Alright, this is my first fanfic here! I hope you like it, I love reviews, good and bad. Sorry the prologue is short, it just came out like this.

Disclaimer: None of these characters or places are mine. Not even all of the dialogue.


Sirrus linked into the library. He knew his brother was furious, and he had decided to run. His dignity was already shot for the day, a little more cowardice couldn't hurt, right?

"Think, Sirrus, think! What's the last Age he'd think to search?" Sirrus spun around, glancing over the book titles on the shelves. Unsastisfied, he spun around in rage, preparing run out the door, when he glanced at one of the forbidden books.

"Yes, that might be useful," he said aloud, as he walked over to the red one. Its panel showed a great spire, and promised everything Sirrus loved most. He was about to link when a thought hit him. This is too obvious! He wandered over to the blue book, more from curiosity than anything else.

It showed the kind of world his big brother loved: a dense jungle that had to be teeming with frightening beasts. "Yes!" Sirrus shouted. "He'll never look here!"