Kankuro sighed, rolling over onto his side. Every single time he'd fallen asleep that night, the first things he saw were their dead bodies. He knew now that their death had been a coping mechanism to keep him from focusing on his own injuries, but now it seemed trivial. It didn't matter why he saw their dead bodies, it was the fact that he saw them every time he closed his eyes.

It was nearly three in the morning, and he had to get some sleep for work the next day. He was going to be able to mess around with graphics on a computer if his eyes hurt from lack of sleep. Kankuro groaned, pushing his head into the pillow. Kai's head popped up angrily and she pinched his earlobe.

"Kankuro, if you don't take those damn pills I swear to god, I am going to knock you out myself. " She threatened, her eyes only half open. Kankuro grunted, pushing her hand away to rub his ear.

"Fine... But you better make up for this... Damn pills." Kankuro ripped the bottle open and took his dose, and Kai smiled. She kissed his chest, and thanked him.

"I will. Don't worry." She smirked suggestively and Kankuro's eyes sparkled mischievously.

"Yeah. You'd better." Snorted Kankuro, burrowing his head into his pillow. Kai rested her head on his chest, resisting the urge to touch him inappropriately. Kankuro let out a low sigh, and then folded his hands behind his head.

"Kankuro, you need to get a fucking shower in the morning." Scowled Kai, yanking his arms down. Kankuro made a hurt noise, suddenly shoving her face into his armpit.

"Argh! You asshole! Cut it out!" Kankuro groaned with defeat, and let her go, his eyes already growing heavy. Kai sighed and closed her eyes, and was back to sleep in less than ten minutes. Kankuro listened to the sounds and sighs she made in her sleep, closing his eyes.

It took a while for the medicine to kick in, but Kankuro was willing to wait. If there was a chance that the horrible nightmares would go away- Kankuro scowled, wondering if he was going to rely on them now. Oh well, tonight would hopefully be a one time thing-he just hoped that they'd work...

Kankuro scowled, opening the sun shining through the window and directly into his eyes. What time was it!?

Kankuro rolled over, grabbing at the little alarm clock, his body still half asleep. "One!? Goddamit!"

He threw the alarm clock down onto the nightstand, and wrenched back his covers. He swore a couple of times as he quickly threw himself into the shower, not bothering to read the various notes that Kai had taped up in the most obvious places. He was in too much of a hurry.

Kankuro didn't bother to shave, but rather decided to simply towel dry his hair. It'd be dry soon enough anyway. He was about to open the medicine cabinet, when he saw the large note taped to the mirror.

'No work today. :) I called in sick for you. Figured you'd need it. You're supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep with those, and you took them pretty late, so... anyway! Love ya! Huggles!


She'd posted them all over in the most obvious places that Kankuro couldn't understand how he'd missed them. He wandered around the house, pulling them all down and stacking them neatly.

His stomach rumbled and he scratched at it absently, then winced. The broken bone in his arm was still healing, and wiggling his fingers still hurt.

He dug through the cabinets, searching through the biggest bowl he could find, and poured himself a humongous bowl of cereal. He couldn't remember cereal ever tasting so good. He sighed halfway through the bowl, unable to finish it. The pills knocked out his appetite, which he thought was strange- he was almost always hungry.

Kankuro sighed, taking the bowl back out to the kitchen, then plopped down on the couch to watch TV. His dreams were fuzzy, and he they were generally good, though every so often there would be picture-flashes of macabre sights, and he'd wake up in a cold sweat.

But as bad as the dreams were- they were getting worse and worse- he wasn't going to take that damn medication. He couldn't stand being doped up, or trashed. Sure, he liked a buzz,and just past it, but being wasted wasn't really his style. Unless he was in a drinking competition, but even then- it took a lot to get him drunk. These pills made him feel powerless and groggy, as though he was trying to swim against a tidal wave of a current.

Kankuro's eyes drooped lower, right in the middle of a steamy scene of the movie- generally not the best place to fall asleep when you're having morbid nightmares. Which, is suffice to say, he made sure everything was there when he woke up. Kai, who had gotten back from work by then, gave him a strange look, and he reddened sheepishly.

"Ah... nightmare." Kai burst into a fit of giggles, and covered her mouth with a hand.

"You're kidding me right?" When he shook his head she laughed even harder until he flung a pillow at her. Her laughter stopped abruptly, and then she burst into a fit of laughter even more violent than before. "You're-" She struggled for breath,"a-" She giggled again," riot!"

"I am not! Shut up." Moped Kankuro, crossing his arms tiredly over his chest and glaring at the Tv.

"Oh, come on! Ha! Aha.... I'm sorry, Ro." Kankuro's eyes opened at the sound of her pet name. "Am I still in trouble?"


Eight Years Later

"Come on, Dad!" Shouted Kallou, his toothy grin uneven- he'd just lost a tooth.

Gaara growled, making his way past the rocks and pretty things on the beach of their lake toward his son. "What, Kal?"

"Look! Uncle's teaching Kabu to swim!" Laughed Kallou.

"What's so funny?" Shouted Kankuro.

"Hold him sideways, stupid!" Laughed Gaara. Kankuro had been holding the baby out in front of him, so that whenever the baby kicked, he was showered in a ray of water.

"I'm doing this on purpose!" Lied Kankuro, sticking out his tongue. Kabu wasn't really his kid, but he'd adopted him from one of his buddies who'd passed away a few months back. The wife of his friend had been unable to look at the child without bursting into tears, so Kankuro- with the permission of Kai, of course- had offered the raise him, and Ubuge had agreed. And now, he had his own little munchkin running around. Funny thing was, it looked like Kai's little brother. Go figure, huh?

The pink had finally grown out of Kallou's hair- it had always been on just the little tips, but now it was gone. Gaara and Kallou both were happy of this, but Sakura was sad to see it go. It was the only thing of herself she saw in him, though Gaara knew that Kallou had her humor, and her eyes, and her lips. Gaara turned back to look at Sakura who was up on the deck of the house, reading a book, as carefree as can be.

He smiled, the wind tussling his hair, and Sakura looked down, as if sensing that he was watching. She lowered her book, and stood up, sending him that smile he knew was just for him, and his chest still had his moments where he flew off the handle, but she always pulled him back down.

Gaara sighed, his hair dropping back down, clearly mussed and out of place. But, that was how it always was, and that was how he knew Kallou's would be. So far, no one had found out that Kallou's dad was a crazy, psycho killler, but, give it time. They already had a game plan for when that happened- so it was nothing to worry about.

He still had to take his medication regularly- they'd tried once or twice to take him off of it, and the outcome hadn't been good. But, even though he still had to be medicated, the years of misery that he'd spent in that damned Institution seemed a distant memory. Kankuro was even back to his normal self- or at least reformed normal self. He and Kai both had sworn that they'd never have kids, yet look at them now.

Having kids had done both of the brothers good, and it made them grow up a little. Okay, forgive me, a lot. They learned about the love of a parent, and how different their child's life was from theirs'. Genes didn't mean anything- parenting comes from the heart, not how you were raised. At least, in their case it was.

Sure, not everyone got a happy ending. But them.... They deserved it, didn't they? As cruel as the world was, and as many happy endings were denied- they were greatful for theirs. There were still bumps and accidents along the road, but they were all living normal, happym, lives. And shouldn't that be enough for anyone?

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