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Rain pounded relentlessly, the wind howling and the trees creaking. Forehead pressed against the window, Edmund could feel the chill from the cold glass seeping into his skin. He could hear one of his roommates snoring above the din of the storm, probably just as loud as Trumpkin's snores had been.

How much time had passed in Narnia? A day? A week? A year? Edmund exhaled, watching as the window misted from the warmth of his breath. He shivered slightly, wishing that he had warm arms to return to.

He looked over at his empty dormitory bed, a lumpy and unpleasant looking thing, made worse by the feeling of loneliness. There was nothing to console him. He had left everything that mattered behind him, without having anything to show for it. Nothing to remember him by…

He gazed out the window again, watching as the rain pelted down in an endless stream, flooding everything it touched. The dark clouds hid the moon from sight, and hid the light that Edmund needed so desperately. He could not stand to be sitting in the dark, completely and utterly alone.

He missed him already. Missed the dark hair that shone in the light. Missed the eyes that could read him like a book. He missed the sunny days and cool nights, where he lay wrapped in strong arms, the steady breathing tickling his skin. He missed the joy, the laughter and the pure affection that he gave and received, unreservedly. Most of all, Edmund yearned for his smile, anything to drive away the demons that the night unleashed.

Caspian…The storm continued to howl as the tears slipped down his pale cheeks.