Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon. If I did I would kill off Tracey, Togepi, etc. Plus I'd get Brock a chick. Oh, and I'd make Ash less dorky and give him a flamethrower. Yeah.
Pikachu's Day, An extremely disturbing FanFic
Pikachu awoke to find an extremely energetic egg bouncing around on his bed. Pikachu grabbed his forehead and felt like he needed to throw up from seeing something so sickenly cute. He hurled all over the egg who didn't notice and continued to dance.
"Togi! Togi-Preeee!" (Let's Play!)
"Pi-Pikachu..." (Let's not...)
"Togi-Togi-Togi-Togi!" (La la la la!)
"Pika-Pi-Pikachu!" (SHUT THE HELL UP!!!) Pikachu grabbed a rocket launcher from under the bed and fired. The little egg jumped up and out of harms way as the rocket found itself heading towards Tracey. Pikachu closed his eyes. 'Oh well' he thought. 'At least I killed off 1 annoying charecter today' The little egg ran off into the forest. Pikachu ran after it and found Squirtle, Geodude, Bulbasaur, and Vulpix, playing football. All of a sudden Squirtle threw a pass which landed in a large bush of thorns, popping it.
"Squirt-Squirtle!" (Damnit!)
"Pi-Pika-Pikachu?" (Can I play?)
"Dude-Geo-Dude." (If you get a new ball) Pikachu grabbed Togepi and raised him in the air and was met with cheers from all. They threw the little egg around who didn't mind seeing as it couldn't get hurt...
"Pika!" (Go long!) Everybody ran out for a long pass. Pikachu chucked the egg who hit the ground and bounced off the side of a cliff. He fell, smacking into numberous sharp rocks along the way. It landed face down.
"Pi-Pika Pi-Pika!" (It's Dead! It's Dead!) The little egg jumped back up and danced some more. Pikachu glared. He was pissed off. Pikachu ran off into the woods and emerged in a tank. He proceeded to chase after the annoying little bugger and fire multiple shells at it. The egg just jumpedup and out of the way in an extremely annoying way. Pikachu screamed in anger and jumped out of the tank. He grabbed the thing and began to beat it against the ground in his rage...


"Gee Pikachu, it sure was nice of you to fix breakfast for us." said Ash as he heated up his eggs with his flamethrower.
"Yeah, saves me some trouble." said Brock as Crystal, his new girlfriend, fed the eggs to him.
"Mmmmm, eggs, my favorite! Say, have you guys seen Togepi?" said Misty. Pikachu grinned.