elderly gentleman who by right should be bouncing burbling grandchildren on his knees, was forced to take such unreasonable actions. And at his age!

Still the thought of blue eyed, black haired babies was enough to hold him to his path of unreasonable actions. And he knew, in time, both would come to understand.

As the last of the White Lotus vanished from sight, the most reasonable of them still laughing as he bounded from rock to rock, with the bundle in tow he breathed a sigh of relief. His nephew, no doubt, would continue to be unreasonable for a time, he always was, but the young waterbender would be there to help him see reason. And with reason restored they would see what every other reasonable person saw.

Especially now that the unreasonable dagger lipped girl was out of the picture. If she'd only listened to reason…