Ahh, the short attention span of mine.

I haven't even finished the fanfic about the Allen and Lenalee's Messed Up messenger thing, and here I am, getting started on a new one.

Well, I was stuck in a writer's block, and, yeah, this aint very creative, but I figured that people read the fanfics for the parirings.

Me and a friend are going for a manga drawing contest, where we have to draw 1 10-20 page manga.

The storyline I drew up is not really funny, so I doubt we will win XPXPXPXP.



It was really inevitable.

I suppose every teenage girl at some point of time gets exposed to anime, either by a fangirlling friend, or something cool they stumbled over while surfing the TV channels.

So Lenalee wasn't really any different.

"Allen-kun, I'm watching this really cool series on the local golem channels. It's about a girl and this guy..."

Allen was pretty much getting used to all this fangirlling that Lenalee was going through. It was a bit annoying, he admitted, but really, listening to Lenalee get so excited and being happy was enough to make him give a genuine smile.

He had tried to watch anime himself. He had tried watching this weird one about this guy who had this black book thing, and he would watch this glowing box called a TV, a bit like their golem channels, and kill people by writing their names in the book.

He thought the idea was a bit daft, and he could never understand why Lenalee thought the hunchback guy was so hot. "Maybe I don't understand because I'm a guy my self..." he pondered, then proceeded to wonder if he could ever fall in love with a hunchbacked girl.

The idea was rather repulsive.

"...so I was wondering if Allen-kun would like to watch it with me?" Lenalee asked, breaking Allen's train of thought .

"Wud?" he blinked back, absentmindedly.

"I asked if Allen-kun would like to watch the anime with me tonight, because there's a special marathon."

"Sure...sure. What time does it start?"

"9.30pm. Meet me in my room!" With a laugh she went off to keep the Science Department awake with her tray of coffee.

Allen decided to go research on this new anime before the marathon, so he wouldn't feel lost and fall asleep.


The story stars a girl and a guy...

The story was another one of those clich├ęd ones, about a guy and a girl, both like each other and yet don't tell each other. Allen found it rather dumb. In the end, they would ALWAYS get together, and they usually would not realise their feelings until some smart friend of theirs konked their heads together and said "It's getting pretty obvious, ya know..."

But the bit that Allen wished was the same in his life was that the main characters got together.

He almost felt as if his life was like an anime, after all, the eye size seemed about right. He wondered if people watched or read his misery with each passing day.

He blushed. That would mean they had seen his rather distasteful eating habits. He was afraid to know the precise number.

Time passed, and before he had got to the synopsis of the marathon episodes, it was time for him to watch the silly show with Lenalee.

Normally a movie date thing might have been more interesting if the boy didn't fall asleep. Allen didn't think of this as a movie date, really, more of a tryveryhardnottosleep torture thing.

But at the back of his head, it excited him to be with Lenalee in the night.


It was only 10. 30, and Allen was ready to die.


He could see Lenalee's chest puff up with excitement and fall with dissapoinment. "if I were her, I would have stopped subscribing to this anime channel MONTHS AGO." he thought.

He really couldn't stand this anymore. His eyes were bleary and he was really exhautsted. Unconsciously, his head drooped to his knees.

Lenalee was also sort of tired. The love suspence would never end. In her disappointment she drooped sideways, unknowingly dropping onto Allen's back.

At that moment, two hearts stopped.

A moment later, they relaxed.

As the two closet lovers enjoyed the moment, the two main characters of that anime kissed, truly, for once.

And Lenalee had two good reasons to smile.


Yeah, each chapter will have a letter, like this time was A for Anime.



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