Of Ice Skating and online chats

"Ohiyo, Sasuke-san, Naruto." Sakura said bouncing up to the duo. Calling Sasuke san had become a habbit after he returned. She decided she no longer knew him very much and didn't exactly want to know him. Although she was as bold as ever.

"Ohiyo, Sakura-chan!" Naruto exclaimed happily.

"Hn, Ohiyo." Sasuke said.

"Guess what? Me and Hinata-chan are going to go ice skating, wanna come?" Sakura asked happily.

"Hinata-chan is gonna be there?" Naruto asked, blushing slightly as he had a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

"Yup!" Sakura said, she knew Naruto liked Hinata but surprisingly didn't have the courage to tell her. She also knew that Hinata liked Naruto and like didn't have the courage to tell him.

"Hn, no thanks." Sasuke grunted as he began to walk away.

"Yes!" Sakura yelled standing in front of him so he couldn't leave. "You're gonna go ice skating with us! Don't be such a party pooper!"






"No?" Sakura asked getting an idea.


"Yay!! Guess what Naruto, Sasuke is going ice skating with us!"

"What?! No I'm not!"

"Yes you are! You said so yourself you said 'yes' meaning you would come!" Sakura exclaimed with a broad grin on her face.

"Hn, fine." Sasuke grumbled.

"Okie dokie! Meet me at my house in two hours!" Sakura said running off to tell Hinata the news of them having company.

When Hinata found that Naruto was going she no longer wanted to come in fear of making a fool of herself in front of him.

"You won't make a fool of yourself! I promise! This is a great chance to show Naruto how great a skater you are!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Yes, demo..." Hinata mumbled, blushing she was a great ice skater even though it rarely snowed in Konoha. "What if I fall? Or worse fall through the ice! Then he'll think I'm fat!"

"Of course he won't! He is blind if he thinks you're fat! Which he doesn't!" Sakura said trying to reassure her friend.

"Fine." Hinata said, reluctantly.

"Yay!" Sakura said jumping up and down happily.

Knock. Knock.

"Oo. That'll be them!" Sakura exclaimed.

" Heya, Sakura-chan. Hinata-chan!" Naruto said.

"Okie. You guy have skates right?" Sakura asked.

"Yup!" Naruto said showing them his bright orange and blue ice skates. (Their skates are custom made. They pulled in a favor from some guy they saved.)

"Yeah." Sasuke said showing them his onyx black ones with the Uchiha fan on them.

"Okie then lets get going!" Sakura said happily grabbing hers and Hinata's skates. Hinata's were indigo blue with azure laces and Sakura's were bubble gum pink with neon green laces. When they got to the lake there were only a few other people skating, due to the fact that it rarely snowed in Konoha.

"C'mon!" Naruto exclaimed dragging a red Hinata onto the ice as soon as she had her skates on.

"C'mon Sasuke-san!" Sakura said dragging Sasuke onto the ice. "Race you around the lake!" Sakura exclaimed abruptly taking off.

"Oi! Choto matte!" Sasuke yelled after her taking off. Pumping chakra into his legs, he soon caught up to her. "Thats not fair."

"Oh? Is the great Uchiha Sasuke afraid he is gonna lose? To a girl no less!" Sakura teased as a grin spread across her face.

"Of course not!" Sasuke said turning red, then he began to go as fast as he could trying to hide his blush from Sakura because she would surely tease him.

"Hey!" Sakura yelled after him. Pumping chakra into her legs she tried to catch up not wanting to lose to her teammate. Sakura had long since gotten over her crush on Sasuke and decided that she was going to try not to be clingy to Sasuke and try to just be his friend if she wanted him to like her.

"Ha-pant- I- pant- finally caught up to you!" Sakura said panting as she skated beside Sasuke.

"Not for long." Sasuke said smirking.

"Wanna bet?" Sakura challenged.

"Now what kind of gentlemen would I be if I took money from a lady?" Sasuke said.

"Since when were you a gentlemen, Teme?" Naruto asked him and Hinata were holding hands and skating next to Sasuke and Sakura. "You just don't wanna bet cause you know your gonna lose to Sakura-chan. Ain't that right Hina-chan?"

"H-Hia." Hinata stuttered, blushing at the name Naruto had given her.

"See?" Naruto said.

"Hn." Sasuke said blushing and then once again sped up trying to hide the blush that he could not fight down.

"Oi! Choto matte!" Sakura said trying to catch up to Sasuke before she lost the race.

"No." Sasuke said over his shoulder, just loud enough for Sakura to hear.

"Grr." Sakura growled trying to catch up to Sasuke. Soon Sakura was right on his tail and beginning to catch up to the young Uchiha.

Glancing over his shoulder. Sasuke saw that Sakura was right on his tail, thought the finish line, which consisted of Hinata and Naruto. They were both shouting things like, "Go Sakura-chan!" and " I'll treat you to ramen if you beat the teme, Sakura-chan!" Smirking Sasuke began to speed up. In the end it was a close race though all in all Sasuke won the race.

"Hmph!" Sakura hmphed. Earning a chuckle from Sasuke. "What're you laughing at Captain Chicken Hair!" Demanded Sakura.

"Captain Chicken Hair? Very mature Pinky." Sasuke said with a smirk.

"Pinky? Pinky!? Why I oughta-" Sakura said stomping over to Sasuke but was stopped by a ringing that came from her pocket. "Moshi moshi? Okay. On my way. Sorry guys that was my mom. And Sasuke, wait till we have practice tomorrow I'ma get you!" And with that Sakura walked off.

When Sakura got home she went to her room and got on the computer to see if Hinata, TenTen or Ino were on. When she signed on she saw that Hinata was on but no one else.

GreenEyedFighter has signed on.

LavenderEyedLove: Heya Sakura-chan! How come you had to go home?

GreenEyedFighter: It was getting late and my mom wanted me home fer din din.

LavenderEyedLove: oh

GreenEyedFighter:Okie! What was with u an Naruto holding hands?? AND he called u Hina- chan! Spill!!

LavenderEyedLove: ~:~Blushes~;~ When u an Sasuke were racing naruto told me that he liked me and asked me to be his gf... turns even redder

GreenEyedFighter: really really?? what'd u say what'd u say??

2CuteForYou: isn't it obvious? They were holding hands weren't they forehead?

GreenEyedFighter:were'd the hell u come from ino-pig??

RamenLuverBelieveIt: well when 2 ppl like ea. Other they—OW!! what was that for teme?

Panda-chanWithKnives: why'd you type that? Aint he like in the same room as u?


GreenEyedFighter:were the hell'd you guys come from and Naruto u say anything about "when 2 ppl like ach other.."Ima kick ur ass.

2CuteForYou: Oh, yeah we been on

GreenEyedFighter: Oh

LavenderEyedLove: srry was in the bathroom whats going on?

Panda-chanWithKnives:way to much info and nothing much.


CloudWatcher has signed on.

CloudWatcher: Sup?

2CuteForYou: Heyaz! It's Shika-kun!

CloudWatcher:troublesome hey ino

2CUteForYou: u say troublesome one more time ima thro a high heal at'chu!!

RamenLuverBelieveIt:Blink how're u gonna fo that?

GreenEyedFighter: fo?

RamenLuverBelieveIt: srry ment do


2CuteForYou: easy he lives next door and his window wont close anymore.

GreenEyedFighter:how do u no that? STALKER!!

2CuteForYou:rolls eyes I asked him why he had his window open in the middle of the winter and he told me it wouldnt shut

GreenEyedFighter: oh

Panda-chanWithKnives: hey hinata weres neji?

LavenderEyedLove: dunnu im go ask brb


2CuteForYou: o.0 do u like neji?

ByakuganUser: does who like me?

Panda-chanWithKnives: No one! AINT THAT RIGHT INO PIG?

2CuteForYou: what she said!

ByakuganUser:u guys r nut now whats everyone doing?

RedEyedPanther: Nothing


RedEyedPanther: what

ByakuganUser: nice name...

GreenEyedFighter: Thankiez!! I chose it for him!!

ByakuganUser: well... that explains it.

GreenEyedFighter: explains what?

ByakuganUser: nothin.

GreenEyedFighter: okie then

LavenderEyedLove: srry guys I gotta go to bed g'night all

ByakuganUser: me2

Panda-chanWithKnives: nighty nighty!! I gotta go 2

GreenEyedFighter: night!!

RedEyedPanther: good night

RamenLuverBelieveIt: Nighty night hina chan! Sweet dreams!! I need to go 2 bye bye

LavenderEyedLove: good night naruto kun!

CloudWatcher: night I also gotta go

2CuteForYou: I gotta go 2 bye bye

2CuteForYou has signed off.

CloudWatcher has signed off.

LavenderEyedLove has signed off.

ByakuganUser has signed off.

RamenLuverBelieveIt has signed off.

Panda-chanWithKnives has signed off.

GreenEyedFighter: were'd everyone go?

RedEyedPanther: I believe it is Where'd and they most likely went to sleep

GreenEyedFighter: ya ya Captain Chicken Hair im off have a nice rest of the night

RedEyedPanther: night pinky.

RedEyedPanther has signed off.

GreenEyedFighter: hey!!

GreenEyedFighter: o hes gone.. im talking er typing to myself...

GreenEyedFighter has signed off.


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