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Note: this aint really a drabble thing. The stories are linked...by a thread of white, when put against the computer string, you can't even see it at all...


"Ooh, Yuu-chan, I'm scared..."

"Get. Off. Me. Before. I . Decapitate. You. You. STUPID #(#&(&#Ĉ USAGI!"

"Aww, Yuu-chan, you're MEAN!"

The four Exorcists were in the Inn in Melbourne. Embarked on a search for Innocence, this was officially night 2. There was nothing interesting to be found. Kanda wasvery much at his last shred of self-control that prevented him from making rabbit stew out of Lavi. Allen and Lenalee were so far okay. After all, it had only been 2 days.

Right now, they were in an Inn that was rumoured to be haunted. Kanda had suggested that the sightings were due to Innocence, and Lenalee decided that the best way to confront it (since it kept running away when they approached) was to camp in the Inn and try to familiarise themselves with the ghost.

Predictably, our dear idiot Lavi was panicking.

"Imeanthisaintthefirsttimethatiminsomeweirdcreepyscarydarkcreepydidimentionscary?placeandimreallyscaredandisitmeoristhisplacegettingcolderithinkisawsomethingAllenLenaleeYuuchandoyouthink that...OMIGOSH THERE WAS A SPECTRE OF LIGHT!"

Since everyone had been generally kept awake by Lavi's mindless blabbering, they had all seen the ghost.

"GET BACK HERE!" yelled Kanda in all the manliness of Yuu Kanda and pursued the ghost.

"Kanda!" Allen yelled after him but was cut off by a PANG sound as Kanda rebounded off a wall.

Apparitions, figures of light, could travel through walls. Kandas, figures of flesh, blood, bone, and hotness, could not.

"Ooh...that's gonna leave a mark..." Lavi commented, whistling at a lump appearing on Kanda's forehead.

"Shut up Usagi and stop making the room spin. It's making me...di...di.z...z..." Kanda was out cold.

Lavi, always the "Eager to Slack" one, immediately volunteered himself to care for "dear poor poor Yuu-chan's injuries so he may get well soon and join us" and insisted that he "was very sad he could not join you guys to track down the ghost but , you see, poor poor poor Yuu-chan may be in critical condition, and..."

...and Allen and Lenalee left Kanda and Lavi to find the ghost.

"Erm, here, ghostie ghostie ghostie... here's a nice, erm, ghost...wadeva ghosties eat that's NOT human flesh..." tried Allen.


"...Do you think it's impressed by my call, Lenalee?" asked Allen.

"Uh...sure..." Lenalee muttered.


"WAUGH!" Lenalee and Allen screamed.


"--?!" the two Exorcists sweatdropped, in terror and puzzlement.

A green pale head of a girl with gold locks and a blue frilly dress popped out the side of the wall. "Ya heard me. Boo Radley. I'm learning to read, ya'll see."

"Uh...are you the ghost of Valleymill Inn?" Allen stuttered, still shell shocked.

"dearie me, is that what they call me now? Huh, it's a lot better than Freaky Jeanie. That's what my parents called me after I died."

"Well, er, Jeanie. We're exorcists, and we're supposed to find this...shiny thingamajig, called Innocence. It's, erm, green and it glows..." Lenalee said, her voice wobbling only ever so slightly.

"We-ell, I never heard of ya Innocence thingy. " Jeanie stuck a green hand into a cupboard and pulled out a book. To Kill a Mockingbird.

"Tis where I learn ta read. It's a nice book, ya know. Got ah Tom Robinshon and Boo Radley, and Scout...all 'em nice characters."

"Hey... I've seen that book in the Order's library..." Allen started, staring fixatedly at the book cover.

"Yesyes, so what?" asked Lenalee a bit puzzled.

"The face of Tom Robinson...I don't exactly remember the face, but I was SURE that his face wasn't the face of the Earl..."

"Whaat?!" Lenalee yelled. She turned and stared harder at the book. My, the face of the Earl...the Earl, a Mockingbird? Haha.

"Wait, Innocence doesn't do weird things like that..." Lenalee thought aloud.

"Yeah, it does less subtle things and more weird stuff..." Allen mused.

Jeanie smiled.

Her smiled twisted hideously as her skin fell to tatters on the ground into a Level 2 akuma. gradually, the walls fell apart, revealing about 50 plus Akuma.

"OH &" swore the two. Spinning on their heels, they activated their Innocences and started fighting.

"There are so many!" yelled Lenalee in despair.

"It's okay! We can handle it together!" Allen grinned a reassuring smile, but in his distress over Lenalee he got hit by an Akuma shot.

Despite the fact that Lenalee knew that he would heal, the sight of her crush falling to the floor with the black stars appearing on his face scared her to death.

She exorcised another 5 more. "ALLEN!"

Allen had more or less recovered and jumped up, ready to fight. "I'm okay!"

By then, there were only about 14 akuma left. Allen swept his sword through 5 more, and Lenalee destroyed 4.

Lenalee had prepared herself to hit one, but another came up from behind her and bumped into her. The force sent her to the ground, knocking her out.

"Oh no, Lenalee!" Allen cried out. In renewed fury, he destroyed the rest. Dropping to the ground next to her, he turned her face up.

Shaking her shoulders, he asked worriedly. "Lenalee wake up are you okay?"

Her eyelids flickered a bit, but didn't open.

Tears started rolling down Allen's cheek. "Lenalee..."

Lenalee's mouth twisted into a smile. "I think I'm going to need a bit more encouragement than some shaking and calling."

Allen was relieved that she was alive and even in the mood for jokes. She opened her eyes. Pulling herself up, she hugged Allen.

"Oh...Lenalee..." Allen pulled her away. His eyes were more teary than before. He was staring at her hand, which had a black star.

"Oh no..." Lenalee gasped. The stars spread up her arm.

"Let me see if I can do anything about it! " Allen hurriedly rested the flat end of his sword against the affected skin and tried to send as much energy as he could through it.

The stars faded a bit, but kept spreading. In shock and earlier concussion Lenalee fell unconscious and Allen panicked.

When the stars had spread almost all the way around he was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Oh no not now...Lenalee...no..."

When they spread around her face, he knew it was the end.

"Lenalee...I hope you knew...I loved...love you..." he sobbed.

Some say that love does wonders. Others think that's a load of crap. Lenalee had always believed it solved the world's problems, while when she told Kanda, he would roll his eyes and mutter about stupid little girls and their fantasising minds.

For her, it brought a stirring of life within her soul. She felt her love for Allen, and his love for her.

As Allen's sorrow and love poured out of his eyes, the stars vanished and Lenalee awoke.

Allen's sorrow blinded him, but all was gone when he felt cool lips against his.

She didn't say anything, but her kiss told him all he needed to know.

I love you too, Allen-kun.

His reply?

Yay...( 3


Oh yeah, in the end, they found the Innocence in the 14th page of To Kill A Mockingbird.

"I wonder if this has any meaning..." Allen muttered as he pulled the gleaming green gem out.

"Yes...it means I will love you...14th noah or not." Lenalee purred at his shoulder.


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