Title: The Cold Polonaise

Rating: T

CHAPTER 1: The Famous Kiyumi

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Maori Kiyumi

Hiroki Kiyumi

Aemi Riyoka

Arika Kiyumi


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Maori Kiyumi, a Japanese girl who was born and raised in England by her father Hiroki Kiyumi and her mother Aemi Riyoka. She is a top student, a talented skater and a talented musician. She loves skating as much as she loves music. But, suddenly everything changed when she lost her beloved grandfather. Can she recover from this lost or will she be stuck in this sadness forever?



-Hiroki Kiyumi is seated on his office chair, talking to the phone with his youngest sister, Arika-

"Big brother, I'm worried for my niece, England will bring nothing but sadness to her life." Arika said on the other line.

"Arika, what are you implying? That my daughter shouldn't stay and live here?" Hiroki replied feeling impatient.

"Yes. Bring her here. It's been a year Hiroki, but your daughter Maori isn't getting any better. I've heard from Aemi-san, that she have been sickly the past months. Big brother let's try." Arika pleaded.

"Arika, it will not do her any good, going to another place is not a solution. Arika, she doesn't know anything about Japan. She was born here, her world is here, Arika, her memories, and everything is here for her." Hiroki explained.

"That is it! The memories, Big brother. Every single memory of her grandfather is there. Can you not see? If you'll bring her here she'll be leaving that memory and will create a new one. Plus, she knows a little about Japan, for heaven sake brother! She used to visit here. She even skates at the Riyoka Family Villa, Am I right?" Arika said her voice getting irritated.

Hiroki ignored the question. "Haha! Arika, you think that is so easy? We need to settle down again? Arika, that's crazy!" Hiroki said with an irritated voice. He's trying to restrain himself from shouting because his daughter is just in the second floor and he doesn't want her to hear the argument.

"It will, Hiroki! Your job is the family business! You do this always, back and forth, going here and back there. Aemi-san will have no problem. She goes around the world to perform. The only thing that will change is that you're going to live here." Arika said getting impatient with his brother. She wants to persuade her brother as much as possible and she will do anything to convince him.

"I'll talk about this with Aemi first, but whatever is our decision, Arika, you should understand Maori is our daughter. And we are the ones who can decide for her. This will be the last time that we will talk about this issue."

"Big brother, please consider this." Arika was sobbing on the other line, but she remained her voice clear and firm.

She hates seeing or hearing Maori in a state like this, it hurts her so much. She promised herself that she will do anything to ease the pain of her one and only niece.

Hiroki once again ignored her sister. "Arika, one more thing, If we decide to live there, I don't want any press release about me, Aemi and most of all Maori. We had enough of that here. Do you understand, sister?"

"Yes brother, I can stop the media from that." Arika said wiping her tears. A ray of hope was forming inside her. Did she already convinced him?... She asked herself.

"Until then Arika. Good night." Hiroki put down the phone and rubbed his temples. He looked up and thought …Maori, Please wake up from this sadness…



"Maori! Let's go honey!" Her father shouted from downstairs. Maori who is inside her room stared at her full body mirror and said to herself,

"So this is it? Seisou huh? Might as well live with it…"

Then she turned around grabbed her things on her study table and shouted,

"Coming, Dad!!" She closed the door of her room and ran through the stairs and made her way to the car, parked in front of their entrance door.


"Are you ready Mao-chan?" Her father asked while looking at her. She stared at the window, where she could see the gates of Seisou Academy.

"I guess…" she said.

"Mao-chan…" her Dad said calming. This time Maori, sat up straight and turned her head to look at her father,

"Dad, Can you please stop calling me that?! One reason is that my nickname is 'Mau' not Mao-chan. Second, it doesn't mean that if I agreed coming over here you can call me the way you call my Auntie Arika." Maori said irritably.

She rolled her eyes, turned her head back to the window and crossed her arms. She fixed her position and leaned to the car window beside her.

Her father sighed.

"Okay. Okay. But please remember this; you are still Japanese, Mau. Anyway that's not the issue here, I just want to say that don't worry, honey, everything is going to be fine. We'll get over it soon."

He slightly patted the head of his daughter, Maori looked at him. He gave his daughter a kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes,

"Thanks, Dad… Anyway, I need to go now. Ready or not Seisou here I come."

She straightened herself, fixed her uniform, opened the door and went out. She turned around to see her father waving a hand to her, she just nodded in reply. After this, she walked towards the gates of Seisou Academy. When she entered the school gates almost everyone was staring at her. Some were even whispering to each other. Both General Education and Music students are all curious of the new girl. Maori tried to ignore the whispers but she just can't help to over hear some.

"Isn't she Maori Kiyumi? The daughter of Aemi Riyoka?"

"Aemi Riyoka? Isn't she the one who sings with Len's mother? Misa Hamai?"

"Yes, yes. But wait Aemi Riyoka's daughter is not a musician, if I'm not mistaken."

"If she's not then why is she wearing the Music Department uniform plus she has a flute case?"

"Oh. I don't know. Maybe, it's not her."

jeez…my mom is really famous here… Maori thought.

"Ms. Kiyumi? Am I right?" An orange haired man approached her. She looked at him for a second then,

"Oh… sorry… yes. I'm Maori Kiyumi."

"I'm Shinobu Osaki. I guess you've seen the division of the school's uniform now." Osaki smiled. Maori just smirked.

She looked around her, some were wearing gray uniform and some were wearing cream.

"The ones that are wearing the gray uniform are from the General Education Department; the ones wearing a cream, just like yours, are from the Music Department. Anyway, I was asked by Hiroto Kanazawa to escort you. Shall we now go, Kiyumi-san?" Osaki said.

Maori who was looking around, turned to face Osaki…Kiyumi-san? What the… Maori thought.

"Ah, Yes. Please call me Maori." She blurted out.

"Pardon? I'm sorry. I guess our culture is not the same. I'm used to calling new acquaintances' by their last name." Osaki said then he smiled.

"Well, I maybe born Japanese but I was raised in England… So yah I guess we are pretty different. I'll try to get use to these changes though." Maori said. Osaki just smiled.

"Shall we go now?" Osaki asked. Maori just nodded.


-Outside the classroom-

"Just wait here, Kiyumi-san." Osaki said. Maori just nodded. Osaki on the other hand went inside the classroom of class 3-B.

"Good Morning, Class." Osaki said.

"Good Morning, Osaki-senpai."

"Yes, Please be seated. Kanazawa-sensei, will be here after this. I just have an announcement." Osaki started.

"What is it senpai?! Is it something about the cafeteria?! Or about the concours?!" Kazuki Hihara shouted with delight.

"Hihara, please let me finish. Anyway, your class have a new student. She just came from England. She is Japanese who was raised in England." Osaki signalled Maori to get in.

"This is Maori Kiyumi." A dark violet haired girl entered the room; her hair is long with a little curl at the end. Her face has a light complexion, hazel eyes with brown streaks, long eye lashes, pinkish cheeks and has very rosy lips. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches and has a slim body. Almost all the boys in the classroom stared at her.

"Hi. I'm Maori Kiyumi and I specialized with the flute." She said, smiling a little.

well, well, now we have another flutist in our class this could be fun… someone thought. As the students heard that she specialized with the flute all eyes turned to Azuma Yunoki which is seated somewhere in the middle of the classroom. Azuma Yunoki just smiled.

"YUNOKI!! You now have somebody to share your talents to!" Kazuki Hihara shouted looking at his best friend.

"Hihara!" Osaki said. Maori looked at Osaki a little confused.

"Ah… Kiyumi-san, the only person who specialized with the flute in this class is Azuma Yunoki seated over there. (Osaki pointed where Azuma is seated.) But now, there will be two in this class. I wish you will get along with each other. I'm sure you will, Yunoki-san is a gentleman anyway." Maori looked at Azuma Yunoki. Azuma flashed his world famous smile.

Interesting…Both of them thought.


Name: Maori Kiyumi

Gender: Female

Age: 16 years old

Birthday: February 12

Horoscope: Aquarius

Blood Type: AB

Instrument: Flute

Hair Color: Hazel with brown streaks

Year: 3rd Year, Class 3-B, Music Department

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

ABOUT HER: Maori Kiyumi, was born and raised in England, an only child of the famous opera singer/singer Aemi Riyoka and vice-president of the Kiyumi Corporation, Hiroki Kiyumi. She is kind, sweet and a very gentle person. She is determined to meet her goals in life. She can be stubborn at times, but this is the thing that makes her a strong person. She can be resentful and cold at times, but her heart has a soft spot that makes her kind to others.

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