Of Ice Skating and Online Chats.

Chapter Nine.

Of Almost Cat fights,and Pillow Fights.

My eyes snapped open, alarmed when I felt a strong arm around my waist. Then realization hit me like a ton of bricks, Sasuke's arm was around my waist. I could have burst with joy that moment. Though, his arm didn't seem to explain why I couldn't see anything.

Your face is in his chest... Dumbass.

Oh. Well, that explains it. Now, go away, I wanna enjoy tis moment!

"Mornin'" Sasuke muttered looking at me.

"Ohayo." I murmured trying to get up, only to find I was unable, for Sasuke had tightened his arm around my waist seeming to have no intention of releasing my waist. "You don't have any intention of letting me go, do you?"

"No, not at all." Sasuke said smirking burying his head in my hair.

"I can't really argue with that." I said as we both fell back asleep though neither of us knew what time it was.




"Damnit!" Sasuke said crossly pulling a pillow over his head.

"Who the hell is banging on the door?" I demanded. Wondering what time it was I looked at the clock. Shit, it was noon. Oh well, I'm comfy!

"Silver maybe?" Sasuke asked.

"No, she would just waltz right in like she owned the place. Thats just her." I said. Sasuke snorted at this.




"Oh, Cloud-kkkuuunnnnn!!"

"I am going to murder her." I seethed jumping out of bed.

"You don't have to. Silver is still pissed at her. Plus she just doesn't like her. Well, and shes in the mood to pick a fight." Air Head said appearing out of nowhere.

"Where the hell'd you come from?" I demanded.

"Where the hell is Cloud?" Ana's voice demanded outside of the apartment door.

"Which one?" Silver's voice could be heard.

"Either. Well, your boyfriend was pretty hot.." Ana's voice trailed off.

"I wanna see this!" I said. It was rare Silver went looking for a fight. And when she did you found out why she was so feared. It was kinda fun to watch her fight, as long as you weren't the one she was fighting. Silver wasn't going to go all out because Ana wasn't a shinobi but Ana was really gonna get her pretty lil' ass kicked.

"Lead the way." Sasuke said seeming to be just as interested in the fight as I was.

"To bad he doesn't go for ugly whores like yourself." Silver said.

"How dare you!" Ana demanded looking pissed off. We had just opened the door to see Ana in a extremely revealing outfit and Silver in loose fitting black jeans and a sweat shirt that was most likely Air Head's.

"Oh, Cloud!" Ana said in a sickeningly whinny voice. "She just called me a whore!"

"So?" Sasuke and Cloud said in unison.

"But don't you care about me?" Ana demanded.

"Not in the slightest." Sasuke said raping his arms around my waist resting his chin on my shoulder. "But, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend Sakura."

"What! A whore like her?" demanded Ana. "She has corrupted you!"

"You're gonna pay for that comment!" Silver said throwing her fist at Ana's jaw. Hard.

"If you want to hurt Ana you will go through me first." Said some huge guy that looked kinda like Ana as he stepped between the two.

"Aniki! She called me a whore!" Ana cried.

"She was hitting on my boyfriend! Shes the whore!" Silver said. She was defending herself. What the hell? She could take down this guy in a heartbeat. Why was she defending herself? Normally she would have swung by now.

"You did what?" He demanded looking at Ana. Apparently he didn't know how much of a flirting whore Ana was.

"I did not!" Ana said looking like a dear caught in headlights.

"Did too." Sasuke, Air Head and I said all at once.

"Okay. Who am I fighting, Ana or you?" Silver said confused and getting bored. She wanted a fight and it looked as if there wasn't going to be one.

"Why is she looking to pick a fight?" Sasuke asked.

"Because Ana tried to kiss me in front of her." Air Head stated.

"Well, thats smart." I commented.

"You did what?!" Demanded Ana's brother when he heard Air Head.

"Um, nothing?" Ana said, thought it was more of a question.

"You're coming with me. Father is going to be pissed. You were raised to be a young women not some whore who tries to flirt with someone else's boyfriend." He said angrily. Despite his words you could tell he loved his sister, and wanted the best for her.

"Well, thats that. And here I wanted to pick a fight." Silver said shrugging. "Hey, wanna have a movie night just us before we have to leave and go back home?"

"Sure!" I said. "Sasuke?"

"Sure." He said.

"Okie! Lets go get as much junk food as we can carry!" Silver sang.

"Lead the way!" I said.

Sasuke's Point Of View.

As we were headed to the store to get chips, ice cream, and candy I was confronted by a girl that made Ana look like a saint.

"Hey, wanna hang out with some real women?" She said seductively. Kami. Was this place crawling with girls ready to go out with someone they didn't know? Hell, I could be a murderer. Actually, I was, technically, a murderer for I have killed many. I regret most of it though.

"Yes. And I am." I stated, once again wrapping my arm tightly around Sakura's waist bringing her to me. I couldn't help but to smirk when she turned a light red.

"Really?" She asked in mock astonishment. "Where are they then?"

"Here." Silver said in a sing song voice.

"Really? All I see is a bunch of ugly little girls."

"Eh? You're one to talk! Your boobs and face ain't even eal!." Silver sexclaimed looking appalled. "Besides, he seems to like me plenty."

"Hm? How much did you pay them to even come in a ten meter radious of you." She said snidely.

"You looking to get your ass kicked? I am really starting to hate this place. Too many whores. Hell, did you know girly, both Cloud and Sasuke here are murderers?" Silver said.

"What the hell?" She asked alarmed.

"Yup! And Silver is one of the most feared assassins of all time!" Sakura said joining in. They were messing with this girl. They were telling her the truth and pretending that it was a lie. But, what they were saying was no lie. Silver was one of the most feared assassins of all time. And Cloud and I were murderers. Both Cloud and I had reputations.

Cloud was Silver's guardian and if you messed with her you messed with him which wasn't a good idea. It was rare that Silver was without Cloud. He got his reputation for the fact that he was always with her and if she was injured or unable to fight he would. And in some ways he was stronger that Silver.

"Why I oughta! Playing with my head!" She roared lunging at Silver, who easily evaded her blow smacking her hand away. Getting up she lunged again only to be brushed off like she was no more than a mere fly.

The fight went on like this for a few minutes before Silver got bored.

"Silver." Cloud warned. If Silver got carried away she could easily kill this girl but she didn't really like to kill.

"Yeah, yeah!" Silver said swinging, hitting the girl in the gut sending her flying. Walking up to her and leaning over her she said, "I warned you. We are killers. We are shinobi of Konoha. And we are not to be messed with. As I said before I am an assassin. Sasuke is the last of the Uchiha clan and Cloud is my boyfriend and my comrade, and Sakura is the apprentice of Tsunade. One of the three Sanin."

"Y-you're serious?" She stuttered.

"As serious as I get. Which by the way isn't very serious. Now if you don't mind me asking why the hell did you pick a fight with me. It doesn't take rocket science to see that I can kick your ass. No offence but it's kinda true." Silver said.

"A stupid dare. I don't usualy dress like this nor flirt. I have heard of Tsunade-sama. Isn't she the hokage of Konoha?"

"Yeah. Now we gotta go get movies and as much candy and junk food as I can carry!" Silver said in a sing song voice as if nothing had happened.

Once we had gotten the junk food we went to the movie store getting Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy 2, and Ice Princess, though this movie wasn't intended to be watched if Silver and Sakura got their ways, which they probably were.

Later that night.

"Sasuke, pass me the whip cream please." Sakura said.

"Here." I said passing it to her.

"Thankie!" She sang as she put the nosel inot her mouth.

"Oi! Save some for me!" Silver yelled. It seemed as if these two were using movie night as an excuse to pig out.

"Damnit gimme!" Silver yelled snatching it from Sakura before she ate it all.

Yup. These two just wanted a reason to pig out.

"Oi! That was mines!" Sakura yelled pouncing on Silver grabbing the whip cream and sat on Silver who's arms and legs flailed about.

"No mine! Sasuke get your fat girlfriend offa me!" Silver exclaimed as she rolled out from under Sakura who fell to the other side.

"Who the hell you calling fat?!" Demanded Sakura as she tackled Silver.

"You!" She said crawling once again from under Sakura and hid behind Cloud who moved out of the way laughing as he said, "Sorry hun, you're on your own."

"No fair!" Silver pouted.

"Tough!" Sakura said throwing a pillow at her.

"Pillow fight!" Silver yelled hitting me upside the head.

"What the hell I didn't do nothin'. " I said childishly making Sakura laugh. Grabbing a pillow I hit Silver who in turn hit me and it went on like that for about another half hour before we got tired and we all just dropped.

"Sasuke? Are you asleep?" Sakura asked as she crawled up to me.

"Yes." I mumbled rolling over to face her.

"Ne, did you mean it?" Sakura asked as she curled up a little less than a foot away from me only to have me pull her over to me as I buried my face in the crook of her neck.

"Did I meen what?" I asked.

"Am I your girlfriend?" Sakura asked.

Pulling my head from the crook of her neck to look at her a bit hesitantly I said, "Every word of it. That is, if you want to be."

"Of course I do!" She said hugging me burying her face in my chest, most likely trying to hide her blush.

"Good." I said as she fell asleep.

"Do you love her?" Cloud's voice broke me from my thoughts.

"I-... I think so..." I said trailing off.

"Take care of her." Cloud said. "You're pretty brave you know. Most guys would head for the hills. All of her friends are shinobi and some of them ANBU. She has healed many people and gained friends from it. You kinda have to be kinda nice to the person who saved your life."

"Why would most guys head for the hills?" I questioned. Though, I knew the answer.

"You already know the answer to that. She's got more Shinobi friends then Naruto, and he can make friends with just about anyone." Cloud said.

"Silver and Naruto are alike in some ways." I noted.

"How so?"

"You know the answer to that as well, she likes to laugh and can make mostly everyone smile. People can't help but to love her."

"And how do you know this?"

"You were drawn by the fact that she was so up-beat even though she was one of the most feared assassins ever. Most assassins would lose themselves. They'd have to. They'd have to lose their pity, and other emotions more than other shinobi."

"Thats true." He acknowledged. "Her emotions fuel her. She uses her unwillingness to kill as a incentive to get away so she won't have to kill. Thats what makes her better at getting away and not getting caught then the others. Good night."

"Night." I said.

In the mornin'

What the hell? I thought as I woke and saw pink. Oh, Sakura. I thought as I moved a little only to have her snuggle closer to my chest seeking my warmth. I grabbed the blanket that was at my feet and wrapped it around us both.

"Oi!" Silver said. "It's like noon, thank god we didn't make that big of a mess. Cloud and I cleaned up. So wake up Sakura so we can have breakfast and leave."

"Okay, "I said then I whispered in her ear. "Sakura, wake up."

"Mmm," She muttered trying to get closer to me if posible.

"Come on. Time to wake up." I said kissing her temple making her stir.

"I dun wanna!" Sakura whined loudly.

"Get up pinky! Silver is making pancakes!" Cloud called from the kitchen.

"Oi!" Sakura yelled jumping up. "Who're you callin' pinky! Damn Air Head!"

"Well, that got her up." I said.

"Hell yeah! My pancakes are awesome!" Silver yelled from the kitchen.

"We walking back to Konoha?" Sakura asked.

"Hell no! I'm as lazy as hell! We're flyin'!" Silver said through a mouthful of pancakes. As she set them down on the table

"I call Suki!" Sakura yelled.

"Fine. Cloud, you gonna gimme a ride or am I gonna ride Shadow?" Silver asked.

"You can hitch a ride with me."

"Cool." Silver said, this conversation was confusing me.

"Okie dokie!" Exclaimed Silver once we were done eating. "To the roof!"

Once we were at the roof I saw a huge dragon it was a beautiful lavender color.

"Yay! Heya, Suki!" Sakura said as she ran up to Suki dragging me along with her as she climbed onto the masive dragons back.

There was a loud whoosh and were Cloud once stood, was a blood red dragon. Once Silver climbed onto it's back she said, "Okie dokie! Lets go Demon, Suki!" And both dragons took off at an alarming speed. I was amazed to see Silver standing as if she was surfing on the dragons back. I now knew the dragon was Cloud.

We rode on the dragon for a few hours the trees and small towns flying beneath us at lighting speed. Though I couldn't help but to enjoy the ride for Sakura was clinging to me like I was her life line. I would have thought she was scared but she had a grin on her face so I knew she was not afraid.

"We're home!" Silver yelled as they landed on the roof of the hokage tower. "Heya, Baa-chan!"

"Don't call me that! Geez! You're worst than Naruto!" Tsunade said looking pissed off.

"Ooo, is that anyway to welcome me? I completed the mission! Sakura and Sasuke are together!" Silver sang.

"Mission?" Sakura asked looking to Tsunade.

"Yuppy! I was supposed to help you two get together! And I did! Ain't I awesome?" Silver sang once again.

"Thanks," Sakura said as she hugged her friend. I had to thank her too because it was partly her that had gotten us together.

"Yes, now that you're here. I have a mission for all of rookie nine." Tsunade said as she walked into her office with us following her closely.

Once we were in her office we found all of rookie nine plus team Gai."Okay! Now that everyone is here! I am assigning all of rookie nine, Team Gai, Silver and Cloud and all the sensies too go on a vacation to...

... To Be Continued.